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Chapter 15 – We All Fall Down

Dr. Cullen was called in and checked out Sedona, other than being a little tired and physically drained she was actually doing pretty well for someone who just woke up from a three day coma. Once everyone cleared out of the room Paul sat on the hospital bed facing Sedona. He cupped her cheek in his warm hand and smiled as she leaned into his hand taking in his warmth.

Paul's thumb slowly brushed across her bottom lip. "I missed you so much."

Sedona shook her head negatively. "I didn't go anywhere Paul."

Paul nodded. "Yes you did. You left me complete for three days; almost four. I thought I lost you the first day you were in a coma. They weren't sure if you would ever wake up. So Dr. Cullen did a blood transfusion on you with Sammy's blood. I honestly think that's what saved you and brought you back to me."

"I don't care what it was; as long as it brought me back to you. I love you so much Paul. I just want us to be married soon. Please promise me we'll get married soon."

Paul couldn't utter the words she wanted to here he just nodded. "I love you too Sedona." Paul watched as she touched the side of her head with a physically wince and a audible whimper. "Sedi…Are you okay?"

"It just hurts. My head is killing me." Sedona could feel the pain radiating through every inch of her skull. "Hold me please."

Paul frowned as he nodded and watched as Sedona moved over in the bed and gave him room to sit next to her. He moved around and sat next to her and leaned back against the pillows as he carefully wrapped his arms around her as she rested her head on his chest. He cradled her head as his fingertips gently massaged her head softly. He kissed the top of her head as he reached back and turned the light off above the bed. "Try to get some rest. They should be in to give you a shot for the pain in a couple of hours." She nodded her head slowly against his chest and he listened to make sure her breathing evened out as her soft whimpers died down.

He would tell her. He would have to tell her soon. The Doc would be releasing her in a couple of days and she'd be pretty surprised when he pulled up to her parent's house and not theirs. Paul sighed heavily. He had to figure it out and fast.

Sedona's eyes squinted as she sat on the bed and Dr. Cullen shined the pin light in her muddy blues, trying to check her concussion.

Dr. Cullen nodded. "Well the severe concussion is downgraded to a mild, still be expecting the headaches, it's going to be at least a couple of weeks until you'll feel like your old self. You're wrist is healing nicely and you're knee is actually really good already. I guess giving you your brother's blood was a good idea. You are healing up nicely. I think it's safe to release you. You've been cooped up in this hospital room for long enough."

Sedona had been awake for a few days and because of the blood transfusion with Sammy's blood she was all healed with the exception of her concussion. Sedona was excited about being discharged. Everyone left except her mother who helped her get dressed slowly. She pulled a pair of jeans on and a t-shirt afterwards she pulled on a sweatshirt and her sneakers.

Sam and Emily wheeled her out of the hospital but took her over to Paul's truck. Paul was leaning against the side of his pick up. Paul pushed off his truck and opened the passenger side door as his beautiful smile greeted her. "Hey beautiful, how are you feeling?"

Sedona smiled as she took Paul's out stretched hand. "I'm feeling better. My head still hurts but I really want to go home and just sleep in our bed." She stood up and could feel her legs were a little shaky.

Paul's hands shot out as he gripped her hips when she swayed slightly. He frowned as he lifted her into his arms and placed her in the truck. "Let's get you home."

Paul got into the truck and watched as Sedona slowly slid across the seat and buckled the middle seat belt around her hips as she snuggled into his side and laid her head on his shoulder. Paul leaned down and kissed the top of her head as he headed to Sam and Emily's. He cleared his throat as he decided to start talking and tell her what he had dreaded to tell her.

Sedona was sitting in Paul's truck staring at him like he'd just grown two other heads. Her heart felt like it was breaking into a million pieces. He really wanted to call off the engagement. He still wanted to marry her but wanted to focus on finding the vampire that came after her. She could barely register anything else he said as they sat in front of her parent's house in his truck still.

She couldn't help but let the tears fall from her eyes.

Paul could hear her sniffle a couple of times; he reached over and took her hand in his. "Please; please tell me you understand. Please Sedona, I want to marry you still, but I have to protect you first. You're safety means more to me than anything. I need you with me for the rest of my life. I want babies with you; I want everything with you. But I need you to understand that I have to find the leech that did this to you, because whoever she is, she will never stop. She'll come back, but it will be harder for her to find you if you don't smell like me. Staying with your folks, after the first few days you'll start to smell like your own family and my scent won't be on you."

