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Further on…

Chaos continuously averted… for now… Terry, their grumpy now-male elf leader trudged down the stairs, sure to find more insanity at the bottom. Turning that last corner on the landing, the tan and tattooed elf took one step and…

… nothing.

A pointed ear twitched as crystal colored eyes stared skeptically. Instead of taking the next step down the white-haired now-male crouched on the highest step to the landing and peeked around the bottom of the Inn, once again expecting some form of dooming chaos…

… nothing.

He blinked, "The soddin'-?" from his small vantage point he could make out about a third of the room in front of the bar which the stairs were right next to. It looked empty. Well that was strange in and of itself…

Standing up and braving that next step, then the next, and next, until one of them creaked loud enough to make him squirm, he stood still again. Crouching the male elf took yet another glance down the stairs, being further down with more of a vantage, and still wary of the fact that he heard 'nothing'.

still nothing.

A white brow twitched at this as he shot to his feet, "Sod it all…" his clanking boots came stomping down the stairs with his shoulders held up to his ears and decidedly 'unhappy' mood written all over his face. Turning the required right into the majority of the downstairs bar, he witnessed something he wasn't sure what to do with…

There in the corner was the remainder of the group, minus Olga, Zevran, Shale and Bel, and while the others were standing around trying not snicker too loudly, in the center was Stana holding Lenard in a headlock…

Terry blinked at this.

Then the raucous roar of snide laughter came about and while their leader had no idea what the hell happened all seemed to be right with the world.

Alissa and Wyn were openly laughing while Morgan was just giving a devious smirk that worked so much better when he was a woman. Stana sported a distinctively not-Sten grin while holding the red head in the headlock as he tried futility to remove the woman's grey arm from round his neck.

"Alright, alright!" Lenard tried moving the woman's arm again, "I get it! You are amazing, even in delicious female form!" that inadvertently caused said 'woman' to squeeze round the Viking's neck tighter, though if it was intended or not was anyone's guess, "Can't… breathe…"

"Oh, T'is no mind," Morgan grinned with that wicked better-on-a-woman smirk, waving his hand nonchalantly, "if you pass out I'm sure someone will take a care to drag you off…"

"… Evil… Witch!" was about as far as Lenard got with his blue-eyed glaring as the lack of proper breathing started making him turn blue. He managed a certain impolite gesture to the man's sneer before Stana finally let go and resulted in unceremoniously dropping him on his face.

Terry stared flatly as the laughter seemed to continue in that corner. No matter, he had 'business' to attend to anyway, and if they were good enough to 'entertain' themselves and not destroy anything he was happy to leave them to it.

The white haired elf made his way across the empty bar to the counter where the Inn-and-bar-keeper stood cleaning out glasses for the night's coming festivities. The short man stared for a good moment, blocking the portly bartender's light and still not getting his attention. Tired of being ignored, Terry raised his hand and opened his mouth…

"We ain't serving yet!" the older fat-human barked, seemingly ignoring the now-male elf.

Crystal eyes just stared blankly, "Kay…" he coughed into his hand lowering it, "I actually wanted to discuss payment for our… 'rooms'," the white haired elf made a gesture to point over his shoulder at the motley crew enjoying a good laugh at a certain red-haired bard's expense.

The chubby-tender stopped his cleaning of mugs and turned on the tiny man with pointy ears, looked at the people mucking about in the corner of his bar then back at the short white haired and fuzzy chinned gentlemen, "Ain't seen you before…"

A tan pointed ear twitched as the elf continued to stare flatly, "Yes, my friends acquired the rooms last night, probably dragging me in plate up the stairs…" he pointed a thumb over his shoulder towards the stairs wondering if this guy was really that blind to not notice the obvious similarities they had to his patrons and the fact he'd just walked down those stairs.

The bartender spit into a mug, wiping it out with a filthy rag and Terry had to resist the urge to shutter, he may be a man now but he still, mostly, thought like a woman, and that was disgusting, "Look 'er, mack…"

"Terry," slipped out of the white-haired elf's mouth in a knee-jerk reaction.

The human stopped his 'cleaning', and glared at the elf, "Lookit, I ain't seen you before," he threateningly put his hands on the bar, leaning down to the smaller elf, "and I ain't seen them before…" he pointed a pudgy hand at the weirdos laughing in the corner of the room while keeping his eyes on the tattooed elf in the smelly shirt, "and we ain't serving booze yet, so I suggest you and your lot git outta here, now, before I call the guard…" he leaned in further towards the elf, brows knit low and acting as threatening as possible, "Understand?"

