"I want to know who she is!" The surveillance photos jolted the crystal desk and everything on it as they smashed to its surface.

David whipped around from his giant screen, nearly dropping his ball. "Adam? Wha-"

The tall, dark man bared his teeth from the other side of the room. "Sarif, you better stop keeping secrets when it involves me!"

Sarif sighed. He made his way down the level steps, to his desk. He went straight to the pictures without a response. A hand clawed at his chin as he studied them. Adam's fury stalled, but it did not lessen nor loose its audacity.


The man still didn't answer.


With coolness the boss set the pictures down. "So, she's scouting the Lars Icro plantation as well as you, like I told you too. Is she a threat?"

"You tell me. She's sporting military-grade augmentations and she knew your company files. I caught her hacking one of the computers. She and I were not the only ones there. The company is having shipments orchestrated without a documented schedule. Whoever they were, they were prepared. So prepared, I wasn't expecting to be out gunned or overpowered.

"Adam, I don't know. How am I doing you an injustice?"

"I had a piece of her hair analyzed, after she decided to help me get the hell out of there."

"How well did that go?" Sarif caught the bag with his augmented hand when Adam chucked it at him with some anger aiding the momentum. He looked the bag over. "Blue and braided."

"Yeah, boss," Adam responded, sharply.

"Enlighten me on why it's blue."

Adam folded his arms and shifted his weight to his left foot. "I don't know. Some type of blinding blue spectrum. Think of it as…a deadly version of an LED light. My head is killing me. I'd appreciate an upgrade to my retinal enhancement, if I'm going to stop her. Otherwise, I won't be able to get close or follow her. I want to question her. I was not her target and I want to know what is."

"A Modern day Medusa. Heh, I never thought it would be so to do this. I'm rather impressed. All right Adam, find her, but don't maim her, all right? Go see Frank, he'll figure something out."

"I'll see Frank, all right. He's got some explaining to do as to why my retinal enhancement isn't working to its full potential." Adam whisked away and was gone.

Sarif paced, admiring the blue hair. He could see the synthetic fibers in each strand that held light. At will this…aug woman could light up her strands of hair and blind anything or any man. He was now concerned about who she worked for. He'd have to make sure Adam was prepped enough to deal with any surprises these people might have if he were to run into this "Medusa" again.

"I don't give a damn about why you can't get it to work, just send it to me and I can fix it. I've told you this HOW many times? No, he will not know! Dammit, just send it to me or I'll hack your computer and send Amilia all of those little-"

"Know what?"

Pritchard jumped up from his desk to make eye-contact with the tall, dark, and handsome man as he walked into his office. This man folded his arms and his black shades flashed with interest. Pritchard gave an annoyed sigh.

"Just…send it to me." He hung up the phone and fell back in his chair. "What, Jensen?" Came his spitting snarl.

"Take it easy." Adam dropped his arms and moved closer. "I need you to modify my retinal enhancement to block extreme spectrums of light."

Pritchard scoffed. "What? They do that all ready."

Adam's teeth flashed. "Dammit, I've got a splitting headache because my upgrades weren't advanced enough to keep it from happening. I ran into another aug soldier that can produce so much light it burns your eyes out of your damn skull! This is serious, Pritchard!"

The haughty man rolled his eyes. "Fine." He stood and pushed his chair back. "I'll adjust the settings. Don't punch me if it hurts your headache."

A few hours later, Adam was lying on his couch, in his office, face to the back cushions. Painkillers didn't seem to help whatever headache he had. The limb clinic had made sure there was no damage to the brain. It would just have to subside on its own, as well as the ache from his shades being modified.

He saw the woman once more. She was of African descent. Thick blue cornrows lined her head clear down to below her shoulders. Her eyes glowed as well as her braids. Adam squinted as the pain registered. She took out several men with gunfire and her face became a fire with what seemed to be glowing cracks in her skin. From her lips to her eyes, ears, then down her neck. Adam turned away. The pain was horrendous now. He crouched and made his way to take her out. Doing that would be very difficult.


He turned to see her glowing face and strands of snake-like braids levitating before him. The pain was terrible, but he couldn't squint or look away. The woman pulled a hood over her head and Megan's face and body suddenly appeared before him.

"Adam? Adam, wake up."

The man shot up in a flash, panting some. His visors ejected and clicked. The office was there now. It was…strange. He rubbed the bridge of his nose with a groan. A hand rubbed his backside in his strange trance of pain.