Sedona looked up at Paul as a rush of tears slid from her muddy blue eyes. "I just don't understand why you have to call off the engagement. You've waited for so long to finally be with me and now you're just going to stop everything. If you still want to marry me, why did you take the ring back?"

Sedona got out of the truck and Paul followed her. Paul stepped in front of Sedona as he took both of her hands in his. "I know it sounds ridiculous, but I think as long as I have the ring it keeps a deeper imprint connection to you. The ring is a part of our undying love and unconditional devotion to each other. While I'm gone hunting I want to be as connected to you as humanly and inhumanly possible. I realize I'll have my cell and make sure it's charged every night if you want or need to talk, but there's going to be nights when I won't pick up the phone to keep my focus. I have to cut myself off from you physically; it will piss me off enough to make me hunt harder and longer so I can get back to you faster." Paul watched as a pained looked crossed her face as she looked up at him. He felt a twinge of pain run from his heart to the rest of his body.

Sedona frowned deeply as she looked up at Paul. "Please promise me everything will be the same. Please; please promise me Paul." Her hands came up and cupped his warm cheeks as she locked her eyes with his. "Promise me you'll find her and kill her as soon as possible and come back to me in one piece. Promise me I haven't wasted all this time falling in love with you, just to have you disappear forever."

Paul shook his head negatively. "I'm not going to disappear forever it's only going to be a little while, just until we find her. There's a reason she choice you out of all the imprints that were in that house that day. I want to know why and then…" Paul could feel himself starting to shake slightly as he exhaled heavily trying to control himself. "And then I'm going to rip her to shreds and burn her until she's a pile of ashes."

Sedona could feel more tears as they leaked from her eyes, sliding down her cheeks. "I think you need to set a time frame. I don't want to sit at my parents place for months and months and just be missing you. I want to get married and get on with our lives. There's always going to some freaking psychotic vampire out there that comes on Quileute land it's only reason the pack continues to exist. I'm not going to put my life and future on hold because it will keep happening no matter what."

Paul shook his head as he raked his fingers through his hair. "Sedona you need to understand I'm not going to continue on with our future until this bitch is dead; completely dead. I don't care how long it takes me. I already told you; your safety comes first. Everything else will have to be on the back burner. If it was anyone else in the pack they would be having the same conversation with their imprint. We have to keep hunting until it's finished. I won't compromise anything in my life for that leech."

Paul stepped towards Sedona and watched as she backed away. Good she was doing what he wanted her too. It was hurtful and he knew she was going to be in a terrible amount of pain, but he had to cut ties with her. He wasn't really going to take his cell phone with him; he knew if he did and she called he wouldn't be able to not answer. He needed his full undivided concentration on catching the bloodsucker. Hopefully he could get it done and over with. It would be a miracle if they could do it within the first week, but he wasn't that confident about it. He knew she was hiding and they'd have to get her to come out of hiding in order to get her ass but good.

"I swear on my life Sedona this is the best way. I will come back and we will continue our lives. We're going to get married and have tons of babies. I just want you to realize we have to get rid of the vampire first. We don't need any more complications in our future."

A howl sounded from the trees and Paul turned and looked and then turned back to face Sedona. "I have to go." Paul frowned. "I don't want to, but I have to go…now."

Sedona nodded and suddenly she stepped forwards and wrapped her arms around Paul's neck. Paul let out a shaky breath as he wrapped his arms around her and held her tightly to his chest. "I love you so much Paul. Please hurry back…please."

Paul pulled back and brushed his lips against her forehead. "I love you too…I'll be back as soon as I can I swear on my life." Paul backed away and watched as Sedona walked up the porch steps and pushed open the front door.

Emily watched as her daughter walked through the door. "Are you okay honey?"

Sedona looked at her mother with saddened eyes. "I guess so."

Sam stood as he cleared his throat. "Sedona I'm sorry about everything."

Sedona spared her father a look. "It's okay dad; sometimes we all fall down." She jogged up stairs and slammed her bedroom door. She watched from the window as Paul was nearing the trees, he looked back and locked eyes with her. She placed her hand on the cold window pane. She would see him again.

Soon hopefully.

The End

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