Despite the fact the man was within an inch of his face and completely ignoring his personal bubble, Terry just stared flatly at him, completely unfazed, "Okay…" a pointed ear twitched as he continued to stare as the man backed away slowly, was he prejudice against elves or something? "We'll leave…" not caring to answer his own mysteries and figuring it was just another tick into this strange morning, Terry turned on heel and headed towards the corner.

Currently Morgan was holding the collar of Alissa's shirt fluffed out from under her breastplate and both were within a centimeter of each other's noses touching and just glaring.

Terry's shoulders slumped as he came within hearing distance, "What'd they do now…"

"Something about someone's mother…" Lenard informed offhandedly while rubbing his neck and not standing far enough away from Stana.

The female Qunari was glaring in front of her and Wyn was somewhere in the middle just shaking his head.

The two hadn't said anything for ten seconds and Morgan wasn't growling yet…

Crystal eyes just stared, "Okay…" he cracked his neck, "Well, the nice bartender has informed me it's not drinking time yet, so we're to get the sod out…"

There were plaintive nods from those not involved in glaring at the moment.

"So what was the damage?" Lenard asked, staring intently wondering who was going to give first.

The sole elf gave a mild shrug, "nothing," this had everyone turning toward him, except Alissa and Morgan, they seemed enamored in their glaring contest.

Stana raised a white brow, "How?"

"I don't know…" Terry shrugged mildly again, face still as flat as when he came over, "But I suggest we leave before he realizes the error of his ways…"

Lenard was openly smirking, obviously enjoying this outcome, "Then let us be onward friends! To bigger and better things?" he slapped Terry across the shoulder and gave a mock curtsey to Stana, "Ladies first?"

Violet eyes glared coldly at the slightly shorter man, but the exotic woman took the hint, turning abruptly and heading for the door.

Lenard was grinning as the giantess passed him, quickly straightening and following her out.

Terry just shook his head, arms crossed before turning to Wyn, "Coming?"

The old man chuckled, rubbing his beard, "I think I'll stay to shoo these two out," he nodded his head over his shoulder at the two still glaring.

Again the elf shook his head, this time with a sigh, "forget them," a wizen brow rose and the elf caught it with a smirk, "watch," the elf stood up to his full height, coughed dramatically into his hand, and an evil sparkle entered his eyes, "ALISTAIR YOUR PANTS ARE UNDONE!"

"My what!" quicker than whiplash Alissa's head turned to their leader, eyes wide and just staring at him.

Due to the not-quite-Templar staring at their infamous now-male leader she completely missed a certain 'Warlock' of the Wilds' hand let got and eyes went obviously down.

The two tower mages' didn't miss a thing and both were snickering to their devious little hearts' content.

That was when both the words and the obvious lie they were registered to the adorable strawberry blonde. Her hands clinched into fists as grumbled something impolite under her breathe, raising one fist to the mages and barking at them, "That's not funny!" before she took off.

Again, due to the not-quite-Templar woman facing the wrong way she completely missed the dark wilds mage still staring after her.

Both tower mages tried to contain their snickering, and Terry managed it enough to stare flatly at the dark man, "Get a good enough look?"

The dark mage turned from his view, seeing as Alissa just went out the door, and turned a golden eyed glared on their diminutive leader.

Terry smirked back, completely unfazed by the 'man's' look.

With a grunting snort the Warlock of the Wilds turned away, going out the door the others had.

And with that last problem solved the tan and tattooed elf turned a winning grin to their eldest looking member, clapping his hands in a 'cleaning off' gesture, "See, problem solved!"

Wyn gave that becoming familiar chuckle, "I see," he shrugged a shoulder and nodded for the junior mage to follow as both headed for the door, "I'm curious how you figured that would work?"

The elf smirked, "Experience," there was a twinkle in his eye that told of a long story involved with the word but that it was a secret he was never going to tell.

The elder circle mage just chuckled as the two made their way outside.

Once outside the two watched as the other four meandered about, shrugging this way and that, or more specifically pointedly ignoring each other. Wyn simply shook his head while Terry put his hands on his hips ready to get this 'quest' started.