"Megan," Adam reassured himself in his raspy, low voice.

"I just wanted to check up on you. You seemed to be half awake. It's nothing; I just wanted to check on you, is all. Rest."

The man felt the kiss on his cheek and the hand left his back. "Megan, where is Sarif?"

The woman paused at the door way. "He's making some phone calls for a few things. He's in his office. I want you rest and so does he. We've told your team to leave you alone for the time being."

"I can't rest anymore. I keep…seeing her. Son of bitch." Adam shifted and turned around. His feet met the floor. He held his head with one hand while he looked over his augmented hand that was free. "I wonder if she had a choice."

Megan held her hands before her and sighed in sorrow for Adam. No, he didn't have a choice in any of this. She had been to his apartment after Adam had finished his truth crusade. His bathroom mirror screamed with anger. She personally contacted the landlord and paid him a large sum to fix it. He was commissioned to modify the mirror where it could be closed off or shifted out. That way, if Adam wanted to see himself, he could decide for himself. "I'll bring you a drink."

"A beer would be nice. It might take the edge off of this damn fault going through my skull."

Megan smiled softly and left. When she returned, the man knocked back his cool can of beer and sighed.

"At least, something tastes and feels good."

Megan sat next to him. "It will be all right."

Sarif walked out to Athena's desk with papers in his augmented arm. "Athena, I need these shipped in. I can't seem to find the order I'm looking for."

The older woman nodded and took the stack of papers. Sarif took his leave, going back to his office.

After a good ten minutes, Megan confiscated the beverage from the nodding man. She lowered him down onto the couch and kissed lips. With a victorious smile she left his office with the beer in hand. She closed his door. His men were standing nearby, watching her. "Do not bother Adam. He'll be up later. When he gets up, he gets up."

"Damn. You got him to sleep?" A black security officer turned to her out of the small circle his squad had formed.

Megan's fingers drummed with can with a guilty rhythm. She looked away with a shamed smile. "Yes. I'm going to get rid of the evidence. Hopefully, he won't find out. If he does, he'll forgive me. Don't say anything. I'll hurt you myself."

The black security officer chuckled. "Will do, Ms. Reed. Will do. Hurry up. He's fast with finding out the truth." Megan dipped her and went her own way.

The can was deposited in the rolling barrel as he headed outside to dump it. "Lilly! Do you know anything about what Adam has told to Sarif?" Megan jogged over to the oriental woman who was stepping onto the elevator. The doors slid closed.

The hooded female figure paced about the beautiful interior of the mansion. Her hood was deep and secured around her neck in a scarf-like circular wrap of cloth. Heavy, brown, argyle-patterned fabric. Her sweater went clear down to her finger tips as they fondled the arching back of a calico cat. The sweater was a thick turtleneck. Every once in a while a little bit of blue would appear through the fabric from her bosom, then it would be gone. It was dark. Dark outside, dark inside, dark intentions, dark ambitions. The usually light interior was darkened. The dark colored furniture had felt colder tonight than it ever had when she had tried to sleep on it.

"You're not by the fireplace?"

The female figure whipped around and fluorescent blue eyes came to life under the shadow of the deep hood in agitation. "You are upsetting me! Why are you messing with my implants? Have I not done a job right? Are you punishing me?" She fondled her own hands, staring at the silhouette that was in the door way to the kitchen area.

"No. I have not tampered with your implants, my love. I'm insulted you'd ask such a thing of me." The male silhouette strafed across the room to the fireplace. It sat back on the sofa. A glass of wine was planted on the spacious coffee table before the warm fireplace. "I know you're cold. Please, come join me. I want to know what you found."

The glowing blue eyes shifted away, casting a powerful light on the inside of the deep hood. "I didn't find anything. I'm not the only one there. Others are looking for things. I don't think it's what you have me looking for. I am cold. I have been getting worse over the past few days. You must listen to me. I need to be looked at. Why aren't you paying for me to be upgraded? I'm-I'm your employee!" The female figure took cautious steps towards the couch. The trill of the cat drew her attention behind her. The animal grunted as it hit the floor and padded over to her, tail in the air. "Pretty!" The woman stooped to pick up the cat.

In the blink of an eye, the cat hissed and was kicked away. The woman was seized and restrained. She snarled with such animosity, the man stood up from the couch and circled about to make sure his men had restrained her.

"Dammit! Get her down on the damn table!"

