Chapter One: Undo His Damage

No one speaks of the days where it began. If anyone says anything about any beginning they would take about the short hair and sitting in front of the parents. These things are too painful to be remembered. How could anyone, people only lose themselves in the darkness of the past and make it their guide. So no one speaks about it. Very few even have the courage to look forward. It's been fear that holds people back like this. Fear and hate what drives people to make stupid mistakes. And it always has been fear and hate that alter the clarity of your path. Kaeda, her heart pounding with fear, stood before her parents in a closed room. Behind the doors she could hear who would become her little sibling breathing, not sharing the same anxiety as her. The hate behind the doors could be sensed from a mile away. But it wasn't the thought of having new family, it was the thought of siblings which sparked red hot hate into the atmosphere. The young girl looked up, her hair freshly cut. Her dark brown eyes looked at her own father. This part is the fear, defying against someone who you could have never dreamed to do so before and the thought that this could alter your world entirely.

A stern voice spoke, every human being recognizes a voice such as this. This is the pressure of doing well, and being unable to hand over gratification for someone else. It's a father figure or the father himself, or this is how we always perceive them as. Ha, you and I know a lot about pressuring father's don't we? We were never good enough; we always need to strive higher than their expectations. They both also had that one dotting line, which stuck in your head. It was those few words that express their upmost satisfaction and in a way pressuring you to go on. "Repeat what you just said." Kaeda shivered. "Repeat what you just said and know that this will cause you to be disowned from the family." When did this happen for us? When did we become the most renowned in our families to the outcasts, the criminals and the black sheep? I suppose neither you nor I will ever know why this fate was written out for the two of us.

Open people can never hide the physical or emotional signs of their feelings. You are the perfect example of that. Kaeda, your hands are frozen and the sensation that something is stuck in your throat. So much worry, because you know that outcome. You always have known. You never stopped despite knowing the consequences. Thank you. "I-I want to take in my partner's younger brother." She whispered. Her voice was dripping with softness and fear. She looked back for a moment, back into the past and into the darkness that awaited her. Strange, even if she shared the same feels as the child behind the door she could never fully relate to the pain back to his. The dark brown hair fell into her face as her bangs attempted to create a wall between her and her father's raising fury. She knew that if her father would end her if he wished. But despite the treachery she was committing, Kaeda, you held your head high didn't you. It was for him and for me. "Please, sir! He doesn't have anyone, I can't leave him alone, he's young and how could I do that to his brother?"

"Silence!" Her father barked, scaring both Kaeda and her mother. Her father stood and Kaeda only felt like she was shrinking under the pressure. How strong authority could be. A single person could never fight against authority and even if it is a large number the lives lost is not worth it. Nothing is ever worth the pain, sorrow and death conflict brings onto people. Our generation knows that best. We know the bitter reality of conflict though some embrace it more than others. Some understand the gravity of such situation more than others. Conflict… is not worth it. Never was. Which is why I always avoided it, I hated violence. I hated conflict. I bowed down to authority and praised peace. What else could I have done? I am one man, surely you must understand that. "You care more about someone else's family more than your own?" He finished his sudden rage.

But you did care; you always cared so much more for us. It baffles me. At the brink of war, end and destruction and you cared for us. Ha, you had the chance to go home pretend like it didn't happen, turn a blind eye but you didn't. Here you are fighting for me. You are fighting for him. Kaeda, why would you? Of course, I know the answer. I always knew. I just never expected it to be of that magnitude. Kaeda lifted her head, their eyes locking. With all the courage she could muster she opened her mouth and spoke, "For this man, yes." I always smiled thinking about Kaeda's courage. If it could be ripped out of her and it would still fight back. Her courage was so pure and strong even on its own. It took a stance no matter what the odds were. Kaeda, strong little Kaeda. You'll never change. Neither will he. Neither will I.

Years had flown by since that day. There was no need for such thoughts anymore and no one was left to make them anyway. The man who stood beside them and thought like this for them was long gone. Those days were long gone. The only place where something like that could be recalled was in a dream. To those awake they cried for the opposite. They begged to be placed back into the dream, into the false reality, rather than face what was accepted and true, because that was the true nightmare. Kaeda opened her eyes and the sound of the fire alarm greeted her ears, remind her of the pulsing alarm brought by the heat of battle. She had been certain she had forgotten an emotion like that, but she hadn't. Many soldiers can't readapt to the normal society after being traumatized by war.

The sun had barely risen and her home was already in disarray. Of course… could she be expecting anything less? A brand new day but nothing has changed. There is still that loaming negativity that she hated. That everyone hated. Who could like being in their home, their sanctuary, and not feeling as safe as they would in another environment? With her long slender legs, she swung them over the bed and forced herself to sit up. Her frame stood up perfectly straight. Just from her stature one could assume, she had gone through vigorous training and was powerful. But at the same time there was also the aura that showed a sudden slow or halt to this power, the need for it had disappeared over the years. This young girl calmly worked a knot out of her medium length hair with her hands.