"Alright, guess first things first," the white haired elf snorted as he crossed his arms looking imposing, "We gotta go find this crazy man and figure out what he did to us!"

Everyone just flatly stared as if that was obvious and already discussed.

The elf coughed, "Right," he rubbed his white mini-bearded chin, "Guess that means we head over to the town hold and have a nice 'chat' with the guy…"

Morgan rolled his gold eyes, leaning against a low wall, over this conversation already.

Alissa just sighed shaking her head.

"Well," Lenard rubbed his own stubble, the idea of it still strange to his normally-female mind, "Zevran and I dropped the guy off with the guards before they gave us directions to the Inn," he pointed at the bar/Inn behind their leader they'd just left, "Dunno where they took him though…"

"Great," Terry said in a decidedly miffed way, "Any other great ideas?"

"Kaden," there was a cough from the decidedly higher tone voice of the female Qunari who'd walked over to the elf, "Do you require everyone for this… task?" the look on the grey-skinned woman's face was hard to read but if Terry didn't know any better he'd have sworn she looked embarrassed.

A white brow rose on the smaller man, "Suppose not?"

Stana looked to the side, as if watching their surroundings for any eavesdroppers. Her violet eyes seemed to give Lenard a specific glare a moment before turning back to their leader, still seeming oddly uncomfortable, "There is something I'd like to… acquire…"

The white brow on the elf's forehead rose higher, still staring with no understanding, "Ooookay…" Terry stared at the taller woman with mild confusion. What would have the Qunari so… 'Embarrassed'? That she could barely say it… let alone ask to 'acquire' it?

The tall woman gave that irritated dismissive growl of Sten's, in a higher pitch as she obviously crossed her arms under her… assets…

Caught by the motion, crystal colored eyes immediately went to the woman's chest… something about that seemed to ring a bell in his mind… like it was important or something….

"Oh~!" was that a Zevran-esque squeal from the large red-haired bard? Looking over Terry noticed the Viking was grinning from ear to ear as he stepped up to the two 'talking', eyes specifically on Stana, "I know exactly what you need!" despite being about eye level with the woman, having a deep voice, broad shoulders, topless, and most importantly now-'Male', there was no mistaking that look in Lenard's eyes.

Terry stared distraught for a moment before immediately taking a step back from the two tall people.

Out of the corner of his eye, the elf noticed the dark wilds mage shutter as that disturbing feeling came across his shoulders at the look in Lenard's eyes.

There was no mistaking it, with both their reactions that could mean only one thing…

Leliana sensed an excuse for a shopping spree coming on!

Both younger now-male mages shuttered again as the bard was grinning and staring Stana up and down with unbridled glee.

Stana just stared at the red head, completely confused by his sudden proximity and 'gaiety' at the prospect of… something. The formerly male Qunari had no idea what this reaction meant, having no prior experience with it, so just continued to stare at the man.

"I'm thinking a sturdy leather with perhaps a half-plate there," the female Qunari looked down to see the man pointing at her right breast.

This elicited a very Sten-like growl.

"Or not," Lenard immediately retracted his hand, fearful of the woman biting it off.

Terry's hand met face, "Just go," he sighed deeply, knowing that somehow this was going to spell something along the lines of 'doom!' but seeing little way around it. Splitting the fingers on his hand just the slightest, the now-male elf could see the female Qunari, specifically her chest, proof that they definitely needed someone to go about getting proper clothing, 'his' own pants certainly needed changing along with Alistair's Maker-forsaken shirt. When Lenard made another attempt to offer kindly fashion advice and the grey-skinned woman nearly ripped his arm out their illustrious leader figured it was time to play 'Leader', "Lenard…" there wasn't a growl or anything in his voice, not at all, "You will help Stana here in acquiring proper clothing for all of us…" when the red-head Viking rose his hand as if to make a point the much shorter tan elf glared ice at the man, "Appropriate clothing!"

The red bard immediately slumped, dropping his hands and mildly glaring, "No fun…"

Terry continued to glare.

The red head looked away, "Although…" his eyes spied the rest of the group, "I'm going to need measurements…" his fingers came up and tapped in front of him like some form of mad genius, the mild grin forming on his lips as his eyes trailed Stana and Alissa only made it more obvious.

