This story takes place when Brittany an Artie we're together. And I haven't decided if Finn and Rachel will be together in the beginning or not. But it will be Pezberry. Anyway, let me know if it's worth continuing and thanks for reading!

Santana Lopez never denied that she was a bitch. She was real with people and unfortunately for them, the truth sucked. Why should she have to filter herself to make others happy? Still though, she liked to believe that she had some redeemable qualities. Like the fact that she was a candy-stripper for the local hospital. Ok, yeah, she had used this to give the queen bee and Finnept mono, which was admittedly kind of shitty. But they kind of deserved it. Quinn was cheating on Sam, and Finn was just kind of an asshole.

Anyway, she actually kind of dug the whole candy-striper thing. Giving back and all that shit; it was good for the soul. She had just gotten so tired of feeling sorry for herself over the whole Brittany thing. The blonde had chosen Artie and there wasn't anything she could do about it. You can't make someone love you like you love them and it's really not fair to hate them for it. So until she could get over that pain, she was dependent on distractions. She used Cheerios, glee, the hospital, school, running, and anything else that kept her mind occupied to help her. She couldn't really look for a rebound person to date. Lima wasn't chock full of lesbians to choose from. And even if it were, she wasn't really ready for all that anyway.

So for now she would just continue what she was doing and hopefully she would eventually forget the things that she needed distracted from. "Yo, Mr. Johnson, you ready for the brightest part of your day?" Santana was walking into the hospital room of an elderly man, who was hooked up to oxygen tank that he could roll around behind him when he walked.

Mr. Johnson wheezed out a laugh. "You're favorite maybe. My favorite parts of the day are breakfast and when Jeopardy comes on."

Santana mimed stabbing a knife into her heart. "Ooh Mr. J, breaking my heart. And here I thought you liked spending time with me."

"It's not the worst part of my day."

"Such a sweetheart," the Latina deadpanned. "Well it's not the worst part of my day either. But that's because I stepped in dog shit earlier, so don't flatter yourself."

The older man wheezed out another laugh, before the two left for their afternoon walk through the grounds outside.

Santana's time at the hospital was spent mostly like this. She would spend time with older people, who never got visitors. And sometimes read or sing with the children who we're staying in the hospital. It wasn't life-saving work, but she liked to think it at least brightened someone's day.

"All right, I call the maracas this time." Santana snatched the instruments from a young boy. They we're sitting in a circle, with some of the other children who couldn't leave the hospital. A nurse was in the room, but left them to their devices.


"Snooze, you lose." Santana shook the maracas in front of him, but pulled back before he could grab them. "Sucka." The other kids laughed while the boy stuck his tongue out at Santana.

"All right, all right. Take your maracas, baby. I gotta get out of here anyway."


"Not yet."

"One more song!"

"Ha. One more song is how it always starts. You guys are little con artists. You know I'll be back on Wednesday."

Santana was walking through the children's wing, done with her striper duties for the day, when she heard an obnoxiously familiar voice. One Rachel Berry could be heard from a room requesting a specific brand of water because "she was feeling quite parched." Santana snorted. Typical. But then it dawned on her. What the hell was Rachel Berry doing in the hospital?