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Song: "Bless Myself" By Lucy Hale


Full Summary:

Clary and Jace apart; Clary is pregnant and all the parents made them separate forever or they would meet consequences. But the parents lied and told Clary that Jace didn't want the baby and forged a note from him saying so. Jace also got told that clary didn't want him to be the father of their child and soon got told that the baby died. Will they meet in again?


I read the note over and over again. Is it true? Did he really not want our baby…or me? I see a tear fall onto my arm; I didn't even notice that I was crying. I wipe my eyes and read the note one more time.

Dear Clary,

I'm truly sorry. I didn't want it to end this way, but I am just not in love with you anymore. I love someone else more than I ever loved you. You deserve to be loved by someone, like I am. I never wanted to get you pregnant; I just wanted to make love to you.

I was going to tell you that I didn't love you anymore but you looked so happy and I couldn't ruin it. Now you can go and get married and have many more children like me. I promise you won't see me again and I hope you won't see me again, so do me a favour and don't come back!

Good bye forever,


I packed all the photos of us and the things he gave me into my suitcase. He didn't deserve my tears! He used me for…URGH! I don't even want to think about it anymore! I got all my things in my car and drove. I drove and drove until I finally started running out of petrol. I pulled into the next petrol station and filled my car up. I stood there rubbing my baby bump softly. I was so dazed I didn't notice someone talking to me.

"Oh, sorry…I wasn't really paying any attention" I said softly. I looked up and saw a beautiful girl standing there looking at me in pity. She had blond long hair that went down to her waist, baby blue eyes and a softly freckled face. She smiled nicely at me, before turning abruptly and running into the ally between the station and the next shop. I frowned and looked down and saw that she dropped her bag. I picked it up carefully before following her. I can hear grunts and metal being collided together.

I continue to walk until I can see the girl and a raven demon fighting. I gasp but move out of sight before they saw me. I pulled out the knife Jace got me. I look around the corner and see the demon about to stab the girl. I jump out and knock the demon away before I plunge the dagger through its heart.

When the demon disappears I turn around and see the girl standing there with her mouth wide open. She comes forward and pulls me into a tight hug.

"Thank-you so much!" she said as she pulled away slowly. I smiled sadly at her. I wanted to give up all the shadow hunter stuff, but I guess I'm not going to be able to ignore it this time. "I'm Sam, as in Samantha hallow. What's your name?" she asked, with a small smile playing on her lips.

I looked down shaking my head in attempt for all this to be a dream. I don't want this world anymore. "I'm Clary, as in Clarissa Fray" I said mimicking her smugly. After a hand shake and another thank-you from her I turned and started walking away, but she grabbed my arm just as I was about to open my car door.

"Where do you live?" she asked, but quickly carried on, "I mean, what part of California are living in?" she asked. I chuckled without humour, at how I did not even know what country I was in. "I don't live here, I'm just…driving through" I said slowly trying to figure out what to say. She gave me a look that said, 'Bitch please!'

I let out a breath that I didn't even know I was holding in and unconsciously started rubbing my swollen belly. "I…I'm trying to find a place to stay at…I don't want to be part of this world anymore" I said softly thinking about the note again. A few tears slid down my face only to be wiped away by Sam. "Clary, why would you not want to be in this world? Is it because you're pregnant?"

I shook my head and wiped the rest of the tears away, which were running down my face. Once I was calmed down I looked up at her only to be met by soft, sad eyes."I don't want this world for my baby…my mother never told me about this world and now I understand why she didn't…but I didn't mean to get pregnant and now the baby won't have their daddy.." I said with sobs raking through my chest. I knew she was eager for information but wouldn't force me into telling her.

"He didn't want me or the baby!" I wailed, finally braking. I fell but was caught by Sam. We stood there with me in her arms crying all over what felt like hours, but were only 10 minutes, we pulled apart. I mumbled an apology and tried to clean all my tears from her shirt but she just stopped me and hugged me tightly again before placing me in my car.

I looked at her questionably with an eyebrow raised. "Clary…I am very, very sorry about what happened to you. You can stay at the institute I stay at and then you can explain yourself" she said with a sad smile, before disappearing only to appear on a pink motorbike .She signalled me to follow and that is just what I did. I followed her for an hour before she stopped at a run-down motel. I then realised that this is the institute.

I concentrated until I could see a beautiful palace like place. It was even better than the Lightwoods institute. I got out of my car and walked towards Sam who was pacing back and forth next to her bike. She stopped only to look at me and smile softly before walking towards the front knocked on the door and stood back. The door opened and we were greeted by a beautiful guy, who was almost as beautiful as…Jace, with blonde hair and blue eyes.

He looked exactly like Sam. I smiled at him sweetly before frowning at the glare he sent me. "Zach, this is Clary, Clary this is Zach my twin brother" Sam said while directing a glare at Zach. I put my hand out and caught his hand in a shake. He smirked at me and squeezed my hand, hard! I realised that he was about to flip me but I pulled on his hand and flipped him. "Don't you dare try and flip me, I'm pregnant you Asshole!" I snarled.