There was mild growling, although from Morgan or Terry was anyone's guess…

A white brow twitched as the male elf crossed his arms, "I know you, you're the mistress of fashion," a slight smirk came about the tattooed man's face when the now-male Bard slumped again, "You don't need to physically measure anyone to know their right size…"

The red-head eyed the male elf skeptically before a red brow rose and a slight smirk came to his face, "Touche…"

A wizen brow rose as Wyn decided this was a perfect opportunity to re-join the conversation, "What's this about?" the older mage looking between the grinning bard and now-scowling elf.

"An evil, evil contraption 'she'," he pointed a smaller than the rest of them hand into the large human's face, "bought me in that village outside the Bracillian Forest!"

"Pfft…" the Bard waved the smaller man off as he floated towards the darker side of their current party, Morgan glared, "It fit you quite nicely!" he threw over his shoulder, ignoring the golden glare on him as he was mentally getting the man's measurements.

"That's not the point!" the little white-haired elf looked like he was about to explode as he sent death through his eyes at the man, "How could you think I would ever wear such a thing!"

The red head turned back with a raised brow, "I thought you looked cute!"

Their leader visibly twitched and Wyn was morally required to put a hand on the man's shoulder lest he enact some vengeance on the fashionista.

"Oh I remember that," Morgan's gruff voice held the barest hint of a smirk, even if his face didn't show it, "I thought it suited you very well…" his lip twitched but still no open smirk.

"Laugh it up witch!" the elf shook his fist at the once-woman, icy eyes burrowing into him.

Wyn cleared his throat, squeezing the man's shoulder a bit tighter trying to get him to calm down; his miasma had activated and was scaring the people walking past them.

Stana simply shook her head, while 'he' had not seen this horrendous we-shall-never-speak-of-it-ever-again outfit, he and 'Alistair' had heard the commotion 'Tess' had kicked up about the outfit in question... Along with 'Morrigan's' rampant laughter.

Terry seemed to have gotten the hint from Wyn, having closed his eyes and flexing his hands as his breathing slowed down. A white brow was still twitching when he addressed the Viking again without opening his eyes, "Appropriate clothing, Lenard!"

"Hmm?" the man's head perked a moment before he waved his hand dismissively, "Yes, yes…" currently the tall man was staring at Alissa. His taller, more imposing form, shadowing the shorter, stocky woman, as the bard had one hand holding his chin and his baby-blues examining 'her' rather intently.

Becoming the focal point of anyone's scrutiny Alissa could do little more than squirm at the uncomfortable realization of having to look up at what was formally Leliana; it was very, very strange.

The Viking rubbed his stubbly chin, still seemingly unsatisfied, "Hmm…"

A tad amount of color dusted across the strawberry blonde's cheeks, "Umm…?" As 'Alistair' she had been very comfortable in her body, being a man and all, since it was 'normal' and what 'he'd' been born with, but now that 'he' was a she and she realized there were various 'things' different about the female anatomy 'he' hadn't thought about the not-quite-Templar woman had become rather self-conscious. It was bad enough that morning with Morgan throwing 'his' old top at her telling her to put it on… to even suggest she could pull off what Morrigan did daily sent about a million red-flags off in 'her' head. Thus the defiance with the breast-plate…

Now this…

She swallowed unnecessarily hard as the larger man leaned down for a 'closer' look.

There was a mild growl next to them, Alissa could practically hear the rolling eyes, "Why not just take your knife out and cut it off," the shift in motion to the woman's left caused her light brown eyes to catch the Warlock crossing his arms but golden eyes remaining intently on the red-head, "Save the time guessing…"

Alissa turned an interesting shade of red when she noticed the Warlock's intense gaze move to her a moment before continuing its self-righteous glare at the man in front of her. Without thinking her hands went up and crossed over the breast-plate, more specifically covering up the leather straps that held it in place.

Lenard blinked, a pout seeming to form on his lips as his head lazily turned towards the Warlock of the Wilds. The bard's look was entirely flat, but the moment he caught the mild shift in the wilds man's hackles being raised a sinister smirk rose on his lips, "You'd like me to do that, wouldn't you?"

Alissa's eyes gained a fraction in size as they turned on the dark man.

Morgan's golden demon eyes just narrowed on the bard, a miffed growl being the only thing to come out of his throat before he pointedly turned away from the both of them.

