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Chapter Sixteen

"Steve…" Tony let out a soft sigh and he snuggled closer to the larger wolf lying beside him. The air felt nice and cool against his skin, a refreshing change of pace compared to earlier when they were in the throes of passion. It had been so long since they had made love and Tony had missed it.

Steve had been uncertain about having a good ol' romp in the sack ever since Natasha had extracted Tony from that hell hole he had been chained up in. He couldn't be faulted for it; even after two months off of the recovery table, Tony still had days when he felt stiff, sore, and just plain exhausted. It was to be expected, he supposed, all things considered, but the day came when he finally got tired of going without. And seducing Steve had been an easy feat. After all, the alpha werewolf had been waiting just as long as Tony and he had his own needs as well. So, getting Steve to finally give in and fuck him on the closest surface had been pathetically easy, but he had no complaints.

It had been two months – almost three – since Tony came to in the lab and saw his mate's smiling, happy face. The first few days were hell, but he got by, the memories of pain and torture still frighteningly fresh in his mind. Then a week passed. Two weeks. Before he knew it, a month passed and he found himself almost back to the way he had been before all of the chaos started. A restlessness had settled over him, however, and it only began to dissipate once Steve's lips clamped on the spot just below his ear, nipping and sucking his flesh. After everything they had been through as mates and as a pack, feeling Steve inside him, his hard cock brushing against his prostate and causing him to shudder and moan like a wanton bitch in heat, brought him back and made it as though Tony hadn't nearly lost his life to a pack of mad werewolves.

Strong, muscular arms wrapped around him and pulled him closer, bare skin rubbing against bare skin and causing wonderfully delicious shivers all over his body. One of Tony's hands playing with Steve's blonde hair, loving how soft and silky it felt, while the other stroked one of his arms, caressing the muscles that adorned his mate's body. They had been in bed all day, neither one wanting or needing pack interaction, not when what they needed most was each other. It was quiet within the mansion – a rare occurrence in and of itself – but it was a welcomed silence, one that allowed a relaxing atmosphere to settle over everything. Placing a soft kiss to Steve's neck, Tony smiled, feeling so happy and satisfied that he didn't think anything else would be able to make him happier. Not at that moment, anyway; not when he had been spending the day making love and cuddling with the other half of his soul.

"Mm… Tony." Steve pressed a kiss to his forehead and continued stroking and rubbing his back. Tony felt his body coming back to life and he couldn't help but try and get even closer to the man he was laying on top of. He grinned when he felt Steve's cock twitch and he couldn't help but grind against him.

"Jesus, Tony… You know I can't help myself when you do that." Tony smirked and lifted himself up, his brown eyes connecting to Steve's blue ones.

"That's the idea, Cap'n. I just can't get enough of you today." As he felt Steve's half hard cock grow even harder as his hips continued to rub and jerk, Tony pressed his lips to Steve.

As they kissed, Steve flipped them over so that Tony was lying on his back. He loved having his mate's larger body covering his own; he felt safe and secure and untouchable. All of the pleasure and excitement was making the blood rush down to his dick, bringing it to life yet again. Tony couldn't help himself, not when Steve was kissing him like there'd be no tomorrow and touching and caressing his skin as though he'd disappear in the blink of an eye. His own hands were running all over Steve's body, memorizing the curves and muscles that they already knew so very well. A moan escaped him when he felt Steve's erection press against his thigh. Regardless of how many times they've had the most amazing sex known to man, Tony never tired of it, never wanted anything new or different. It was hot and passionate and intense, yet loving and sweet and tender. It was everything that Tony had ever wanted and he knew that Steve felt the same way. If he didn't, then things would have been changed or different, but they weren't.

"Come on, Steve." Tony kissed his mate with so much love and passion that he himself couldn't help but gasp in pleasure. Feeling that warm, gorgeous body rubbing against his own was even more torturous than anything Stane and Hammer had dished out. His cock was fully erect, throbbing painfully as Steve's own erection rubbed sinfully against it, and Tony wanted to be taken, to be fucked as hard as possible into the bed. Fuck, he needed to be claimed by Steve once more, his body trembling with anticipation at what was to come.