Her hands weren't that of a young person, especially of a young girl. The knuckles had been worked well in; the skin above it had been scared and very smoothed out. The skin on the side of her nails had been bitten down and picked at. Anyone that was a psychologist could tell you she had been in the early stages of an anxiety disorder. Yet, as she stood and made her way into the kitchen, still in her pajamas, she knew the stress she had been experiencing could not been good for her health. After seeing the young teen standing in the kitchen, trying to put out a small fire, she knew exactly where the source of all the stress was.

In sudden realization that the older woman was in there already the boy stared at her for a moment as the picked up the fire extinguisher they had placed near the door for this sort of case. "Move." She told his and he indeed stepped aside for the time being, watching her with his onyx eyes. In a flash, the white gas flooded the room the fire going out. She placed the fire extinguisher on the ground, a thud echoed in the room because of their silence. A moment had to pause before Kaeda could speak to the boy before her. "What were you doing?" She asked, looking at the destroyed food. She could tell it was some sort of meat, perhaps rice was also in there. The young girl wanted to smile at the attempt but Kaeda refrained. It would be disrespectful and discouraging.

The dark eyed boy answered her, "Making breakfast." He said. For a flash she could see the past. He was the young child standing in front of the sliding doors of the wooden house with the bright sun beating down on him almost complimenting his bright smile. The days were everything was bright and happy unlike the days now, where everything is bleak and looked dark for them.

"And for what reason, Sasuke?" Kaeda asked turning towards him. He was fully dressed the young 12 year old, with raven locks, and his facial expression said it all for him instead of having to use the energy to say it. It caused Kaeda to giggle. "Oh, early training?" She asked. He nodded. With a heavy sigh, Kaeda went to the refrigerator. "So I am assuming you want some protein huh?" She shuffled through looking at the found they had. She put out some egg carton, cheese and milk. "Let me make you an omelet." She suggested calmly.

The raven hair boy looked away. "I think I'm ok."

A bittersweet smile shined on her face. Pained and yet kind. "Sasuke, please sit down, you have two hours until you have to go to the academy. If you want to go train go ahead, but eat something first." He sat down heavily. He felt trapped, yet he had all the freedom to just walk out on the girl taking care of him. He picked at the edge of his navy blue shirt. "Are you anxious about exams?" She asked, calmly, taking out a bowl and cracking the eggs into the bowl.

He voiced a soft scoff, his eyes making no effort to look up to her. "You know I'm not."

With a heavy sigh she replied, "Then, may I ask what's bothering you?" She put in the grated cheese and added a little bit of milk into the mixture. She reached into one of the drawers and took out a fork and began to beat the eggs.

"Nothing." Liar. She placed the mix into a pan. "Why are you still making my breakfast?" Sasuke placed both his hands on his knees and applied pressure to remind him of reality, his white shorts wrinkling in the process. He was not dreaming, not today. Here he was in an apartment with a woman about 5 years older, cooking him breakfast so he could get protein for his morning training.

She grabbed a wooden spoon that was near the oven top. "Because I am your guardian." She said, in a happy voice. Sasuke looked away. "Don't act like that. You are lucky someone was there for you."

Suddenly, an inner desire woke within Sasuke and he wanted to break something. "I can manage fine on my own." His statement much resembled a child's. Only 12 years old, Sasuke could make the deduction that he could cook eggs on his own and do the things he needed to do on his own. He wasn't a child, he couldn't be. The eggs cooked quickly and the smell fanned out across the room. The delectable scent of a hearty breakfast was amazing. It was a stubble reminder of where home was at the moment. Home was the place where even if someone couldn't manage on their own they could always fall back to. Kaeda got a plate and slid them onto it. She sprinkled salt and pepper over top to spice up the flavor and got him a cup of orange juice. "Thanks." He grunted, but it was enough gratitude for Kaeda. She ruffled his hair a bit before going back into her room. She showered and got changed before going back to the kitchen.

The young girl came back out of her room after getting ready. Her hair in a low bun and was decorated by a bright, polished silver pin with a bright white daisy, which was placed in the side of the bun. Kaeda wore a white v-neck shirt and light brown skirt, underneath black shorts, and black boats that went until her knees. She stretched getting the blood pumping to her legs. She began walked towards the door and stopped half way. Her lips slightly parted in wonder and she leaned against the wall. Sasuke was standing a few feet away putting on his shoes. His raven hair was perfect as always, with such minimal effort. The navy shirt and the white pants brought some light color to his overall dark eyes and hair. Kaeda smiled at him. He was so young; she could barely recall what she looked like during that age. Youth can always be appreciated at moments like these, when there is a need for time to stand still and just capture the moment as it is.