The Bard smirked threateningly at the Warlock's retreat.

"Ugh…" Their leader's head meet hand again and his shoulder's visibly slumped, "Lenard, just go!" he waved his hands in the general vicinity of Stana, "Get the damn clothes already!"

The Viking stood up straight with his hands on his hips, a pout coming across his lips as he looked at their white-haired leader, annoyed at him for ruining his 'fun', "Well how am I supposed to do that," without looking his hand closest pointed at Alissa eliciting a squeak from the smaller woman, "If I can't get Miss. Covered-in-plate's appropriate size?!"

If anyone was looking, Alissa twitched at the mention of 'size'.

A tan hand came down and icy eyes glared at the red-head, "Guess, Lenard!"

In unison the two pouted at each other, then simultaneously two sets of blue eyes turned on the woman in question.

Alissa merely blushed more at the added attention.

The Viking and elf slumped.

Morgan rolled his eyes, pointedly looking away from the poor woman, "Idiots…"

The red-head grumbled, hands still on hips as he turned back to their leader, "Well that's no fun…"

White brows twitched as the elf closed his eyes again, "Just get the clothes…" his ear twitched when he heard a deep sigh and white brows twitched again, "Appropriate clothes… Lenard."

The larger man just rolled his baby-blues, waving a hand about shoulder height, "Fiinnee~" the red-head strolled up to Stana, looked the tall woman up and down again, ignoring her own stern glare, before grabbing her hand and started dragging her off towards what was probably the market, "I'm not making any promises!" he threw over his shoulder with a flamboyant wave.

Stana looked anything but comfortable.

The tan and tattooed elf that claimed to be their leader just sighed heavily, "I swear, by the Maker that man better get decent clothing else I'm throwing him off the nearest cliff…"

"Second," came Morgan's gruff voice.

"Are you sure that's safe?" Wyn decided to ask the obvious. The three mages former-women present had all had their 'experience' with Leliana on a shopping spree, no doubt being turned into a man had done little to dampen the bard's exuberance for the pass time. The only person that seemed to have a knack for handling the situation 'better' was Zevran, and more often than not that only resulted in a probably worse situation.

"No," the male elf said flatly as he rubbed his eyes feeling tired of this day already, "But someone has to do it," he looked up at the elder mage flatly, "And honestly do you see anyone else being able to grab something that could remotely fit anyone, especially Olga, with nothing but a glance?"

Wyn rubbed his old man beard, "Point taken."

"Umm," all eyes turned to the still covering her chest not-Templar, "Where are Olga and Zevran for that matter, if I may ask?"

Terry stared flatly at the slightly taller woman, "probably off terrorizing the men of this town with what that little minx calls 'clothing'," a hand came up and pinched the bridge of his nose, just the thought gave him a headache. He frowned, taking a deep breath, "And Shale should be taking Bel for a walk," he stared at the sky for a moment trying to take in some serenity, "So that leaves us to do the actual work…" the elf sighed at that. Having to go off and find some lunatic in some hold somewhere while they were all the wrong gender just seemed like such a task now that he actually thought about it. Seriously, why him? … Her?... whatever…

"Too much for you already?" a decidedly gruffer then it needed to be voice broke the Warden's train of thought. Terry immediately zeroed in on the voice, eyes narrowing as they landed on Morgan just glaring at him with a passive scowl.

Terry frowned, not liking the unbridled challenge in the man's voice, "I never said it was too much to handle…"

The Warlock snorted, shrugging his bare shoulders and kicking off the wall he'd been leaning on. He brushed past the shorter elf, bumping his shoulder without so much as a word before looking back with a mild glare, "Shall we then?"

Terry's eyes became icy as he brushed up to the Warlock, sized the taller man up and stared at him straight in the eye, "Hmp," it was his turn to bump past him, eliciting a small growl from the wilds man, "Let's find someone to tell us the way already…"

Morgan continued to glare at the smaller man's back, the scowl deepening and not leaving his features. His hackles were raised around their leader and he didn't know why, not that it mattered, the 'man' would prove incompetent somehow quickly anyway.

Alissa looked between the two, tilting her head slightly at the small exchange, it was certainly weird. Those two normally got along so well yet the moment anyone else was gone they were in each other's faces over seemingly nothing, "What the hell?" the woman slipped under her breathe as her eyes went from the elf to the wilds man and stayed on him a moment.