"Tony, you're not makin' it easier for me either, y'know." Steve's voice was full of love and need, making Tony tingle and shudder at the husky, lust-filled tone. And it made him proud that only he was able to make Steve sound so needy and desperate, so on the brink of letting loose and coming right then and there. But where was the fun in that?

"Then fuck me already. Make me yours, only yours." If his words didn't seal the deal, then nibbling on Steve's ear did.

Tony gasped out as Steve entered him suddenly. His gasp turned into a moan as he felt his mate's cock twitch inside of him, filling him up completely before he pulled out and forced his way back in again. He didn't need preparation; why would he when they spent hours, literally, in bed? There was very little pain by that point, but the pleasure was overwhelming and it made him see white as it took over his body. Wrapping his arms around Steve's broad shoulders, Tony pulled him closer and dug his blunt nails into the alpha wolf's back. It didn't hurt Steve much, if at all; he had always had a high tolerance for pain. With each thrust, Tony's nails scraped and scratched up and down his mate's back, unable to help himself while Steve marked a path up his neck and to his jaw before his lips finally claimed Tony's.

His skin was on fire and it burned everything Steve caressed his skin or stroked and jerked his painfully hard dick. Their kisses for frantic, messy, and made his mind spin out of control as their pace sped up. His senses were flooded with the fire of pleasure and passion and Tony knew that he wasn't going to last much longer. Even if he wanted to drag it out for as long as possible, there was no way he'd be able to. Not after hours of already dragging it out and making it last. Now, it was all about the raw, animalistic urge to mate, to be claimed and owned so completely, and he fucking loved it. Devoured it, especially when Steve's own moans sounded so rough, hoarse, and tense.

"Mine…" Dear God, such a sound should have been illegal. It made Tony's cock twitch and he felt that familiar wave within him build up. He'd be releasing his pent up sexual frustration (which really wasn't all that pent up, if he were being honest with himself) and feeling whole.

"Mine…" Steve growling was really fucking hot. Hotter than his smile, hotter than his sinfully delicious body, hotter than his touch.. Tony's body arched upwards against his mate's as Steve hit his prostate again and again. They had been in bed all day, but Tony still could not get enough of Steve's dick slamming into him, claiming what was already his.

"Mine!" With one last stroke, with one last loud, slutty moan, Tony's body arched up and was taken over by the ever familiar tidal wave. His come spilled out onto Steve's hand while the alpha's body jerked and tensed with his own orgasm, filling Tony with his own seed. It was intense, hot, and reeking of pure sex. Tony fucking loved it.

As his body began to wane and weaken, he fell back onto the bed, panting and running a hand through his damp, sweat soaked hair. He was pretty sure he had an expression of his face that read: oh, God damn, but he didn't care. Steve himself looked pretty awed and satisfied by their amazing union and Tony couldn't help but pull at him weakly, trying to bring him down for a kiss. Naturally, Steve complied and bent to kiss him soft and tenderly, putting as much love as he could muster into the kiss. The alpha's body, much like his own, was slicked with sweat and his chest rose and fell with each and every pant. Tony thought he looked stunningly beautiful.

"Tony…" Steve kissed him again and Tony smiled, loving how complete and happy he felt. As he pulled away from the kiss, Steve pulled out of his body and Tony found himself messing the intimate connection.

"Wow…" Steve laughed softly and kissed him again before rolling onto his back and pulling Tony's body close.

"Yeah. Wow." Tony chuckled and snuggled closer, his body and mind agreeing for once that sleep would be a good thing at that moment.

"So, was that as good for you as it was for me? Because I for one thought that that was one of our best sessions ever and it'd be a pity if you didn't agree." Tony's voice sounded tired and out of breath even to his own ears, but Steve didn't mind it. Instead, he laughed again and kissed his forehead before pulling the sheets up around them.

