The day of the ball arrived too soon, at least for...well, damn near everyone.

Hughes (no, he will not die. Why? because I said so.) was bringing his family, Kagome was going to be honoured with Sesshoumaru and Shippou, Ed was going to have to wear military uniform, which Alphonse found hilarious until Riza explained that he would have to wear a suit if he wanted to go.

"Riza, no!"

"Alphonse, stay still!" The woman could shoot a person in the head from a mile away, yet she struggled to place the tie around his neck.

"! Stay-oof- still!" Roy said from behind Riza, getting elbowed by her in the proccess.

Laughter echoed out from the hallway, and both men turned to see Kagome on Edward's shoulders, both of them shaking with now repressed mirth. Riza used the moment to finish off the tie.


The ballroom music was dancing through Alphonse's ears, who blushed after being pushed down by Ed.

"Nii-san?!" He yelped, only to turn around and find him missing.

"Alphonse?" A familiar voice asked, as the female crouched down to look him in the eye.


"You're sure about this, Ed?" Kagome said softly, looking up at him.

The blonde smirked, his eyes soft as he looked at the two dancers.


"You know they'll fall in love, right?"

"They already are, Kags. Always have been."

"You don't regret it?" The small girl persisted.

Edward hesitated, looking at the two as they laughed and twirled along the stage. He grinned, shaking his head. "Not at all."

Kagome brightened. "Then, let's make it even better!" She chirped, jumping on his shoulder and whispering her plan in his ear.

Alphonse smiled warmly at his old friend, feeling something stir in his heart, but dismissing it. "Want to dance, Winry?"

"Eh?" The blush on her face looked so beautiful... "S-sure, Al."

The couple glided to the dance floor.

After dancing for a few minutes, the two were at ease and laughing at their clumsiness. Spotlights landed on them, the colored beams of light following the two teen's forms. Alphonse looked up, surprised to see his brother and Kagome grinning down at them, thumbs up.

"Thank you, Nii-san," he whispered quietly, giving a thumbs up in return.

Roy Mustang felt a drop of water fall onto his nose. Looking up from his view of Alphonse and the Rockbell girl, he saw, much to his surprise, his subordinates on the rafters, sitting next to two large spotlights, grinning. Smiling, he decided he'd let it go.

For now...