Sensing her behind him, he turned his head. "What?" He asked, skyrocketing her out of her soft trail of thought.

Kaeda turned a soft pink, close to the shade on her natural lips. She stumbled over for words. "I-uh… um." She stopped herself and recollected herself. "I was just thinking about how much stronger you are going to get. A lot stronger." She said, quietly.

Sasuke turned red for a moment before pulling over his emotionless mask once more. "Uh, yeah, thanks." He muttered. "I'm going to go." Kaeda nodded in agreeing. "Later." He said and left the apartment, leaving her behind alone to her thoughts.

She stared at the door where he went out of. Kaeda allowed a soft laugh to escape her lips. "Silly, Uchihas." She said looking out towards the window. The early morning phased into noon as the day became brighter and the light cascaded down onto the village of Konaha during the mid-day. Academy students had found themselves either loving or hating their teams. But the time of day allowed them to go home, grab a lunch and possibly bond with their team. Except, Sasuke isn't social, Sakura is only interested in Sasuke and Naruto is only interested in Sakura.

Bonding was out of the question.

Naturally, he went home and relaxed. His hair no longer in a perfect condition, it was to be expected, he was told he was in a group with an idiot. Some hairs were sticking out of place and if he wasn't so young, dark circles would have been more pronounced onto his face. The stress hormones pulsing through Sasuke's veins were incredible. He couldn't believe his rotten luck. Of all the people, he had to be with someone who was a complete idiot. Sasuke showed his annoyance by dragging his feet on the floor to the kitchen.

The empty apartment was silent and he was the only source of noise. He got to the white refrigerator and opened it up. He saw a small container with a piece of paper taped onto it. He bent it so he could read it and saw his name written in Kaeda's handwriting. He contemplated not eating it, but then he would have to do the cooking and get everything prepared and then clean it up. He wanted to eat and then go train quickly. Plus… from that morning, he was in higher spirits about his relationship with his guardian. He pulled the teal container out and placed it on the table.

Sasuke smirked a bit. Kaeda had pulled all the right moves today. She had called him strong and he would get stronger, gave him his space, and she had made him his favorite food for lunch. Sasuke admitted to there being a small bright side to the negative day. He took the container, grabbed a drink and opened the window, wanting some fresh air. The wind blew into the apartment renewing his energy a little. His hair back to normal and his skin seemed bright with his youth once more. He placed the container beside him and took one rice ball.

He took a bite; his favorite filling for the rice balls was used too. The smoked tuna tasted fresh and delicious. This was a real moment of peace. There was no pressure and no obligations and no one to restrain him from being as calm as he wanted to be. From Sasuke's usual uptight behavior he could take a moment to unwind which was so unlike him. He sighed and began to eat listening to the birds chirp. Sasuke allowed the blazing sun to bathe his pale skin. He watched the people go bye and yet admired how silent the village was. The crowded village was always quiet. It's because you don't listen. Ever since that night, you never listened, Sasuke.

Little did Sasuke know, Naruto, his little idiot friend, was behind him plotting and sneaking behind him. Sasuke set his food to the side. Naruto jumped in, tackling Sasuke down. The window of the room closed. They wrestled for a moment on the floor. "Jerk, its Naruto, isn't it?" Sasuke shouted startled by what was happening.

Naruto fought back with all his strength. "Darn! Just be quiet." The blonde boy hissed to the raven haired boy before they continued their fight.

Sasuke easily overcame Naruto and tied him up, unfortunately he did not notice it was a substitution before it was too late and the Naruto before him turned into a log. Sasuke's face completely turned into one of awe. How could he possibly make such a mistake? His eyes opened wide as he looked at the log before him and knew he had made a fatal mistake. He suddenly sensed chakra from Naruto coming from all different directions. "What?" He muttered, shocked.

"Gotcha!" Naruto and the clones shouted. Sasuke could only stare at the boy, who he once thought could not do a clone jutsu properly, make so many clones and attack him at once. Sasuke found himself laying on the ground tied up and his mouth covered. He began to struggle and to squirm. After a good five minutes he finally freed himself. Sasuke got up, he was not going to let his go unpunished for the idiot boy. He stormed out of his apartment tracing his chakra to the location of where Sakura was.

