Title: That Distraction Inside Of Me (Oh Well)

Rating: T

Summary: Waking up nearly face to face with Jade West gives you an inexplicable rush.

Disclaimer: I don't own anything.

A/N: Thought I'd try my hand at writing some Victorious. Don't know if I'll continue it or not since real life is kicking my butt but let me know what you think.

"I'm at your door."

You pull your phone away from your face, blinking blearily at the screen for a moment before pressing it back to your ear. You don't even remember it ringing or even answering it but suddenly Jade's voice was filling your head while you blinked drowsily at the ceiling.

"Jade?" You groan, twisting to glance at the clock on your bedside table that is cheerfully announcing that its just after 2am in neon green numbers. "It's two o'clock in the morning."

You're exhausted and stating the obvious and even half asleep you brace yourself for Jade's sharp tongue but instead there's only a soft exhalation.

"Tori, open the door." She sighs quietly and your belly does a funny flipping thing that makes you sit up, tossing your legs over the side of the bed.

"Are-are you okay?" You wonder, untangling your legs from your blankets before standing. "I mean, is everything…"

"Tori…" She sounds tired instead of irritated and you swallow.

"I'm coming."

It's weird having Jade in your bedroom.

Especially this Jade, dressed in soft blue and grey flannel pants with her hair pulled up into a ridiculous high ponytail, who is delicate and real like you've never seen her. Like an angry, creepy turtle without its shell so all of its soft insides are showing… except not gross.

You close your bedroom door quietly before turning to find Jade standing awkwardly in the center of your bedroom. Not smugly prowling, like you'd expect, fingers dragging over everything you own but instead she looks a little uncomfortable, arms folded over her stomach.

"Is everything okay?" You wonder carefully, treading lightly because you know navigating a conversation with Jade is not so different from waltzing through a mind field.

"Everything is fine." She shrugs with one shoulder, blinking down at your bare feet and you wriggle your toes a little before moving towards your bed, sitting down and shuffling back against the headboard.

"So, what's up? You didn't come here at 2am to kill me, did you?" You joke awkwardly before you realize its not totally bizarre to think that Jade would come over to your house in the middle of the night, all disarmingly natural and pretty, to gain your trust before hacking you to death with a hatchet and hiding your pieces under your own floorboards. "You-you're not here to kill me? Are you?"

"If I wanted to kill you, you'd already be dead." Jade finally says, meeting your wide-eyed horror coolly and your shoulders drop in relief because that's kind of a good point.

"Oh, then thanks for not doing that?" You offer, running a hand through your hair and watching Jade sit hesitantly at the side of your bed. You're exhausted, the performance at the Platinum Awards and the adrenaline rush that came with it leaving you weary and drained and with a happiness that you feel buzzing down in your bones that not even Jade's ominous appearance at your house in the middle of the night can kill.

"You're welcome." Jade whispers dismissively, staring down at her hands while you gaze at her. You think about what Jade did for you last night, about the way she's sitting in front of you right now and you feel the dopey look that takes over your face. She'd never say it but you guys are kinda friends, now more than ever and the thought makes your stomach warm. "I'm here for a reason."

"A non-murderous reason, right?" You grin hopefully and Jade turns to look at you for a long moment.

"I'm here to… thank you." She says very carefully, like the words are foreign on her tongue and there's a little flutter in your chest that makes your toes curl.

"Thank me?" You parrot and Jade glances away, back down to where her fingers are twisted together, "For what?"

"I know…I saw Beck try to kiss you." She whispers tightly, hands squeezing together like she's in pain and you sit forward a little bit, pulling your knees to your chest. You didn't do anything wrong, in fact, you did everything right but you still feel awful because Jade loves Beck and what she saw must be killing her. "So, thanks for not, ya know, kissing him."

"How?" You manage through your shock and Jade shrugs.

"Cat forgot to kill the chat feed." She mutters. "So I got a front row seat to the Tori and Beck show."

"I'm sorry." You blurt earnestly and Jade glances at you with soft, sad eyes. "I'm just really, really sorry."

Jade laughs a little bit and the sound is tired and self-deprecating. "Look at you. You didn't even do anything wrong and your apologizing. Of course Beck likes you."

She laughs again and the sound hurts your ears as you watch her push to her feet. "Jade, where are you going?"

"Home." She sighs, standing in front of you vulnerable and muted. "I should go home."

"But its so late." you say, scooting to the edge of the bed to stand too. "I mean, its dangerous and its not exactly like you live down the block…maybe you should just, ya know, stay here tonight?"

You can honestly say that two days ago you wouldn't have believed it if someone told you you'd be insisting Jade stay the night at your house but besides the fact that it is dangerous to be out in Hollywood at this hour, you just don't want her to go.

"Like a slumber party?" Jade asks incredulously and you roll your eyes a little bit.

"No, like two friends sleeping within five feet of each other because its late and one of the friends is exhausted and doesn't want to spend all night wondering if the other friend was kidnapped by vagabonds on her way home." You say and Jade's mouth curves with a hint of amusement.

"Fine." She finally breathes and you smile. "But keep your hands to yourself."

You scoff a little, walking to the far side of your bed. "You wish my hands had the urge to wander around you."

You pull down the blankets and ignore the eyebrow you just know Jade is arching in your direction. You dive into bed and Jade slips in beside you hesitantly and wonders aloud if you could have sheets with any lower thread count.

"It's like sleeping on hay."

"Goodnight, Jade." You sigh, burying yourself in your pillow and giving her your back.

"Oh goodnight, Tori Vega." She gurgles in that ridiculous voice she uses to imitate you and you whip your head around to look at her smirking face.

"I don't sound like that." You hiss and Jade just shakes her head, settling on her back and staring up at the ceiling while you take in her profile. "Jade…I'm sorry you're hurting."

Jade looks at you for a moment and you think you've just said the wrong thing and now Jade really is going to murder you but instead of putting a pillow over your face, she just looks back to the ceiling as if its holds the answers she's looking for.

"I don't know if I told you earlier." she starts quietly after a long moment, "But you were great up there tonight."

"Thanks." You breath while that flutter returns to your chest.

"Don't tell anyone I said that."

Waking up nearly face to face with Jade West gives you an inexplicable rush.

Admittedly, you've had nightmares that start exactly the same way but Jade is pale in the soft morning light, her thick eyelashes and sharp eyebrows an abrupt contrast to her skin and there's a sudden charge under your skin at the sight of her burrowed into her pillow like she is, that isn't crippling fear. Instead, you think it's the fact that you're more or less defying death in this very moment.

You'll fully appreciate the daredevilry of this entire situation later, when you're less drowsy and able to do more then acknowledge the press of Jade's knee against your hip and the rise and fall of her shoulders. Your eyes feel heavy as you gaze at the soft hair at Jade's temples and the sharp curve of her jaw and gosh, she so much less scary this close up.

"Vega, your gay is showing." Jade mumbles suddenly and you almost jump out of your skin with an embarrassing squeak that has Jade's mouth turning up into a grin before her eyes slide open.

"It is not." You argue dumbly, shifting from your side to your back and throwing your arm over your eyes. "I mean…shut up."

There's silence then and you wonder if she's fallen back asleep but when you peek out from under your wrist, she's watching you with clear blue eyes. Her face is indecipherable but calm and you have no idea if your about to be verbally assaulted or if she's going to smile.

Eventually neither of those things happen and instead she arches a studded eyebrow, "Go to sleep, Vega."

You do as she says and you're not at all surprised when you wake up a few hours later and Jade's gone.