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Rating: G—NC-17, depending on chapter. Not going to specify each one.

Pairing: Andy/Miranda (MirAndy)

Summary: Paris. Fashion week. Miranda's life is falling to pieces around her. On top of everything else, Andrea turns out to be secretly involved in extracurricular activities that has nothing to do with Runway, and everything to do with Miranda.

A/N: No need to email me with copies of the original film manuscript as I know I've taken liberties with the 'Miranda in a grey robe opening up to Andy' scene. Some of the conversation is canon, but most of it is not, and it is a blend. A mix, if you will. Some might say, a royal mess.

On A Couch in Paris

A MirAndy fan fiction

By Gun Brooke

Part 5

Miranda could see that Andrea was ready to bolt. This would simply not do as watching the clips together was the whole point. If Andrea wasn't here, it would be like eavesdropping, or spying. With the young woman present, they shared the experience and she could see firsthand what emotions Andrea harbored now. Why this was important was still obscured a little, but Miranda rarely second-guessed herself.

"I really wish you wouldn't watch this. It…I'm sure you can tell by the stupid title that it's deeply personal. Beyond personal."

"It has my name on it. The clip. Am I to understand that it has nothing to do with me?" Miranda regarded Andrea cautiously.

"Of course it does. Of course. It's just. I looked at it once. In part. I was cringing so badly and wanted to hide so I turned it off." Andrea gestured emphatically. "Can't you see? If I felt like that then, it will be mortifying now to show you. And you'll be horrified too."

"I disagree. I don't think you could horrify me if you tried, Andrea." Miranda realized that the girl was working herself into a full-blown panic attack and slid closer. "Listen to me. We are going to watch the clip. I'm not going to be horrified, and you're not going to be embarrassed. Don't be ashamed of your thoughts or actions, Andrea." She sighed. "I wish you would trust me."

Andrea's head snapped up, her eyes shiny from unshed tears. "I do trust you. I mean, I want to."

"It's all right. Trust can't be commanded. I realize this." She shifted again, this time she ended up so close to Andrea, their legs touched. She reached out and tucked a tress of hair behind Andrea's ear. "Please. Let's sit together like this and watch the clip. Hit pause whenever you need to. All right?"

"Damn. All right." Andrea trembled. "I'm so dead."

"Silly girl." Miranda tapped the touchpad and on-screen Andrea came into view. She was in an armchair and judging from the angle, the camera was on some support slightly to the side.

"Days like today are the ones that make me question my sanity." Dressed in a white tank top and white boy briefs, Andrea leaned back in the chair and pulled her legs up, crossing them. "You want me to go to Paris with you. Not Emily who's ready to try even if she is in a cast and barely able to walk using her crutches. Perhaps you sense that I'd do just about anything to spend extra time with you, but I still feel…so gutted, that Emily's not going. She hates me more than ever, and despite the fact that she us one British pain in the ass, it bothers me that she does. I guess I have this urge to be well like by all. Nothing you would know anything about, right?" Andrea sighed. "No, that was mean. I'm sorry. In your private life you must have people who love you dearly. I mean, besides the girls. How can anyone be with you and not fall head over heels? I know I can't. I'm…I'm already there." Andrea covered her face with her hands and whimpered.

"Sometimes I want to hide, and the next moment I want to call it from the roof tops. How insane is that? Told you. I'm losing my mind." She laughed. "You'd have a field day firing me after this crazy revelation. I can picture you so well. Looking at me over your reading glasses, raising that trademark eyebrow, and, oh yes, pursing your lips. I'd be toast."

Miranda felt Andrea shift and tremble next to her. "Oh, God."

"Come here." Miranda put her arm around Andrea's shoulders, felt her go rigid, but pulled her close. "Shhh. Relax."

"As I'm so screwed no matter what, I might as well tell you. You're in my heart and my dreams all the time." Andreas voice sank to a whisper, but every word was crystal clear. "Whether I'm awake or asleep, there you are. I wake up in the night, and can you imagine how fucked up this is…I turn to find you and, of course, I'm alone. I can actually smell you on my clothes and in my bed, and that's got to be another sign of me going insane right? Hallucinating?" She snorted unhappily. "And then of course, I'm such a wimp. I mean, I can't resist you, and you're not even here. I give in to you, to myself, and it is so wonderful while it lasts, and so damn painful afterward. When I'm so eager for your hands, I can feel them all over my body, and…then, when I've made myself come, all I feel is—cold."

