I Do Not Own Treasure Planet

This Takes Place a Few Years After the End of the Treasure Planet Movie.


Captain Edmund Jansen, RLS Adventure, looked forlornly up an the building in front of him.

He hated this part of his job, but felt it insulting for anyone other than a captain to do this duty, unless circumstances prevented it.

Walking up to the door of The Benbow Inn, the Captain knocked on the door. To his surprise, a feline he recognized opened the door.

His superior Admiral Amelia Doppler narrowed her eyes at him. "Captain Jansen, what are you doing here? You just left port a week ago," she asked.

The Captain took off his hat an d swallowed. "There were complications," he explained. "But that's not why I'm here. Is Mrs. Sarah Hawkins here?"

Amelia instantly straightened. She knew who had been assigned to his ship, she had followed his career since he was a cabin boy on her own ship, and had indeed recommended him to the academy. He knew she was close to him and his family, and that she realized why he was here.

"What happened?" she demanded softly, but with an iron in her voice that told him she wasn't asking, but instead ordering him to tell her.

"Two days out, we hit a meteor storm," Jansen explained. "We were hit pretty good, in fact it damaged the ship enough that we had to turn back. During the storm, one of the crew's, the cabin boy's, line was not secure and he was tossed overboard. Lt. Hawkins jumped over and caught the lad. He pulled them both to the ship, and got the boy back on board, but before he could climb back on board, the ship jerked violently, causing the Lieutenant to lose his grip on the railing, and toss his back out. Before he could pull himself back in, a meteor severed the line, and Lt. Hawkins was lost."

The Admiral placed on hand on the door jam to hold herself up, and Jansen could see the tears forming in her eyes that she refused to shed. "Sarah's in the kitchen, I'll take you to her, unless you would rather I broke the news?"

Jansen shook his head. "No ma'am, this is my duty as captain, my burden to bear this news."

Amelia nodded sadly. "I understand." Moving out of the way, the Admiral stood tall, refusing to show any weakness. She walked past her husband, who had been close enough to the door to hear the news, and had silent tears falling down his cheeks. Giving him a quick glance, the Admiral was glad that her children were all upstairs asleep already. They loved their Uncle Jim, and would be devastated, but at least they could have a night of dreams before the grim news was broken.

Leading Jensen through a door, into the kitchen where B.E.N. And Sarah were cleaning up after the nights business, Amelia softly called, "Sarah," drawing their attention.

"What is it Amelia?" the other woman asked.

Captain Jansen stepped forward. "Mrs. Hawkins, I'm Captain Edmund Jansen of the RLS Adventure. You may want to sit down."

Sarah's eyes widened as she sat down in a chair. "The Adventure, you mean Jim's ship?"

"Mrs. Hawkins, it is with great sorrow that I have come to inform you that your son, Lt. James P. Hawkins, was lost in space..."


That night, Sarah Hawkins cried herself to sleep, as Delbert and Amelia Doppler tired to comfort the grieving mother.


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