"The dogs, they-they're l-like him!" Adam attempted to get up. "We can't st-stay here."

The man's being was gently shoved back down.

"What are you doing?" he whimpered.

"Adam, you need help. This is not a normal wound you have. It's critical. You're sweating, you're breathing is irregular."

"I'll rest when that bastard is dead!"

"If that's what will make you stay down. I'll do the chore myself. Kubwa!" Cori stroked back the man's hair, searching for the beast. "Kubbers?" She stood with a horrid cry. "Kubwa!"

The mutt rested on his side, behind the bodies of his brothers. He grunted, weakly when the woman embraced his hulking neck, at least, what she could of it. Through the shaggy fur and the thick muscle, the dog squished like any other dog to some extent.

"Baby, what's wrong with you? Your pulse isn't right, either." The woman moved to the mutt's snout and pried his eyes open with her hands.

Kubwa growled, reaching up with a hand paw to knock the woman away. She deflected the great hand paw and it sluggishly struck the asphalt.

"That son of a bitch! He's killing both of them! I should have planned for this! Dammit! I wish this wasn't a side effect of the stupid bond," the woman spat. She stormed over to Adam to make sure he was still alive. The man was strong. Very strong-willed like the dog. "Handsome, retract your visors."

The tall man did not respond.


A harsh slap jolted the man back into consciousness.


The black shades flicked back into the man's temples and Cori studied his lulling green, augmented eyes. In sorrow, she wondered what color they used to be.

"Rest. I'm going to end this once and for all."

"Don't get yourself killed."

"Don't plan on it." Cori stood. She jogged over to the defeated dog.

The small surface of human hands touched the fuzzy animal. The familiar touch comforted him and the beast whined to himself. He didn't know what was wrong, exactly, but it was not a good thing.

"I'm sorry, fuzz-butt," the morose voice told him. "This is going to hurt. I don't know how much, though."

The small hands clenched the dog's flesh. Blue faults became a fire under the white fur of the dog. Cori dropped to her knees from her strain. She ignored the yowl from the beast. Adam's limp body responded with a jerk. He gasped in agony, himself, from some strange energy rush that consumed him.

Once the flow of energy spread to its appropriate source, the woman fell back and rested. Glowing blue eyes observed the night sky and her chest rose and fell somewhat rapidly. Would she die right here? Would Rayne be finished and handsome rescued to safety? She wondered if the amount of energy she had poured into the beast was enough. She was rather puzzled it had drained her this much. Why? Oh…now it made sense. Her eyes drifted closed.

She didn't know how long it had been before a very soft, wet, and warm surface was running over her face, pulling her out of her weak state. She was nudged, quite forcefully as well with something very large.


He confirmed his presence with a groan from his gut. "Get up. The man is dying," the grungy voice declared.

"I know," she weakly said. "He'll be fine, now, though. For a little bit." Her eyes opened to be squeezed shut again when the pink tongue flicked from the dog's mouth again, that hovered over her. "Stop it! I can't-I can't get up if you slobber me to death!"

The dog suppressed his attack and the woman was pulled to her feet by a great hand-paw. Her middle was nuzzled with a pink nose. Her glowing hands placed themselves on the nose. Blue faults broke across the white snout from her blue hands. Here she stood, wedged in between the hand-paw and the nose, receiving energy from the being she had given it to. It was cut short when the dog pulled away with a growl.

"Go! Leave, now!" he snarled.

Cori did so, but not without using her new energy to drag the man to safety within the darkness of the garage tunnel he had originally came out of. "Handsome, please stay alive. You've made it this far."

"Are you still talking? Get the hell out of here and kill that bastard. I'd like to get the fuck home!"

She smiled in some reassurance. The man sounded more pissed off at this point, which was actually helping him to fight the effects of the gunshot, but she didn't know how long. Yes, she had to get the hell out of there and kill the bastard. For the dog's sake and Adam's she had to. Handsome was getting weaker all the time. That did not bode well for the dog and Kubwa needed to stay alive so he could keep fighting and help them finally escape.

The damned gun that had defeated the tall man was scooped from the asphalt and cocked. That bastard would suffer the same fate as the tall man, but worse. Her body swelled with blue light until her eye's radiated a refulgent white. Her braids flowed with white light and so did her energy veins that ran under her skin. That bastard was dead.

The foot and a half steel door violently warped in on itself. The woman, with gun in hand, stormed in. The wreckage of the air craft still swelled with fire.

"RAAAAYNEEE!" Her furious voice echoed throughout the facility. "ANSWER ME! I know you're not dead! You always were hard to fucking kill!"


The mutt cantered over to his close friend and yowled at him. "Yes, Adam?"

