Hey all! This is a challenge with in a challenge, challenge! (I know it's quite the mouthful!) So I hope it's funny and interesting since I'm not too good at writing Hotch and Dave but that is the point of the challenge! So without further ramblings! I hope you all enjoy!

"Dave I'm not too sure of this, I mean I can go to a studio to learn or I can forget this year's resolution and we can never speak of this again." Aaron said holding the guitar like it would kill him if he held it any closer than arms length

"Aaron, I've been playing for years, both bass and guitar so trust me I can teach you! And this way you don't have to pay some guy to teach you only to lose your money when you have to cancel last minute because of work" Dave said look at his friend like he was nuts. Dave as a boy figure the fastest way to gets girls was if he played an instrument and he figured the guitar would be the fastest to learn and it was! And by the time he was out of the marines it felt like he met half the girls on the eastern sea board!

"I guess this would be a good way to impress Emily" Hotch said with a distain gleam in his eye

Sitting and getting comfortable Dave started with the basics of how to hold the guitar and what a few of the simpler chords looked like and how to strum

"See not so hard now is it" a smirk appeared on Dave's face knowing that once Hotch started something short of losing all the fingers on his hand would he stop, getting up and walking to a book shelf he grabbed a book and brought it back to the other man

"here the songs in here are 4 chord songs and they are mostly songs that were popular at one time or another, practise with these and we'll get together next week to see how you're doing and if I need to show you more chords to take you further" taking the book and flipping through it Hotch looked back up to Dave

"Ok if there is no case to stop us lets meet again same time next week" getting up and placing the guitar back in its case and closing the locks he looked back at his friend

"I'm glad I did this, thank you for the help"