"How the hell do we find her, then, Al? Hm? We both saw what happened- Scar killed her!"

"Brother, I'm saying, I heard her name in Mr. Mustang's office! You know I wouldn't lie-not about this!"

Yes, Ed knew that he wouldn't lie about this- noone who knew the true story between the two would.

Kagome, a small demoness, more or less about 9 years old, had become Ed's charge a while ago at the old house of Shou Tucker. Scar, returning to check that all life had ceased, saw the girl with fox ears and a dog tail- and had killed her, thinking she was a chimera. In front of Ed...

Kagome had become like a sister, or a daughter, to Ed. He was in charge of her. He had to protect her.

He let her down.

"Dammit, Al!" Was all the shorter Elric could say, before dashing down-being followed by said brother, of course-the hallway, and stopping in front of the door.

Edward slammed open the door. Both boys froze at the sight that greeted them. Riza Hawkeye, holding a small body, beaten and swollen, with blood dripping down the tail.

"Kagome," Ed whispered, eyes wide. Al dropped to his knees in disbelief, as his elder brother ran to the small girl's body.

"Is she alive?" Ed asked when he reached her, cupping the small girl's cheek.

"Barely," Mustang said, eyes narrowing.

"Then what the hell are you doing?" Ed said desperately, gripping small fingers.

"We don't know how her body heals yet, Edward. How will we provide medical assistance? She's not fully human."

"Of course not- she's not any human! She's demon miko, fool!" Edward snapped, grabbing the girl from the elder woman's arms. "I'm sorry, Hawkeye, but I know more about her than you two do-she healed Al's body. That's how 'I' did it."

Now ignoring the sputtering Colonel, Edward muttered, "Now where are those pills she gave me..?" He emptied his pockets frantically, things falling out of them like rainstorms.

A pocket-sized photo album fell near Mustang, and he stopped spluttering like an idiot long enough to open it.

Inside were three pictures; One of Trisha Elric, one of Ed, Al, and Winry as kids, and a new one, one of Ed, Al, Winry, Pinako, and Kagome, squished it seemed, into one photo. He flipped onwards through the book as Al jogged up to his brother to hand him the pills. Drawings. Nothing but drawings, all folded neatly into the small pages of his pocket-book. In one he caught the glimpse of a braid. Another, a helmet with a shoe by it- it was on the ground.

The gasps of pain stopped, causing Mustang to look up. The small demon-girl was up, hugging the two brothers around the neck and crying.

"I'm sorry...I'm so, so, sorry..!" She said, wiping a bruised eye. "I couldn't tell you because-because-" She broke off into sobs, shaking her head.

Al's arms instantly went out to her, holding her dearly. Ed hesitated, then copied his brother's move.

"We thought we lost you," Al said in a choked voice.

"So, you're saying that you've gone through time, battled demons, befriended some and became one, turned younger due to your age in demon years, travelled again, landed here, learned alchemy, fixed someone with this...Shikkon thingy, died, Shikkon brought you back to life, got beat up by Envy, landed in my office, ate magic medicine, became better, and reunited with the Elric brothers and the fact is you're really a long-lost higher up's daughter?" Roy said.



"Wait, who's your father, Kagome?" Ed asked, tilted head.

"Sesshoumaru Taishou." It grew deadly silent.

"Se...shou..maru..?" Roy said, gripping the chair excitedly.

"Yes! He'll be very happy if I tell him you saved me...Oh...but what's in it for me?" Kagome said slyly.

"What...do you want?" Mustang said carefullfy.

"Make me into an state alchemist!"

"What? No!"

"I'll get you demoted!"

"So? Sessoumaru would kill me!"

"Not if I told him I blackmailed you!"

"Sir!" Riza snapped, causing the Elric brothers to snap out of their daze.


"Don't consider it, you jackass!"


"Colonel Bastard!"

"JUST GIVE HER THE DAMN WATCH ALREADY!" A voice yelled from the outside of the door frame.


"!" Two salutes.

A redheaded teen stood in the doorway, smirking.

"Hey...Mom." He said in a teasing voice.

"Shaddup Shippou, it's not that funny!"

"Heh. Chibi."