Andrea sobbed and suddenly she pressed her face into Miranda's neck. Hot tears coated her skin as Andrea hid against her. "Oh, please."

For the first time afraid that she was pushing Andrea too far, too fast, Miranda tapped the touchpad and paused the clip. She could tell that it had only begun, which in itself was a bit worrisome. What did Andrea have to address with her that took so long? "Andrea. Take a deep breath."

Andrea only shook her head, still in hiding. Miranda ran her fingers along Andrea's scalp and laced her fingers through the silken hair. "I'm not going to hurt you."


"You have nothing to fear from me." Her eyes suddenly burning, Miranda pressed her lips to the top of Andrea's head. "Silly girl, you're not like anyone that I've ever met before. Your heart. You make me worry for you. That alone should tell you how—different, this all is. I really wish for you to watch this clip with me. There are ghosts between us now and we need to…vanquish them."

Andrea slowly raised her head and looked at Miranda, her eyes a little red and so large they seemed to fill Miranda's field of vision. "I thought you would hate me. Despise me. Definitely fire me." She raised a hesitant hand and cupped Miranda's cheek. "Are—are you saying you're not furious with me?"

"I'm saying I'm hypnotized by you. I'm saying I'm enthralled, mystified, and captivated by you. Furious doesn't enter the equation."


She held Andrea close, her lips only a breath away from kissing her.

"You smell amazing," Andrea whispered. "You are so beautiful."

Miranda pressed her lips to Andrea's, firmly and without hesitation. This was so right, so good, and she didn't want the kiss to stop. Slowly, slowly she parted her lips, letting the tip of her tongue slide against Andrea's lower lip.

"'Ng..." Andrea moaned and open her mouth beneath Miranda's.

Delirious now from the taste and scent of the woman in her arms, Miranda deepened the kiss and explored every part of Andrea's mouth. Tasting the chocolate she just had, Miranda felt her ferocious libido urge her on. She nibbled, bit and licked Andrea's lips, sucked on her tongue and when Andrea reciprocated, her arms tight around Miranda's neck, she moaned out loud, unable to stop herself.

Eventually they had to breathe. Miranda pulled back, but still held Andrea firmly. "Oh, my God," she said, drawing long, deep breaths.

"Yes." Andrea's head fell back, revealing the white, satin skin of her neck.

"So stunning." Miranda placed open-mouth kisses all along her jawline down to the indentation at the base of her throat. "Shall we continue?"

"Hm? Wh—Oh. The clip. All right," Andrea whispered.

Miranda clicked 'play'.

"On these nights, my hands are your hands. I can swear your hands make mine move, take their place, do what I dream of you doing. They caress, pull, tug, roll, pinch, penetrate, pinch, prod, and it takes them hours sometimes to make me come."

Miranda gasped. Her body became heavy instantly, her inside molten, and she tugged Andrea sideways over her lap. Holding the girl close, she looked wide eyed at the screen where Andrea pushed both hands into her boy briefs.

"Like now. You're suddenly here. You can't wait and you're not about to let me wait either. You say you want me to know whom I belong to and you push your hands into my panties. And it feels so good…So very, very good." Her hips rolled under her hands and her head fell back. "Damn it, Miranda, you're not going to let me go very long without coming this time, are you?"

"No. I'm not." Miranda held Andrea against her shoulder and pushed her skirt up, bunching it around her waist. Dressed in a La Perla thong, access was easy, but Miranda wanted nothing between them. She tugged sharply and the fabric came apart, baring Andrea's sex to her touch, and her eyes. Andrea cried out and one foot fell onto the floor, parting her legs effectively.

"That's it." Miranda slid her fingers along the drenched folds. "Perfect."

"All I can do is simply let you, I have no choice," on-screen Andrea said, whimpering again. "When you are like this, you can do just about anything to me and all I do is take it, anyway you give it to me." She pushed off the boy briefs and kicked them out of sight. "I cannot say no to you"

"Is it true?" Miranda bit into Andrea's earlobe.

"Yes." Andrea wrapped her arms around Miranda's neck. "It's true. It has always been the truth. I never meant for you to know. I never…never thought you'd…you'd…"

"But I do. And I'm here. And you're mine, aren't you, Andrea?"

"Oh, fuck. Yeah. I'm yours."

Miranda pressed a finger inside. "Oh, my, so tight. So wet. And this is mine too…isn't it?"