"It was amazing, Tony. You're amazing." Tony smiled and yawned, sleep just on the edge of the horizon.

"You think we'll have a pup in the near future?" Steve rubbed his bare back and Tony felt his eyes begin to close. It was hard to keep them open, especially when they had been spending all day memorizing each other's bodies.

"I'm sure we will. Now, get some sleep. We'll need it for later on." Tony grinned and he nuzzled Steve's neck.

"Nice to know I'm not the only horn dog in this house." The last thing he could remember was Steve's beautiful laugh and then the world went dark.

Clint knew that Bruce wanted pups. He also knew that Bruce would make a wonderful father and that no one would be able to compare to his mate's parental skills. However, he also knew that he himself would not make the best parent. A few years ago or so, before joining Steve's pack, he believed that he didn't have the patience for raising pups and that he was a young, hot headed wolf. Well, he could still be a hot head, but now, he knew that he had the patience for it. But Clint also knew that, more than likely, he'd be one of those parents who was so overbearing and controlling that he'd fuck his pup up and be the cause of a lot of issues.

Granted, he wouldn't try to be overbearing and protective. All pups had to branch out eventually and, as Dory once said, if you don't let anything bad happen to them then nothing would ever happen to them. Deep down though, he knew that he'd be a mother hen. He figured that that'd be better than the alternative: an uncaring, uninterested parent. It was driving him nuts because he was worrying about something that hadn't even happened yet. Who could blame him, though? Thor and Loki were having their first pup soon and Steve and Tony just found out that they would be having one as well. Five months after Tony returned to them was just enough time for a lot of things to change and Clint would be a fool to deny that he wasn't hesitant about it all.

He tried to keep it from Bruce, though. His mate had a rough enough time with his research in the lab and a pregnant Tony to deal with, he didn't need to know that Clint was practically having a nervous breakdown. Besides, Bruce was the dominant werewolf in their relationship and, when it came down to it, if he said that they were going to have pups Clint had no choice but to consent. That was how it had been for wolves and werewolves since the dawn of time and that was how it'd remain. So, in the end, he was going to have pups and that would be that. Until he had pups and proved just how horrible of a parent he'd make. Clint was so wrapped up in his inner ramblings that he didn't even notice that Bruce had entered their bedroom until he felt the bed dip down beside him and felt his mate's body heat wash over him like a refreshing, cleansing wave.

"Clint, I could feel you worrying down in the lab." Clint's eyes met Bruce's and he felt a pang of guilt at the concern that shone within them. He had been stressing over having pups so much that Bruce had been able to feel it. Shit.

"Just stressing out I suppose." Bruce wrapped his arms around his body and Clint found himself scooting closer, returning the embracing.

"What's got the great Clint Barton stressed out?" Clint sighed and cuddled closer to his mate, craving comfort and reassurance.

"Everyone's having pups." Bruce chuckled softly and buried his nose in Clint's hair.

"Not everyone. Natasha and Pepper have decided to opt out." Clint shrugged, already knowing that. Natasha had told him about it a few nights ago and the two she wolves just decided to tell everyone about it today. He felt special.

"I know. But you want pups. You'd…make a great dad, Bruce." Bruce's hold on him tightened and Clint wondered, not for the first time, if his mate could read his mind.

"And you think that you wouldn't." It wasn't a question, but a statement, and Clint was half glad that Bruce knew him so well. He sighed softly and clung to his mate's shirt in an almost desperate attempt at shielding himself. But from what? Surely Bruce wouldn't get angry or upset for him feeling the way he did, and yet his instincts were telling him that hiding would be a good idea. But why?

"It doesn't matter what I think. You have the final say. If you say that we're having pups, then we'll have pups. I didn't drink that concoction of yours for nothing, you know." Bruce rubbed Clint's back reassuringly before he pulled away to look at the smaller wolf. Clint hesitantly met his gaze, not knowing what to expect exactly. But he saw that Bruce wasn't angry or upset. He looked concerned and worried, but his expression also held love and reassurance, which Clint desperately needed.