The woman elbowed groins, clawed eyes with her razor sharp fingernails, and bared her pointed canines. They were far more pronounced than any human's would ever be. She fell too her knees. Blue eyes cut the unidentified figure to the quick. "Let me go! "She bellowed. A hand was placed on her head. She shrugged, nodded, and jerked to work her hood off.

"Cori, I'm sorry you question me. Because of that, I need to take the extra precautions to make sure you will not turn on me. You're all I have and I am all you have. Pretty is also all you have. You wouldn't want anything to happen to her. She seems to be your cat now, anyways." The man inserted his hands in his pockets.

Cori reared with a yell. Bright white strands of braided hair bristled into the air out from under the hood, growing with intensity. Screams shook the inside of the mansion and Cori grounded anyone that was still in the process of protecting their eyes. She pointed at the man before her with a glowing blue-white finger. "You've been doing this since the beginning. Using me until I die! Like some machine!"

The man was unfazed by the intense light. He chuckled. "You ARE a machine! I made you!"

"No! I am not a damned machine you use and dispose of! I'm a human being!"

"Oh, Cori. You've been living a lie. I don't know…how…you decided that this was the truth, but…you've been deceived, my love." His gate to the woman was cool and indifferent to her fury. "You know your light doesn't work on me. I gave birth to you. You can't kill or harm your own…father…can you?" he spread his arms at the medusa before him.

"Stay away from me!" She circled. A nearby by pillar was scaled. She kicked off of it and somersaulted to the front doors. She landed on her hands and feet in a crouch. Her hair dropped around her shoulders and the glow in the house lessened. The man's cackle drew her lips back into a snarl, once more baring the now glowing canines.

"Run, if you must. You'll have to come back at some point. I'll wait for you. If you don't, I'll send you a babysitter to bring you home."

"Stay…away..from me….you're not my "father". I don't belong to anybody! Not even YOU!" A repulse wave ruptured the windows and doors nearby. The woman escaped through the splintered front doors.

The male figure collected his anger with a sigh. "Send the damn dogs after her. I want to see what they're capable of."

"She got loose?"

"Yes, you moron! Just do what I told you!" He lowered his hand from his left ear and assessed the damage to his beautiful home. It wasn't the first time she had done damage. He was getting tired of it, but no matter. She kept coming back to him.

The ringing entered his perception. He grunted in displeasure to it and clung to the nothingness he existed in. It continued. A black hand reached for his gun to silence it. He couldn't find it in the nothingness. He was up in an instant, nearly falling over his pile of papers to get to the phone, upset that he wasn't even awake yet. "Jensen…what? Where's the security for the damn place? Boss, I know…I know! Fine…yeah, I'm awake, now!" He slammed the black phone down and braced himself against the desk with both of his augmented hands, waiting out his dizziness. "Son of a bitch." Adam rubbed the bridge of his nose. "Why am I so damn tired?" His green eyes found the clock on the phone. His jacket rustled as he swung it around him and shoved his arms through the sleeves. He headed to his door. Before he could open it, it pulled itself out into the hallway to reveal Pritchard.

"I have some unidentified individuals at the factory Sarif sent you too. That's all I can say. Be careful,

"Aren't I always?" Adam moved past the whiney man, making his way to the entrance of Sarif Industries. Despite their differences in the past, he had come to rely on Pritchard more and more. As much as they despised one another, one who wanted nothing to do with the other, and the other who could sense this, they needed each other. Praise had been exchanged between both parties, settling harsh feelings or insecurities. It was either that or Sarif would have both their hides for costing him time, money, and physically able individuals. He had them both on his team for a reason. Adam didn't have time to argue with the man anyways.

The cold air hit his face. Tired was evicted from his body. He still didn't know how on earth he was still sleepy. Well, he needed to focus now. The pain was gone, at least. He stopped by his apartment to suit up.

He buckled the last leg belt around his left thigh and stood upright. He glanced at his jacket on his couch. Soon his eyes made their way around the entire premises. He needed to get his place cleaned up. Megan would have a fit. The woman wasn't the best organizer either, due to her busy schedule, but she was, by far, neater than he was. A growl scraped the man's chest and Adam headed to his door.

"Is she there, Pritchard?"

Adam pressed the button on the elevator after he had walked for a ways.

"Yes. There is an outrageous heat source moving about the factory layout. She's on the third floor. Be careful. She's disabled all the turrets and cameras with her presence alone."

"Great." Adam stepped onto the elevator and flexed his fingers.