I heard laughter from behind me and instantly turned around. Standing there were 5 people standing there. 4 of them were laughing while one of them was glaring at me. "I-I'm sorry I-he tried to flip me and well I'm pregnant..so yeah.." I said awkwardly. Sam came up to me still chuckling and hugged me. "I'm sorry about him. He just wants to prove he's the best of the best, but clearly he is not as good as you!" she said having another giggling fit.

I smiled and chuckled but stopped at once when I remembered who taught me how to be the best. Jace. Sam realised this and looked towards the rest of the people. "Everyone this is Clary Fray, Clary this is my mum Angela, Dad Phil, Zach's girl Jazzy and my man Cody" she said pointing out all the people.

Angela had bright blonde hair and green eyes while her dad had brown hair and blue eyes, Jazzy had coal black hair and green eyes and Cody had a sandy coloured hair and brown eyes. The one thing they all have in common was that they all were tanned and tall, while I was albino and short.

I shook all of their hands and said 'Hi, how are you?' Sam then explained how we met and they all gasped (apart from Jazzy and Zach) when they heard that I killed a demon, while being pregnant. I just shook my head and said that I was alright and that it was easy, even in my condition. Sam then asked if I could stay here until further notice and got an immediate response. Yes. I out on the biggest smile I could muster and hugged all of them. I stayed with them from that day onwards.

8 months later (birth)

Me, Sam and Jazzy were coming home from a big day of baby shopping. If you wondering if I really said 'Jazzy' well yes I did. We all have become best of friends and even more…family. We were listening to some music when one of my favourite songs came on, we all started singing:

"Bless Myself" By Lucy Hale

There's a little secret

I would like to tell you

There's a book of lies

I know they'll try to sell you

And they'll try, and they'll try

To convince you to buy you need 'em

So the next time you're down

Look inside not around.

I can bless myself

There's no need for someone's help

There's no one to blame

There's no one to save you but yourself

I can justify all the mistakes in my life

It's taught me to be, it's givin' me me

And I'll survive

'Cause I have blessed myself.

I have searched the world to find

There's nothing better

Than when me, myself and I

Can come together

And I know for a fact

There's a spirit I lack or defend

Yeah I've been through it all

Just to find in the end

I can bless myself

There's no need for someone's help

There's no one to blame

There's no one to save you but yourself

I can justify all the mistakes in my life

It's taught me to be, it's givin' me me

And I'll survive

'Cause I have blessed myself.

Do you ever wonder

How anything can make you cry

Have yourself discover

That the pain you feel

Is the pain that you deny in your life

So open up your eyes

You can bless yourself

There's no need for someone else

There's no one to blame

There's no one to save you but yourself

I can bless myself

There's no need for someone's help

There's no one to blame

There's no one to save you but yourself

I can justify all the mistakes in my life

It's taught me to be, it's givin' me me

And I'll survive

'Cause I have blessed myself.

I will survive

'Cause I have blessed myself.

Just as we finished singing the song I started to get sharp cramps in my stomach. I screamed out and immediately knew that I was giving birth. Sam and Jazzy realised what was going on and zoomed off to the hospital. We got there in 6 minutes but those 6 minutes felt like hours. The pain was getting worse and worse and I started crying.

The nurses got me on a bed in the right clothes and said that I was ready to push and told me that I started giving birth long before I even realised.I was sweating and pushing my hardest. The pain was worse than anything I have ever felt in my life, apart from demon venom. They told me to push one more time and so I did.

I pushed for up to 5 seconds until I heard my baby cry. I felt as if everything had stopped and I was the only one there. I vaguely heard the doctor say that it was a boy. I heard myself say 'thank-you lord!' and then I thought of a name for him. I really hoped he looked like his father. 'Jason'. That's all I needed to say to let everyone know the name. 'Jason Jr. Fray' I whispered as I kissed my little angels head as I heard a chorus of awwws and aahhhs.

Jason Jr. Fray was born, 26th of August 2012 the day everyone will remember for the rest of their lives.

6 years later 2018

(In this story Shadow hunters don't age, so Clary is still 17 (but meant to be 23) & and Jace is 18 (but meant to be 24) & Jason is 6)

"Jace!"(Jason Jr.) I screamed up stairs. "Come down stairs right now! You have to clean up your breakfast!" I screamed once again. Today was the 28th of August, two days after Jace's birthday party! Boy, it was a mess! There were 5 and 6 year old kids everywhere.

We still live with the Hallows and they LOVE us there just like we love them back.

I was cleaning up downstairs when I got a fire message:

Dear Clary and Jason Jr. Fray,

All shadow hunters must come to Idris immediately due to the registration that happens every 2 years and you have missed 4 so far. If you do not come, you will be fined.

Please notify the Hallows as soon as you can and come immediately!

I let out a big gush of breath before calling Sam and telling her about the letter. I went upstairs and called Jace down and told him that we have to go. As soon as we were ready, I drew a portal and we walked into it not thinking about what will happen in the next few days.

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