"Oh, Miranda. Oh!" Andrea bucked at her own hand, her legs spread, hanging over each armrest.

"God," Miranda moaned, feeling sweat pearl on her forehead. "You're so courageous, doing that, on camera, and… so stunning. I need to see this. I mean here. Now."

"What?" Andrea looked dazedly at Miranda. "N-now?"

"Yes." Miranda pushed Andrea sideways. "Armchair."

"Shit." Andrea's voice was barely audible. She rose and stumbled over to the armchair that sat in an angel to the loveseat. She sat down, her legs primly pressed together for a moment. One raised eyebrow later and she slowly parted them.

"Good." Miranda stood also and simply pulled her leisure wear suit off, together with her lingerie.

Andrea stared at her, running the tip of her tongue around full lips, and that together with the soft moans coming from the laptops, was enough for Miranda to relinquish any residual trepidation. Turning the armchair and the laptop so she could watch both version of Andrea, Miranda dropped a decorative pillow on the floor before kneeling.

"Spread your legs for me, darling," Miranda said huskily. "I can't wait to touch you. I need you, Andrea."

Andrea leaned forward and cupped her cheeks. "I need you too. I have needed you for so long."

"Then so be it." She kissed Andrea's mouth firmly. Pushing gently at her young lover—lover, oh, my God—Miranda took in the view. Looking so sweet and so wanton at the same time, Andrea regarded her with trust laced with an onset of nerves. "I'll take good care of you. After all, I have the manual to loving you right here." She pointed at the screen where Andrea was busy rubbing herself in small, fast circles. "Is that what you want, fast and a little rough?"

"No. Not tonight. I want it to last, Miranda. I don't want crash and burn."

"Slow and soft?"


Her eyes looked one more time at on-screen Andrea who now curled up in a fetal position around her own hands while calling out Miranda's name. Shuddering, Miranda saw the clip end and then she turned her gaze to Andrea. "Now where were we? Oh, yes, my hands. I'm going to make sure you know you never have to use yours instead of mine if you don't want to, ever again."

Andrea's eyes grew bigger. "M-Miranda…?"

"Shhh…it's all right." And it was. It was more than all right. It was very right. Miranda kissed her way down Andrea's shoulders, past her clavicle, and down her sternum. There she made a detour to the left nipple, taking it in her mouth, twirling her tongue around it, reveling in the taste and the texture. "Mm. Delicious." Next her mouth found the right one, kissing and licking it much the same way. Andrea was babbling incoherently under her breath.

Miranda followed the trembling surface that was Andrea's stomach, surprised, and quite titillated to discover a belly button piercing there. She tugged at the blue crystal gently with her teeth. "Naughty," Miranda murmured around the piece of custom jewelry. "How so very un-Ohioan of you."

"Sh-shut up, Miranda." Andrea shifted restlessly and pushed her fingers in Miranda's hair. "Please, oh God, please….yes, like so, like that, just like that…"

Parting the drenched folds before her, Miranda didn't hesitate. She craved the intimate taste of this young woman. She would put her mark on Andrea and make sure she wouldn't forgot about it. Andrea in turn cried out and arched as Miranda flattened her tongue against her clit. Licking and sucking, Miranda pushed Andrea toward orgasm.

Her own legs shook where she knelt on the pillow, and there was no way in hell she could hold off on her own bliss.

"I'm going to take my cue from you," she murmured against Andrea's wetness. "I'm going to use my own hand and pretend it's yours. Seems to work for you."

"Oh fuck, Miranda, have you any…any idea, what that does to me? You're going to make me come. You are...you are…you are…" Pushing her hips up against Miranda's mouth, Andrea cried out, pressed one hand over her mouth, but the hoarse scream still seared through Miranda's body. She cupped her own sex and massaged her fingertips around her clit, humming and whimpering against Andrea.

"Oh, Miranda!" Arching, lifting both of them, Andrea convulsed against Miranda's mouth. She licked her through the orgasm, long, slow, highly enjoyable licks.

"You're mine." Miranda growled and began undulating against her hand.

"Oh, no. No way." Andrea surprised her by sliding off the armchair and ending up between Miranda's legs on the pillow. Pressing her hand against Miranda's swollen sex, she growled like a black panther, pushing two fingers inside Miranda as she came.

"Andrea, you… only you…you…oh yes…" Miranda came so hard, she nearly fell back against the coffee table. Only Andrea's quick reflexes saved her from crashing into the laptop when the pleasure coursed through her in wave after wave.