"Are they…are they dead?"


"Your damn brothers." Adam glanced at a hand that had placed itself in his wound. "Why am I still alive?"

"Our bond," the dog explained. A great pink tongue lapped the man's hand clean of his life force.

"God-Stop!" Adam cringed when the pink tongue found his wound and proceeded to lick it clean as well. "Dammit, Kubwa, stop!"

"My saliva has microbes that induce clotting in wounds, Adam. Please, let me help you. I don't know how long this will last."


"You and I are one. Cori gave me some of her life energy she possesses."

"I don't…understand. I'm in a lot of pain, it's hard to think. Speak right!"

The dog groaned to himself. Couldn't the tall man process what he was saying well enough? "It's hard to explain. When this is over, you will understand better, I hope. We are one, basically. I'm alive still and I'm well, for now."

"I'll assume I am too…I guess. Now, stop licking me. I don't do that shit."

Kubwa's maw was shoved away from the man and he stumbled away. Well, the man was channeling his temporary amount of energy pretty evenly. That was a good sign. The dog glanced over his hulking shoulder at the building. He hoped his woman-human could defeat Rayne. The man could not be killed, it seemed.

The woman froze. She watched the quad-bot and its rocket launchers rise out from behind two smashed crates. "Son of a bitch."

"Target acquired." The machine's turrets pulled in and tucked themselves down into tracts on either side of the bot's head mechanism.

"Shit!" Cori stumbled away, running for cover.

The factory whistled and lit a fire with the rocket projectile. The woman tossed herself under the landing platform just near the door area she had come through. The ground lit up with the falling weapons. Charred concrete was left behind. Damn. That was too close for comfort. Rayne' s doing, no doubt. He was definitely hurt, then. Hurt enough to need a distraction while he concocted something for her demise that would finish this in two blows or less. Whether it was physical or from a distance, he planned to make it count. She had to hurry and down him first before he figured something out.

"Megan," Adam sighed. Would he make it back alive? He didn't know. He felt bearable for now. He didn't want to die. He had thought she had died and left him with no one. No, he wouldn't do the same thing to her. He had to pull through. Like Cori had said, he had made it this far, yes. He was wondering if the bond with the dog was such a good idea, now. Damn dog…this was the dog's fault. Yes, it was his fault and hers too. He wasn't short of the blame himself. Him and his policing instinct. No, it was nobody's fault, but dammit, he wouldn't be here struggling to breathe if it weren't for that woman and her…pet. Her highly intelligent pet that had chosen to bond with HIM of all people. No one else. Why him, again? "Kubwa."

"Kubwa! I need some assistance!" Cori squealed in despair.

"Scanning area for potential threats!"

She could feel the ground reverberate with the steady tromp of the quadbot. It maneuvered painfully slow around obstacles. Cori studied its pattern and moved to the other side of the landing pad. Yes, this would work. She needed something to take it out.

"Fuck. I need an EMP!" After whining with herself in fear, she broke her safety cover and fled. She climbed debri to find long dead bodies of Rayne's soldiers. Maybe, she'd find some useful supplies on them. Handsome had some grenades on him, but she was so caught up on just Rayne, she forgot to think ahead for what he might throw at her. That and, Adam might have needed them for his own use. She…didn't usually do this. Was she scared for once? Hell yeah. Handsome was too. Kubwa was for sure. After all, he was a dog. Rayne was scared as well. Funny, how they all were sharing the same heightened state of mind right now.

Cori tossed aside a wooden crate and crawled in amongst a collapsed office area that had been in the open ground floor. The interior flashed white. The white faded and time slowed. She found herself staring at some papers on the floor. How had she gotten here? Her arms whipped about and she heard a familiar voice in her ear. The cold barrel of the gun rested against her left temple and she struggled against his arm that was contracted against her throat like concrete.

"Are you really this goddamn stupid, girl? Are you?!"

Cori winced and gasped for air. "Are you?! Did you really think you could tame him?!"


Cori smirked. A creepy crawly sensation made its way into the restrictor's arms and he cried out. Cori was released. A gun was brought to attention and aimed at her apprehender. The man shook his arms, trying to get rid of the crawling blue energy that snaked its way into his body itself.

"Is he yours?" Cori asked. "Hm? You always told me my augmentations had no effect on you. I've realized you've lied. You've lied your white ass all these years! It's a wonder nothing crashed on you sooner, asshole!"

Rayne chuckled to himself. His weapon drew up, fine tuning the woman in his sights.

"Go ahead, call the mutt. See if he listens to you. I mean, he's already been a giant-ass shit. Tossing you across the room seems well bound for a disciplinary action." Cori popped her neck and her fingers flexed around the trigger of the shatter pistol.