Three weeks passed of intense therapy for Kubwa. Extensive research, surprisingly, by Cori, revealed that the dog was hyped up on the same energies that Adam was injected with. In turn, his body was under stress, which enabled him to change his biology to accommodate the new genetic make-up until it was expelled from his system and lost its fire.

Cori stayed with the beast and so did Adam, in his isolation. Each day the dog shrank in size, weight, and muscle. His limbs changed their length and his body returned to its feral build.

Adam played with the dog in an open testing area of the lab. An enlarged Frisbee was chucked from the man's hands. It had to be bigger so the dog wouldn't ingest it. Kubwa took off with power behind his thrusting limbs. He seemed to grow wings and the Frisbee was snatched from the air. The dog's body curled six feet in the air. His massive feet made contact with the ground and carried him back to Adam. The man took the Frisbee, but not without difficulty. The dog put up a playful fight before he released the toy.

"Dammit, Kubwa, you cracked it! Megan, we need a new one!"

The woman groaned from across the lab. "I just had that one finished a few hours ago!"

Kubwa happily wagged his curled tail. He fell back on his haunches and panted. Cori watched a ways away, fondling one of her many braids. The discovery of how Kubwa's body was channeling her life force was puzzling. Did Rayne intend for Kubwa to channel such energies? He created her first and then the dogs were birthed. The dog's life-force contained the same properties and proteins that her own fuel consisted of. Did the man realize that they would be more than compatible this way? Had he any clue that he screwed himself over?

Taming the puppy when he was a baby definitely escalated the levels of the properties Rayne was injecting into his system. If he pulled the dogs from the same mix of juices he injected into her, then his original intention was for her to command the dogs. However, because of her retaliation, he had to come up with a new plan. He then made the super soldiers. Not as strong as she. He had no more of the formula left. The man was highly irritable about anything happening to the dogs, but he wanted her back the most, even more than the animals. So much so, he neglected the super soldiers and the dogs, despite their loyalties to him, to ensure she came back to him. If she died, he could harvest the life force he stuck in her. The design required intensive upkeep. More injections and shots than the average augmented person. The energy was high-strung and demanding. She was used to it at this point and so was the mutt. Mixed with his own breeding and augmentations, it turned him into the monster that Rayne had intended it too.

Why couldn't the man get the dog to change on his own? He needed her to do it. She was delighted she had fouled up his plans. The man was insane, torturing the poor animals for his own cause and all for what? Unfortunately, his vision was still very alive. She and handsome may not ever track down and stop every last biological beast or experiment that was being developed overseas.

Cori had a feeling that would be their next focus, but after they made sure to survey the rest of the United States for any factories and labs that had Rayne's blueprints.

The ebony woman grunted and pawed at the dog when he leaped on her. "Get down! What do you want? Huh?! What do you want?!" She hugged the great beast.

"I broke the Frisbee again." Kubwa wallowed about against his woman-human.

She frowned. "Yeah ,that's not all you broke. Quit leaning on me, you know you're too big for that. Go lean on handsome."

Kubwa's being crumbled into the woman. She and the dog fell together in the floor.

"Kubwa!" Cori huffed on her rump, now. She fell back, arms akimbo and sighed.

"You think we can stop everything he's done?" The dog stood and towered over the woman. He stared down at her.

"I don't know. Now, that he's out of the picture, someone else will take his place. I think the police chief has all the documents and computer data they found at Rayne's mansion. They also have his henchmen. Sarif told Adam they had located the facility you and he were at. Your brother's bodies were still there."

Kubwa snorted. He wagged his tail quite generously. "That's good news. They won't be suffering anymore. What about the supers? I know they weren't there at the plant with them."

The woman sat up. "I don't know. With how Rayne programmed them, they won't be doing too well on their own without the dogs, now. We need to stay alert."

"Cori, we need to go, Sarif wants to talk to us about something." The tall and handsome man appeared behind the dog.

"He better have a good idea about what's going to happen, now." Cori pulled herself to her feet and followed Adam.

Kubwa followed behind them. He did hope he could stay with the man and Cori too, but what they could do, he didn't really know.

"Boss, we're here. Why do you want to see all three of us?" The man stopped at Sarif's crystal desk.

Sarif was finishing up his project on his halo-screen. He minimized it for the moment. "I wanted to surprise you with some good news."

