Sam and Dean stood staring; this was supposed to be a hunt. Instead they found themselves by a river staring at the most beautiful woman they'd ever seen. She slid through the water more graceful than anything could be on land or air. Her wet fiery red hair trailed behind her in the water like a banner. She dove beneath the surface once again only surfacing after an impossibly long time. When she surfaced she moved towards a flat rock and hoisted herself onto it, reaching for a towel that was left nearby. She smiled an angelic smile and gracefully rubbed the cold water from her body before standing up. Naked she stretched as if refreshed before wrapping the towel around herself.

Sam stepped forward a branch cracking echoing in the silence. The girl froze her head snapping up from where she'd obviously been enjoying the water. Her eyes scanned the woods around her a shiver rocking her delicate body.

Dean took that moment to step into the lit clearing. The moonlight reflected off the water highlighted the two of them. She shuttered wrapping the towel more tightly around herself. Her foot pivoted on the rock she'd climbed up on, her weight shifting to it. She stared at the man before cocking her head to the side. She turned rapidly from something carefree and wanton to something different. Her blue-green eyes met Dean's. Her whole body seemed to shudder as she took a step away from him. Dean drew his gun slowly out and inexplicably set them down on the ground.

The woman stared at the pair her eyes frightened.

"De?" Sam questioned as he watched his brothers strange actions suddenly afraid. The woman took a step forward her delicate hand reaching out towards the pair. Dean reached out and took it and suddenly her eyes were on Sam. He shook himself trying to look at her as something other than a stunningly beautiful creature.

She dropped the towel. It slid away from her perfectly formed body and reached out her other hand. Sam felt the machete slip from his own hand as he reached out. When his hand met hers there was a jolt of electricity.

She gently pulled them both backward stepping back into the water. She kept each of the brothers hands in hers as she move to and sunk down into the cool water drawing them with her. She slowly drifted down to the bottom of the riverbed still clasping their hands. They came and didn't resist. Sam began to struggle as water filled his lungs but she just closed her eyes and held tight.

If you are with me of whom shall I be afraid