Author's Notes:
This story is an expansion (with the original author's permission) of a crossover prompt on the Mass Effect kink meme, filled by shadowsoffense. The original was a ficlet that I obtained permission to expound upon, and this is the result. The first few chapters will be Star trek-centric, drawing from the series and the original Motion Picture, and will go from there.

I do not own any rights to Star Trek or Mass Effect.

Prologue - The Beginning

A lone figure hung in the dark emptiness of space, oblivious to the fact that there was no atmosphere, and that the temperature was near absolute zero, kelvin. It turned slowly, surveying it's surroundings, as if looking for something, or expecting some occurrence. If anyone could analyze the current state of the area, they would find little of interest, little to draw said figure's attention so – little light, save from the distant stars, almost no matter or debris (not even any real space dust) to speak of. The entire region was devoid of anything to recommend it, except for the lone figure slowly staring about. The nearest star with intelligent life was light-years away.

The being frowned heavily, knowing what was about to occur. What was shortly to take place would alter history forever, at least for this little timeline. As interesting as that change was likely to be, it saddened the figure, as that change would be violent, destructive, and almost unstoppable… almost. There was a slight chance to avert the totality of life's destruction, but it would take someone of extreme character, and that person did not exist, as far as it knew, at this point in time.

So, this is where it will happen, where it will all begin. All I can do right now is watch, and wait. Ach! I absolutely hate having to wait. I also despise having to sit back and watch on the sidelines, like some helpless spectator. Still, I am bound on this one. There's nothing that I can do; the others have made sure of that.

It was at that moment that the region of space that was so uninteresting only minutes before, so devoid of anything, erupted with a brilliant flash of light and energy, as a great rift in space opened up, spewing forth energies of such magnitude that the nearby solar systems were obliterated instantaneously. As the entity watched and contemplated the situation, tetrion particles built up to dangerous levels, aggravating the already bad situation, allowing that rift to expand into a full-blown chasm. The being turned to look, a pensive look on it's face, already upset over the loss of those systems. This wasn't right, it was not supposed to happen. Things like this were supposed to be nearly impossible, a drop of sand on the beach, but here it was, happening right in front of it. The figure knew that this was only the beginning. This had occurred many times over, recently. The entity had observed the same set of circumstances too many times already in recent memory, in what most beings would consider only a couple of decades. The affected multiverses were completely overwhelmed, unable to stop the lightning-fast spread of the interlopers. They were utterly lost, absorbed into the greater whole of their vastly superior abilities.

The being watched as, through the rift in space, first one, then dozens, then over a hundred, objects passed through. It listened as the vessels, as it knew they were, began to chatter back and forth, attempting to analyze their new situation. If anything, they were great at adapting to new situations. After several minutes of communications, they turned as one, speeding off towards the nearest inhabited planet.

A pained expression crossed the face of the figure, as it deemed it time to move off, deciding to head to it's favorite planet in the current galaxy, in a backwater little solar system, within a distant arm, only recently aware of the existence of other life in the universe, though it's inhabitants had speculated for some time. It needed a diversion from it's darkening mood, and this planet never ceased to provide that distraction.