Kubwa's jaws closed when his head tilted. He glanced up at Cori and his jaw fell open. His tongue lolled about and he remained silent. Sarif faced the trio.

"Because of your cooperation, Cori, and your success in the field, by what Adam has told me, I have decided to make you a member of Sarif Industries security team."

Kubwa hopped up, whining, ecstatically. Cori was slower to react. After thinking about it a wide smile formed on her lips. She remained silent, however. Sarif continued.

"I can use your abilities in the field. This will also save you from being imprisoned for a long time. I know you didn't have a choice in what happened to you, Adam didn't either. I believe in second chances. I've talked this over with the police chief as well."

"The hell you did! He agreed to this? I thought he despised you?" Adam's arms drew up to fold over one another.

Sarif shrugged. "I told him he could fuck off."

Cori grinned to herself at Sarif's comment.

"This is my decision, my company, my security detail. I didn't disclose the information about Kubwa's biological dilemma. He only believes that the two corpses he found at the plant you two were at are the monsters he was looking for. We will keep that to ourselves for important reasons." Sarif went to his desk. "Now," he said, sitting down in his chair, "that we are all caught up and one big happy family, I'm going to assign you three on your first assignment. Since Kubwa and Cori, are now under the protection and service of Sarif Industries, any establishment that possess Rayne' Martial's project blueprints and data are plagiarizing our projects. Go out there, find them, and bring them to justice. I can't have my hard earned employees and my life's work in danger."

Cori cackled. "C'mon, handsome, let's go kick some ass!" She clapped her hands and spun on her heels.

The mutt chased her out of the room in a playful bound.

Adam shook his head. "She didn't seem to care you just stated that she was your property. I think that's one thing she didn't want to end up to anyone."

"I think she knows what I mean. She's not really property, but we falsified the data and lab works. To the naked eye and any intensive investigation, we have developed her and the dog as well as projects. They belong to us and are under our protection. You are, as well. You better catch up with her, I have a feeling she might just leave you behind. Who knows where she'll be going once she gets downstairs."

Adam nodded. He departed, dashing into the elevator right as it was closing. He got comfortable against the wall. "Where do you think you're going? I call the shots. I have seniority."

Cori cocked a blue eyebrow. "Oh?! Handsome is going to throw his weight around? I have someone that weighs more than you."

"He's on all fours, I win and I'm taller than he is."

"Oh, no, handsome, he's technically taller than you," Cori teased.

"When he can walk like I can, then we'll talk. Do you have any good ideas where Rayne might have sent his most trusted information first?"

"I have some ideas. Just trust me on them. We can go by foot to these locations. Defenses are rigged pretty effectively. I don't want your pilot getting shot down. Have you heard of Lars Icro Northwest?"

"Yeah," Adam said and folded his arms. "I knew they had another plant out that way."

"That's where we need to go. I don't know what animals might be shipped in there, through the bay by ship, but we can try and neutralize any embryos or clones."

"One thing I'm worried about is someone having Rayne's original formulas, which you and the mutt are made out of."

"Oh, Handsome, I'm one of a kind, so is Kubwa. Rayne gave them lesser concoctions. He kept the good stuff for himself and himself alone. Promise me you'll look out for me and him, all right? If anyone finds out I'm pumping this stuff through my veins, there could be some deep shit going down. I could be kidnapped and tortured or harvested. I don't want that happening. I've heard stories about people on the streets."

"I know that to be true. Don't worry, I've got you."

The elevator stopped and the trio exited. Cori grabbed her stomach with a screwed up face.

"I'm hungry. I want tacos."

Adam smirked ever so slightly. "All right, but once you earn some deposit, you're going to buy your own. The dog eats like a damned monster." Adam turned away to the front doors.

Kubwa followed him looking upset. "I am a monster, but I don't eat that much, do I? Anyways, you feed me as much as I will eat. You know you could ration my food a bit more. Maybe I don't want to be a pig."

"Oh, don't even, butt-fuzz, you eat like a pig, even when you know better. You're a dog and you have dog mannerisms. All you care about is food," Cori scolded.

Kubwa hung his head with a scoff. "I do not!"


*Author's Note*

If you liked this particular story, I will be making a continued story after this with the same characters. After all, this story had the most follows and favorites, even over my Star Wars stories. Why, I don't even know, but that's enough to tell me that people like this story composition. Stay tuned! There will be another adventure! The gang will continue to track down all of the blueprints that Rayne sold.