"You're having second thoughts. That's normal, Clint. And that tells me that you're more than ready to be a parent. It's normal to be unsure about these things. Having pups is a big deal; it changes a lot of things. But if you're not ready yet, then we'll wait. And you should know that I'd never force you to do something that you're not comfortable with." Bruce sealed the deal with a soft kiss, one that melt Clint and made him climb onto his mate's lap. His heart swelled at the love he felt for the older wolf and he couldn't help but want to be as close to him as possible. Pulling away, Clint gazed into the brown eyes that held so much emotion for him and he smiled.

"I think I needed you to talk some sense into me." Bruce chuckled softly and started kissing a trail down Clint's jaw to his neck, his hands worming their way underneath his shirt and caressing his skin.

"Why's that?" Clint felt his body melting against Bruce's and it barely even registered when they fell back onto the bed.

"Because right now, making babies with you is all that I can think about." Bruce released a husky laugh and nipped at Clint's ear, causing him to gasp softly. He could feel Bruce's erection rub against his thigh and he felt his own pants grow tighter and tighter.

"I like the sound of that." Without wasting any more time, Clint and Bruce began to tear clothing away, causing some articles to rip and tear. Neither one could muster enough feeling to care, however; all they could think about was each other.

In a matter of no time at all, bare skin brushed against bare skin, hard, throbbing erections rubbed against each other, and hot mouths met in a fury of hot, impassioned kisses. Bruce's hands rubbed all the way down Clint's back to his ass, were he grabbed and groped it. Clint gasped and moaned, his body jerking at his mate's caresses and his dick aching to be touched. He had zero patience and he quickly impaled himself on Bruce's cock, burying it so deep inside him that it brushed against that amazing bundle of nerves that sent white sparks blinding his vision. A loud, guttural moan escaped him as he did so and it made him even harder when he heard Bruce's own moan. His mate's body arched up just so and Clint found himself grinning down at the older wolf.

Bruce's hands attached themselves to Clint's hips as he rose up off his cock and then sank back down. With his mate's large, warm hands keeping him steady and secure, Clint began to set the pace, slow at first, and then faster, harder, and more erratic as he felt his breaking point edge closer and closer. His moans melted with Bruce's and, together, they created a marvelous symphony of pleasure and sex. Each time Bruce's cock hit his prostate, Clint saw white sparks and moaned in great pleasure. And when one of Bruce's hands wrapped around his leaking cock, his pace increased and he went wild, unable to control his urges and not really wanting to anyway. He was getting closer, they both were, and it would be fucking amazing when they came together.

With one last thrust, Bruce met Clint as he impaled himself back down on that thick cock. With one last stroke, Clint came, his semen splashing over Bruce's hand and onto his chest. Bruce came at the same time, his cock buried deep inside of his mate's willing, eager body and filling his up with his wet, sticky come. It was pure bliss and heaven made special at the fact that they both became whole at the same time. Nothing else mattered to them; it was all about becoming one singular, strong unit.

After Bruce had spilled the last of his seed inside Clint's body, they remained stationary for a moment, both lost in the ecstasy that overwhelmed their senses and their bodies. Clint's soft, panting sighs couple with Bruce's heavier, heated pants allowed them to calm down from their high and finally move. Bruce's hands stroked Clint's sides and hips while Clint release a soft, breathy laugh and looked down at his mate. Blue met brown and they both knew that, as long as they had each other, they'd be able to take on anything. With one last caress, Bruce pulled Clint down on top of him and wrapped his arms around the smaller wolf. Their naked bodies brushed against one another and they remained in their cocoon of happiness and love until they were ready for the second round.