Unknown to Sasuke, Naruto had transformed into Sasuke and decided to flirt with Sakura. As she started talking, it sounded like buzzing for Sasuke. "Oh Sasuke, you're such a shy bad boy!" Her shrill voice was enough to tune her out without much thought or care for her words. "Are you prepared? I'm raring to go!" Sasuke could not have cared less for the pink haired girl's insane blabbering. He walked past her nonchalantly. Sakura turned so she was facing him the whole way but without moving from her place. "H-Hey, Sasuke!" She shouted.

He finally acknowledged her. "Where's Naruto?" He demanded, not caring for her.

Sakura looked like she was faking happiness. "Oh, there you go changing the subject again…" She said with a strained cheerful voice. "Just leave Naruto alone! All he does is pick fights with you! It's because he wasn't raised right! You know! He doesn't have any parents, right?" That caught the attention of Sasuke, but from here on in it would just put Sakura on the lowest level for Sasuke. She would become the scum beneath his shoe. Sakura, who desperately and hopelessly tries to impress him made all the wrong moves. "He always selfishly does whatever he wants! My parents would get mad at me if I did something like that!" His gaze turned into a harsh glare which went unnoticed by the hyperactive girl. "There are no parents to nag you if it's just you alone! So his selfishness comes out at various times!"

Sasuke turned his gaze away from her, too angered to even look at her. "The loneliness," he began taking her attention, "It's something worse than getting scolded by parents and…"

Sakura interrupted him noticing she had stepped on a wound. "W-What's gotten into you…?" She asked, softly and weakly, scared to death.

Sasuke turned around and looked right into her eyes. With no hint of remorse, he bluntly stated, "You annoy me." He began to walk away again, tracking Naruto, leaving a shocked Sakura behind him. He continued walking not caring about a girl like her. Even if she was on his team now, people like her were the most horrible people in his opinion, the people who did not care about other's emotions. These people are the people that treat others with the most cruelty and the least mercy. He had no idea how he would tolerate her on missions and other things. He sighed and pushed it to the back of his head.

After a while, Sasuke found himself wondering to a large apartment building. He walked down an open hallway and saw Naruto running towards him, out of the apartment building. He could not have felt better in that moment. Revenge was going to be sweet. Also the shocked look on Sasuke's face was priceless. The blonde halted and slid to a stop in front of Sasuke. "W-What are you doing here?" He shouted loudly, his body ready for some action, any kind of action. He was scared out of his wits as the student with the highest grades in his class stood before him.

Sasuke lifted his head a bit, a smug smirk on his face. "I used the Escape Jutsu, the very basic of techniques." He said. Naruto suddenly felt stupider than he knew he was. "What were you planning to do by transforming into me?" Sasuke's face had transformed from a confused face into an angry one.

Naruto gave his answer quickly, wasting no time. "I thought it'd be fun, so I gave it a try!" He took a jump back and made a few shadow clones. They all jumped into the air and went to come down onto Sasuke for an attack.

Sasuke took a step back, his hands still in his pockets. "The Shadow Clone Jutsu again?" He asked seeming a bit annoyed.

"I'll show you that I'm really amazing! I'll defeat you and make you accept me! Prepare yourself, Sasuke!" Naruto shouted getting ready to attack but the second his stomach rumbled painfully. All the clones stopped their attack. "Just like that, my stomach again…" Naruto said as him and the clones all curled over themselves and wrapped their arms around their stomachs in pain. "B-Bathroom!" They shouted in pain, only leaving behind a very confused Sasuke. They began fighting over which one would get to go to the bathroom first.

Sasuke simply turned around, "How stupid…" He muttered, in a whisper.

Over at the hokage's office, Kaeda placed a scroll on the Hokage's desk. The old man with a lightly wrinkled face and a pipe in his mouth let the smoke blow out. "Very good, Kaeda, good job." Kaeda bowed her head softly. She turned on her heal ready to dismiss herself before the hokage spoke again. "By the way, Kaeda, jounin were assigned to the gennin." Kaeda looked with bewilderment. "Sasuke's sensei will be Kakashi."

Suddenly all the color vanished from her face. "P-Pardon me for a moment." She said and stepped outside the office quickly, closing the door behind her. The hokage looked very confused towards the door, his pipe in hand. His white hair nearly stood when he heard the painful sound of something banging against the wall parallel to the door. Kaeda stepped back in a moment later, a large red mark on her forehead. "That is splendid, sir. I am glad Sasuke will have the opportunity to be taught by such a revered shinobi." She said, forcing the words out.

The old man chuckled softly. "Watch over Sasuke."

Kaeda was grinding her teeth against each other at that point. "Yes sir…"

Author Note:

This is a remake of one of my old stories, very old story. Whenever there will be italic font, it is the same person talking throughout. It isn't the thoughts of one person here and the other person there. Whenever there is italics it is will be the same person from here in chapter one to chapter 39723497 (jk) but you get the point. Enjoy. :)