Morgan bristled, feeling the woman's gaze on him; quickly gold eyes turned on her and tried to stay glaring even though the bite easily slipped away, "What?"

Strawberry blonde brows cocked as she walked up to stand beside the Warlock, "Just wondering what's wrong with you?"

The dark man snorted and looked away, clearly in denial that anything was wrong about the way he or their leader were acting.

Alissa just shook her head, deciding it was probably best someone be civil here and play the wall between the two for however-long this issue was going to exist. She quickly walked up to their leader who was looking about for a guard or someone to talk to with Wyn somewhere ahead. She heard the Warlock follow her not far behind, and while normally as 'Alistair' the idea of the… 'Witch' of the Wilds being behind 'him' always brought about that creeping feeling up his spine, as Alissa she didn't feel anything threatening at all. That was strange.

She glanced over her shoulder and saw the dark man walking with his staff in hand and gold eyes just staring forward not far behind her. He was just staring ahead like nothing was there… very strange.

Alissa faced forward again. This whole situation was just weird, why weren't they glaring each other or arguing or… something! The stocky woman shuttered at the silence, a strange anticipation fluttering in her stomach making her feel off balanced. Was this something that was just 'wrong' with women?

It seemed she wasn't the only one that thought the silence was weird, not far ahead of them their Leader had stopped as well. She noticed his ear twitch in that funny way that said he was confused by something simple. Alissa stopped in her tracks, watching their leader and curious what he was going to do…

It was barely a moment after she stopped that she felt Morgan practically stomp his way past her. She could feel his magic bristling but for some reason she doubted he even realized it.

"Lose something already?" Alissa could tell from his voice he was glaring, even if for some odd reason he stood in front of her.

From the side she could see that their leader had turned around at the sound of the Wilds Mage's voice, his white head cocked to the side as if confused.

From the proximity Alissa could feel Morgan's magic bristle again, he seemed to be doing that a lot more and was he moving purposely in front of her?

"Lose your voice too?" the Warlock antagonized, and Alissa moved slightly out from behind him and could see Terry's white brows lower as he fixed an icy glare on the dark mage.

"I was wondering why it was so quiet," White brows lowered as he turned fully to the dark haired mage, "Though I suppose I should be asking what hell's wrong with you?" Morgan took a step and the two seemed to have locked their eyes in some kind of glaring contest.

Alissa could only cock her head, wondering what the hell was wrong with them. When Terry had finally spoke she felt his magic kick in as well, matching Morgan's even if his was more obvious, the Miasma eking out of his body and the will o' wisp floating around his head were obvious battle signs for the Arcane mage. Morgan wasn't doing much better, his elemental magic bristling under his skin as his free hand twitched towards his dagger on his belt.

The not-quite-Templar couldn't understand what was going on, without thinking her own frustration at their stupidity made itself known as her own Templar magic kicked on, "What are you guys doing?" the two seemed to shiver from something for a moment as the pressure of her Templar magic grew when she stepped forward, glaring at the both of them, "We have something important we need to do right now, not…" she waved her hand in the air between them all, "This…"

Both mages turned towards her as if she were the first woman they'd ever seen, both of their eyes just staring slightly wide and blinking for some reason she didn't quite understand.

The breast-plate wearing woman lowered her strawberry brows as she crossed her arms, "What?"

Terry raised one hand absently and pointed at her, but no words seemed to make it to the male elf's mouth.

Morgan's dark brows lowered as he just continued staring at her.

"Is this a bad time?" all eyes turned towards Wyn, who seemed to have come back to see the three in a standoff of some sort.

Alissa gave a pout as she looked at the older mage, "No," she looked from the white haired mage to the black haired one. Seeing as neither of them were being coherent at the moment she rolled her eyes and walked between them up towards Wyn, arms still crossed and seeming in no mood for whatever was going on between them.

Terry blinked, still pointing following the woman, "did she-?"

Morgan only blinked.

Wyn too thought their stunned stares were strange, the older mage looked down at the woman now in front of him, he hadn't been that far away be he knew the feel of Templar magic, intentional or not he wondered what could have happened to cause the young woman to invoke such a force, "Did something happen?"

Alissa's brows were flat but she didn't look the least bit happy, "just- nothing," she sighed looking down, taking a deep breath and trying not to look angry, "Did you find out where we needed to go?"