Natasha sat in bed, reading her book and barely containing the smile that was threatening to spread across her face. Pepper was snuggled up against her side, her eyes closed and her chest rising and falling with every breath she took. It felt nice being able to relax with her mate, just enjoying each other's company. Peace and quiet was a rarity nowadays, what with Thor and Loki's pup having been born just two weeks ago. Aurora was a sweet little darling, but she had a set of pipes on her that put Tony to shame. Thank God for Jarvis and the sound proofing system Tony had installed before hand or else no one would ever get any sleep. Apparently, from what Natasha had observed, Aurora took after Thor personality wise, which was both a good and bad thing. Hopefully, she'd have Loki's intelligence or else the next generation was fucked.

And soon, they'd have two other pups in their midst. Tony was only three months behind Loki, but he was just as big as the taller wolf had been when Aurora arrived. Steve must have some powerful mojo going on downstairs, because the two of them had been blessed with twins, and since they'd have half of Tony's genes, they'd both be a handful. But Tony and Steve would both make wonderful parents; that much was obvious right now even though the twins had yet to be born. Even if Tony turned out to be an overbearing mother hen, Steve would be there to even things out. Or so she hoped.

However, she had more hope for Bruce and Clint's pup. If Natasha had known better, she would have suspected that a pregnancy pact had been made. But she couldn't complain too much; contrary to popular belief, she actually loved children. So if there were four pairs of little footsteps running around in the next year, she couldn't complain. Natasha was a bit concerned for Clint though. Tony's injuries had fully healed and his body was at its peak; but Clint, from what she had come to understand, had endured a lot of…mishaps prior to joining their pack. From she knew, which was probably less than what Bruce knew, Clint would have to be very careful throughout his pregnancy if he wanted his pup to be born healthy. The possibility of a miscarriage was high for Clint and if he did, in fact, miscarry, then both he and Bruce would be heartbroken. Hell, the whole pack would be and Natasha knew that Clint would be hesitant to try again for another pup. But, hopefully, he would try again should that ever happen.

Natasha closed her book and laid in on her bedside table. Glancing down at Pepper's sleeping form, she smiled softly and pressed a kiss to the top of her head. Their pack was growing, flourishing, and they all getting exactly what they wanted from the start: a loving family.






Steve sat on the front porch of the mansion, smiling brightly as he watched the pups play in the yard. Bruce and Natasha were sitting beside him, watching as Aurora, Mary Jane, and Kurt ran away from Peter as they played another round of tag. Clint and Thor had joined in on the game a few minutes ago and were helping Peter chasing the other pups around the yard. Tony was standing in the yard a few feet from the porch, watching them run around and offering strategic advice on how to tag the other pups. It was highly entertaining watching Peter run after the other pups, especially with Thor's loud, thunderous voice breaking through the squeals of laughter as they ran around and around. Clint grabbed hold of Mary Jane and started tickling her before letting her go. Peter finally managed to tag his twin sister right after that and then it was Clint and Thor running from a vengeance seeking M.J.

She tagged Clint first, or rather, she pounced on him and he fell over, acting as though he were howling in pain. When Kurt heard his mommy's howls of pain, he stopped running from the young she wolf and ran over to her, yelling about how she had hurt his mommy. From beside him, Bruce chuckled, obviously amused by his mate's antics and how defensive his pup was becoming. Kurt may have been the smallest pup, but he had Clint's fighting spirit. He stopped yelling when Clint sat up and grabbed him, pulling him down and rolling them from side to side on the grass. After Kurt had stopped yelling at her, Mary Jane set off after Aurora and Thor, who had taken to hiding behind a tree. Well, Aurora was hiding; Thor couldn't even hide an arm behind it. Peter was hiding behind Tony's legs, clutching the fabric of his pants as though his life depended on it. It was an endearing sight to see and it made Steve feel proud and accomplished. This was his pack and they were happy and having fun.

"Aurora!" Steve looked up and saw that Loki had returned to the porch. He was looking a bit tired, but that's what happened when one was with child again. Aurora was only four, but she was going to be a big sister in a matter of months, and another addition to the pack wasn't unwelcome.