"Close the doors! Close them, now!"

The sliding door groaned to a stop as the white light pierced through its opening.

"Ahhh! What in the hell! I can't-I can't see! It's like fire!" The uniformed soldier stumbled away from his peers until he fell on his hands and knees, holding his helmet.

"Dammit, you dumbass, you're not supposed to look. She was here last night! Get in the van!"

The blind soldier was left to fend for himself. The white van revved to life, flashing its reverse lights. The door burst apart. A wave of energy dispersed with a wide circumference. The van died and light swallowed the van, blinding any soldiers in it.

"You all work for him!" The female bellowed. "I'll make sure you don't ever make it back!"

Suddenly the light was gone, accompanied by the rapid pitter-patter of booted feet. The trill of a triggered device accelerated. Adam recoiled in the stock yard of the factory. The ground shook. The yellow light of the fire pushed its way into the air with an angry BOOM. Debri fell here and there. Adam shielded his face, at first, before he realized, he had nothing to worry about.

"Damn!" He hurried into the building. Billowing with smoke, the journey wasn't an easy trip. After zigzagging his way through hallways and storage rooms he came to the docking bay. He took a moment to stop right before the door and study the frame of the van. Fingers of flame curled out from under it, kneading the cab, where the merchandise used to be and any occupants with it. "Shit. She's close."

A tyrannous roar caused the hair on Adam's neck to stand up. He revolved, scanning the smoke-filled hallways with his retinal enhancers. Blood-gurgling screams raked his ears as items crashed, glass broke, and gunshots flew in a last attempt to stop the force. This…horrid force. Despicably fascinated, Adam stayed a bit longer.

"What… in the hell? Pritchard!" Adam moved back into the building. He strafed to his left, away from the smoke to the lower levels of the building. "There better be a sewer tunnel in this damned place. Pritchard!"


"There is no time to relax!" Adam's feet hurriedly swallowed the stairs. Saliva-filled snarling came from back up the steps. Groaning metal, and loud crashing, it was getting closer. "Read the heat signatures in this building again. From the sound of it, dogs from hell are neutralizing anyone left in the building."

"You-you're right. They're four-legged animals. Hell is right. Adam, they are not your normal dog. My God! They've breached the 5 inch bullet proof glass and the panic doors. Hellishly unforgiving to a forceful hit head-on. Whatever they are, they've been augmented like you. There's no other way they could cause such destruction."

The dark-haired man slid to a stop at a green door. He pulled at it a few times before he struck it with a fist. A spacious dent was left. "Damn! Pritchard, is there another way out?"

"Give me a second to scan."

Adam extracted his revolver. It was restocked. He flicked the magazine closed and backed away from the door in the opposite direction he had come, the gun braced in the palm of his hand.


"I've got some more st-"

The room whirled about. A pained blunt force brought the tall man back to reality. He sat up, coughing and wincing. He stared at her, even through the smoke, and through the hole in the wall she had made by his body. Her corn rows of many braids settled onto her shoulders. The glowing white eyes that lit up her dark-skinned skull became docile. Blue teased the edges of her irises only, now. She took a breath and she stepped through the hole in the wall. Adam picked himself up, slowly, of course, as not to cause any trouble.

"They're coming."

Adam merely stared at her, panting a bit. Her seamless black body suit, complete with a deep cowl she wasn't currently wearing was a glow in places. She needed to throw his arse through a wall to tell him this? "What? The beasts?"

"Adam, are you there? This is Pritchard, are you there? What was that?"

The black woman lifted her chin. "You don't know, boy. Dogs. Dogs from the most damned pits of hell."

"Yeah, I surmised that all ready. Why in the hell are they here? Actually," Adam stepped towards her, raising his left hand to point at her.

The dormant braids bristled. They lifted from her shoulders and the whites of her eyes became slightly brighter. Adam caught himself and stepped back. "Why are you here? Who do you work for?"

The African woman composed her offense and her being settled and dimmed slightly. "The only way to bring them down is to work together. There are three of them. We have no other choice."

"If this all works out, you're coming with me. If not, it's not going to end well after all."

"If that's what you'd like to think, handsome."

The hallway belched with a rank roar. The clicking claws of the beast made Adam's fingers itch for his revolver, which he had somehow lost, no thanks to this woman. The shadow of the animal strafed across the walls. There was snorting and sniffing.

"We need to move!" The woman hissed.

Adam bared his teeth in aggravation. Maybe so, but where?

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