So Avengers has pretty much become my latest obsession. It was bound to happen, what with how beautifully the film feeds my previous Iron Man obsession and adds a whole new level unique to itself in the form of the tantalizing relationship between Black Widow and Hawkeye just begging to be expanded upon. I fell so hard for this ship I got rug burns. :3

If you have seen my other posted works then you won't be surprised to find out this simply started out as a Clint/Natasha lemon. (well two actually, but who's counting) But I had so much fun writing the obligatory plot snippet preceding the lemon that I ran with it and came up with enough material to just maaaaybe call this a real story, not just a steamy oneshot! (not that there's anything wrong with steamy oneshots amirite? *perv laugh*) So once we get to that, I'll up the rating.

Soooo anyways... Please enjoy the first chapter of my BlackHawk story! (I see the term BlackEye being used a lot for them, but come ON people, BlackHawk is sooo much cooler.)

"We're not finished yet." Thor cautioned Captain Rogers. There was a heavy pause, broken by a weary yet still insistent voice.

"…Right. And then shawarma after." Tony groaned.

Clint smirked when he heard Stark's voice over the com, relief flickering briefly across his stormy blue eyes. Leave it to that showboating son of a bitch to throw a nuke halfway across the universe and live to be sarcastic about it. Barton rolled his shoulders in a vain attempt to relieve the tension in his muscles, wincing at the bite of glass shards in his skin. He made a mental note for the future to avoid jumping off skyscrapers and smashing through windows whenever possible. Clint immediately refocused when his target wheezed painfully from the crater in the floor he occupied. The S.H.I.E.L.D marksman approached the fallen warmonger and assessed what if any threat he still posed. After the way the Hulk had worked Loki over, Barton doubted he had much to worry about. Still, he was glad he'd managed to scavenge a few arrows on his way back to Stark tower.

"Agent Barton… Or do you prefer Hawkeye?" Loki tried to chuckle but it shattered into a cough. Clint nocked an arrow to his bow and lined up the tip with Loki's left eye socket. "Have you come to take your revenge before the others arrive? I doubt they would hold it against you." Loki sneered. Despite how spectacularly he had failed in his endeavor the demi-god's voice still dripped with condescension. He seemed to be goading Barton to kill him.

"A quick death is too good for you." Clint replied in an icy tone. Horrific images blossomed in his mind: the Helicarrier erupting into flames, Nick Fury dropping from his bullet, his own hand forcing a blade towards Natasha's throat. It made him want to scream with rage and take the shot, but he wouldn't allow Loki one more shred of control over his actions. "If I have to live with what you did every day for the rest of my life, then so should you." He finished just as the other members of the team arrived at the decimated Stark tower.

Loki managed to haul himself into an upright position, meeting the hard gaze of each the Avengers in turn. "If it's all the same to you-" he rasped, "I'll take that drink now."

Stark filled a line of shot glasses with dark amber liquid, carrying his glass and one for Loki to where the demi-god still sat on the floor. "You realize I'll be sending you an invoice for all this." Tony waved his arm around the devastated room before handing Loki his drink. The frost-giant's son had the prudence to simply accept his drink with a stiff nod. Bruce, now far less green, exchanged a sidelong glance with Steve. Captain America just shrugged, he was beginning to think no time or place existed in which Tony Stark was not a smartass.

"The battle is won. I was honored to fight alongside each of you. You are all admirable warriors." Thor raised his glass in a toast; the vessel looked comically tiny in his huge hand. Each Avenger tipped their cups in turn, while Loki simply downed his shot and stared at the floor.

Natasha scrutinized each member of the team; they had weathered their first battle fairly well all things considered. She had to hand it to Fury; she had never believed the Avenger Initiative would bear any worthwhile fruit. When her gaze rested on Hawkeye her stomach tightened with anxiety. He could hide it from the others, but she knew Clint well enough to interpret the tense set of his jaw, the distance in his slate blue eyes. Now that the battle was over and there was breathing room to think about more than the next target, she was certain Barton was ripping himself apart over what he had done under Loki's control. She wondered if Clint would ever accept that all the blood spilled the past few days was not on his hands, but Loki's alone. After all, the pair of S.H.I.E.L.D. assassins could ill afford any more red on their ledgers.

"Well, I don't know about the rest of you, but I just single-handedly saved a city from becoming a smoking crater and I'm starving. It's shawarma time." Tony set down his glass and dusted off his pants.

"I could eat. But what do we do about him?" Natasha tossed her head at Loki. At her words Loki struggled to his feet, and Clint had his bow retrained on the criminal in less than a heartbeat. Thor approached his adopted brother, hammer in hand but not poised to strike just yet. The tension in the air was thicker than the Hulk's green skin.

"Got it covered." The self-proclaimed genius-billionaire-playboy-philanthropist turned on his heel and pulled a small silver object from his pocket. Before any of them could react Tony shot out his hand and cupped it to Loki's ear. Tony grinned smugly when Loki dropped like a stone; Thor barely managed to catch the demi-god before he crumpled in a boneless pile on the floor.

"What did you do to him?" Thor demanded as he adjusted the lead weight of the man in his arms.

"Relax Mt. Olympus; I just used a high frequency transmitter on him. It's a design I improved upon that I got from… An old friend." Tony waved the device in the air. "He'll be completely paralyzed for a few hours, and aside from one hell of a hangover he'll come out of it good as new. No permanent harm done, it's just a little extra insurance while we go get our shawarma on." He pocketed the transmitter and gestured to Thor to follow him to the elevator that amazingly still functioned.

"Meet us downstairs guys. We've gotta tuck Junior in and read him a bedtime story. Oh and Banner, I'll grab a shirt you can borrow." Tony stepped into the elevator and Thor followed with his burden slung over his shoulder. Steve grinned crookedly at Bruce, who returned his smile sheepishly, folding his arms across his bare chest.

"Jarvis, if our overdressed friend happens to get up, make sure he doesn't try anything." Tony ordered as Thor deposited Loki in a heap inside a small, solid concrete chamber. The enclosure was rigged to fill with white hot flames, designed to test his armor tolerance against extreme heat. It was about as close to a detention cell as Stark tower had. He would have to work that into the renovations and sneak it past Pepper somehow.

"Of course, sir." The A.I. responded.

"And make sure he doesn't… Choke on his tongue or anything." He added with a sidelong look at the tall blonde Asgardian. Thor nodded and the pair headed down to rejoin the rest of the Avengers.