"Daddy, Daddy!" She ran out from behind the tree and bee-lined for Loki. Thor followed her, but at a slow paced jog instead.

"Time to clean you up for dinner. You look a fright, darling." It was true; Aurora did look like a little dirt ball. She had been playing outside before she had been joined by Kurt, Peter, and Mary Jane.

"But I don' wanna!" Loki bent down and picked her up, careful of his slightly protruding belly. Thor placed a soft kiss to his cheek and followed them inside.

"Well, darling, I do what I want and what I want right now is to get you cleaned up." Steve and Bruce both chuckled at that. Loki definitely had a handle on Aurora, which was a good thing because she was too much like Thor for Thor to even be able to make her do anything. Steve figured that Loki already knew that and was more than capable of handling two Thors.

"That doesn't sound like a bad idea, actually. Clint! Kurt!" Bruce called out to his mate and pup and they both looked up with such similar expressions that it was like looking in the mirror.

"Dinner's almost ready. Come on." Bruce stood up and Clint got up, bringing Kurt with him. They made their way into the mansion and Steve watched them go, a soft smile on his face. Natasha looked at him and shrugged.

"You should probably get your trio inside too. A storm's coming anyway and you know how Peter doesn't like thunderstorms." Steve looked back at his two pups, who were currently running around Tony's legs, singing Ring Around the Rosy. With Tony looking both amused and slightly confused, it made a perfect picture.

"You've got a point there. What is Pepper making for dinner, anyway?" Natasha looked thoughtful for a moment before she answered.

"She said that she was making stuffed chicken breasts." Steve nodded, his stomach beginning to growl. Pepper really was the best chef in the house, even though he did come in a close second.

"Terrific. Tony, Peter, Mary Jane. Let's get inside." All three of them looked up at him and the pups pouted and started protesting.

"Awwww…! But we wanna play wiff Daddy!" Mary Jane stamped her foot and crossed her arms, pouting even further.

"Do we haf to?" Peter looked at him with his puppy dog eyes and Steve almost caved in. Almost.

"Daddy don' wanna go inside! He wanna play wiff us!"

"Yeah!" Steve gave his pups a half stern look before he responded.

"It's about to storm." Peter's small body stiffened at that and his eyes got real big.

"Thunder boomer?" Steve nodded.

"Yes. Thunder boomer." At that, Peter bolted up the porch, past Steve, and into the house before anything else could be said. Never wanting to be away from her twin's side, Mary Jane followed after him. She wasn't as sensitive about thunderstorms as Peter was, but she didn't particularly care for them. Tony made his way up the porch and stopped in from of Steve, who gave him a smile.

"You fun sucker. You just sucked all of the fun out of play time." Steve arched a brow at Tony, who merely shrugged.

"I'm sure you'll survive. Now, c'mon before those two get into trouble. Again." Natasha got up and went inside, leaving Steve to follow after her and Tony to follow after him.

"Oh, come on, Steve. You had to admit. It was funnier than hell when they programmed Jarvis to sing You Are My Sunshine in an obnoxiously squeaky and feminine voice whenever Bruce got mad and wolfed out on us the last time." Steve shook his head, unable to deny that hearing Jarvis sing that song in such a way was pretty funny.

"It made Bruce worse!"

"But it was funny."

After everyone got ready for dinner, they all sat down at the dining room table and ate. Steve watched his pack as they chatted and carried on while they ate and he felt a sense of accomplishment. This pack was coming full circle, what with the next generation carrying on the genes that their parents possessed. It felt weird, but it was a good weird and one that Steve took pride in. This pack, a pack full of outcasts and rejects, had been created out of loneliness and uncertainty. Now, loneliness and uncertainty played no part in why they remained together. They were a family now, one that had been through hell and high water, and that was what really, truly mattered in the end.

The End

A/N 2: Just in case you are all wondering, Peter and Mary Jane are, of course, from Spiderman while Aurora and Kurt are from The X-Men. I just thought I'd mention that. Thank you for reading.