A wizen brow rose, the old man's eyes stern on the young woman who looked like she just wanted to move past whatever little outburst he'd missed, "Yes," he put a hand on the woman's shoulder, relieving a tension from the strawberry blonde she probably didn't even notice she had, "While you were… handling," there was not a smirk under the beard, "These two, I spoke with a guard about where they keep their prisoners…"

"Where?" Terry's voice sounded far more confident than it did a moment ago as the white haired mage stepped up to the two, ignoring the Warlock behind him.

Wyn gave that old-man-grin, ignoring the younger mage's impatience, "Seems they keep them in the dungeons…"

"Dungeons?" the white haired elf blinked skeptically.

"Dungeons," the older mage gave a chuckle that they were getting used to hearing, "Seems its right below the castle…"

"Castle?" Morgan decided to get over whatever had happened and joined the rest; he still looked miffed and shot Alissa more than one strange glance.

"Yes, castle," the elder mage chuckled, ignoring his dark haired apprentice's aggressive posture, "No need to keep repeating me," he turned in the direction the guard had told him the castle was, "Now come along then…" he waved a hand behind him as he moved ahead to lead the group.

Alissa immediately followed Wyn, wanting nothing more than to ignore the strangeness that was hanging over the other two mages. Her thoughts raced with their strange actions, especially Morgan's and his weird provoking of Terry, even stranger that the elf fell for something so obvious. Did they both just suddenly turn stupid? Or was it something she could only now see thanks to suddenly being turned into a woman?

"You get used to it," Wyn said next to the young 'woman', almost as if reading her mind.

Alissa blinked her light eyes at the older man. Had he just read her mind? Why wasn't he acting so strange as well? At least fifty other questions ran through the young now-woman's mind as she looked to the elder mage as only one managed to make it to her lips, "How come you're still… sane?"

There was that worldly chuckle again, "It's not so difficult," the elder mage's eyes sparkled as they looked to the shorter woman, seemingly amused about something, "When you reach my age and have experienced as much as I have in life, you know who you are… it's harder for strange occurrences like this to catch me off guard…"

Alissa blinked, "So you're saying you're not…" she momentarily looked over her shoulder at the scowling and grumbling now-male mages, "Stupid," was the best word she could think of as her strawberry blonde brows furrowed as her eyes came back to the elder mage, "Like them because you're older?"

Wyn smirked, "I'd say 'more experienced', though age may have something to do with it," he was rubbing his beard seemingly in thought before gazing down at the woman, "You're older than them, correct?"

A strawberry blonde brow rose, "Yes?" the look on her face made it obvious she didn't understand what that had to do with anything.

The elder mage smirked, "Well, women 'grow' faster than men, so as you are now," he made a gesture to the young woman, "You're actually somewhat 'older' then you were as a man."

The not-quite-Templar's eyes blinked at this information.

The smirk didn't leave the older man's lips, "now think about them?" he nodded over his shoulder to the two mages that looked ready to get into a fight, "As women they were younger then you physically, now as men they're even younger, at least mentally," he shook his hand, hands feeling tight from all this examination, "It is my experience with growing young adults that there are specific nuances about certain ages between men and women," wizen grey eyes became sharp on the young woman, "And this 'affliction' seems to only prove my observations…"

Alissa swallowed hard, trying to settle this information, "So you're saying it's an 'age' thing that has them acting… stupid?"

That worldly chuckle returned, "Perhaps," there was a knowing smirk underneath the beard Alissa couldn't properly decipher, "I know at my age, or even someone of Leliana's age things are more… stable, but the three of you are at the most chaotic time, or well they are," that knowing smirk remained as the old man's eyes took in the young woman, "You may have just stepped out of it now that you're female."

One strawberry blonde brow was raised as the not-quite-Templar woman just stood there staring at the older man, "I'm so confused…"

Wyn looked back with a chuckle, "You're not the only one," he shrugged his head back and the younger woman looked over her shoulder at the two other mages. Despite their earlier antagonizing of each other, both seemed to be walking in hunched positions and trying to pointedly ignore one another.

Terry looked up at Alissa with a piqued white brow, quickly followed by Morgan raising his head and glaring at the elf. If things continued along this vein the woman knew the two would get into another fight.

Without realizing it, she just sighed.

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