Title- Secrets and Lies

Genre- Romance

Summary- Zita has finally crossed the line. Strongly implied ZaDR.

Words- 418

Inspiration- The song "Who Likes Who?" by Jordan Pruitt.

Notes- This is definitely my favorite one. And I mean out of ALL of my one-shots.

I really like Zita, but Sara's my favorite skool kid, just because she's voiced by Janice Kawaye.

To Zita, almost nothing takes importance over gossip. The question, "who like who?" has become the exact subject of her obsession. Whispers fill the hallways, spreading rumors, lies, and often even the truth. Every student has a rumor attached to them. To have no rumor, you would have to be invisible. No one is safe.

No one.

"Jessica likes Poonchy!" Zita screeches into her lavender-cased cell phone. She's the last girl in the locker room, fixing her makeup after cheer practice. Holding out a tube of lip gloss, she slathers on one last coat of Pizza Delight.

"Really?!" comes Sara's voice from the other end of the line. "I was just talking to Poonchy, and he said he likes Mary."

"No way!" says Zita, stuffing her makeup into a small, striped bag. Dropping it into her cheer bag, she listens to Sara's voice take over the other end of the line.

"I know! I didn't tell him Mary likes Tae."

Zita grins, slinging her cheer bag over one shoulder. "But Tae's dating Peyoopi," she says, as if reciting a quote from a movie.

"I heard she's just doing that to make Brian jealous."

Zita makes her way out of the locker room, shutting the door behind her. She walks along the side of the football field, clutching her phone to her ear. She's always the most animated during a call. "Yeah, but Aki and Brian were making out in the band room last Tuesday."

"Aki told us she likes Keef, too—remember?"

Zita continues walking, making her way towards the bleachers. "Yeah. . . he is kinda cute, but he's her game, so I won't budge. Girl code, you know?"

Zita imagines Sara nodding as she says, "Well, duh. But I think he likes Gretchen. . . ekk."

"Well, we all know she likes Dib. . . the freak."

"You know," says Sara, "I think Dib might like you."

Zita is about to gag—rather loudly—when she passes by the bleachers.

What she sees makes her drop her phone in shock.

Dib and Zim, under the bleachers. Locked lips and shattered lies. Clutching clothing and keeping secrets. Angry holding and spiteful pinning. Zita has never felt so embarrassed.

She bends over, shakily taking her phone, before stumbling away from the shining silver that was locking away so many secrets. The words, "Zita? . . . Zita!" snap her out of her trance.

She holds the phone up to her ear—gingerly, cautiously.

"I'll call you back."


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