"Careful, darling, careful." Andrea was still out of breath, but held Miranda close as she found her bearings.

Once Miranda opened her eyes to focus on Andrea, she found they were back on the couch again. Her head was resting against Andrea's naked shoulder. Naked? When had Andrea lost the rest of her clothes? Miranda blinked into the muted light of the room.

"Miranda? I hate to break the mood, but don't you have a function to go to?"

"No, Andrea, why would I do that?" Miranda pulled Andrea closer and tugged at a blanket hanging over the armrest. She draped it over them. "I have everything I need right here."

"Oh." Andrea pressed her lips to a point beneath Miranda's left year, making her feel adored and worshipped. "I can't think of a single reason. So I should cancel it for you."

"Yes, please, Andrea."

"She says 'please'." Andrea pressed a hand to her chest. "You're toying with fire."

"Oh, how is that?" Miranda held on while trying to draw even, long breaths.

"It's kind of sexy to hear you express pleasantries…" Andrea laughed and squirmed as Miranda suddenly ran her blunt nails down her back. "Oh, you are not playing fair."

"And this surprises you?" Miranda chuckled.

"No, not really." Andrea hid her face against Miranda's neck. "Have you forgiven me?"

"For what?"

"For the vlogs?"

"Nothing to forgive."

"Really? For sure?" Andrea held Miranda closer.

"Yes. Really. Now, that doesn't mean you've off the hook, Andrea."

"Uh-oh. Now what? What do I have to do?"

Miranda ran her fingers up Andrea's back, tangling them in her hair. She pulled Andrea's head back and looked at her. There were definitely stars in those golden brown eyes tonight. "So much comes to mind. I have quite the list for you, but…" Miranda's voice suddenly gave in and she slapped her hand over her mouth when sobs wanted to break free. She would not cry. She. Would. Not. Cry.

"Miranda?" Andrea looked alarmed and tightened her grip around her. "Sweetie. Please. What's the matter? I'd do anything, I promise. Nothing is too much to ask. Just ask me anything. Oh, please don't cry."

"Not crying." But she was. Tears betrayed Miranda and she trembled in Andrea's arms…and suddenly it was oddly all right. The world didn't come to an end, Andrea didn't look at her with disdain. Clearly this young woman didn't find it pathetic to have a tousled, weep, middle-age woman sobbing on her shoulder. "I…wish for you." It wasn't what Miranda meant to say, but her subconscious seemed to take over and bring the words forward that needed to be said. "I wish…for you."

Andrea's face radiated love and affection like Miranda hadn't seen on another person's face in a long time, if ever. Certainly not directed at her with such abandon.

"I feel I should caution you in all sorts of ways," Miranda said and began sounding like her normal self, to her relief. "The thing is, you already know me fairly well."

"I do. I know parts of you really well, and the parts I don't know about, I look forward to learning about. I just hope you won't be disappointed in me. I mean, I have some quirky habits."

Gazing at Andrea with tenderness erupting in her chest, Miranda fought to remain matter of fact. "I'm sure I'll have moments when I question my sanity, just like you did in the last vlog."

"I was sure I was losing it." Andrea blushed, a lovely shade of pink. "I felt my heart break a little every day, and when I made that last vlog, I had promised myself it would be the last. I'll delete them all now."

"Wait. Don't do it just like that. Let's download them, put them on a flash drive and put it in my safe. I think they're too special to just erase." Caressing Andrea, Miranda wrapped the blankets closer. "Now I just want to sit here with you and…relax. You can make my excuses for being absent tonight in a bit. I just don't want to let go of you…just yet."

"All right." Andrea smiled and leaned her head against Miranda's shoulder. "I love being in your arms like this."

"You feel wonderful to hold."

Silence reigned for a while and Miranda felt herself almost nod off a few times. She didn't want to fall asleep. She wanted to be wide awake, enjoy holding the wondrous young woman who, miracles of miracles, cared for her, perhaps even loved her. Soon enough, mayhem was going to break out when they returned to the US. She was going to have to ask a lot of Andrea. Secrecy. Half-truths and downright lies.

She heard Andrea's voice imploring from earlier. "I'd do anything, I promise. Nothing is too much to ask. Just ask me anything."

Miranda cupped Andrea's chin and tipped her head back. Studying the familiar face, the brilliant smile, she shook her head. "What you see in me, I'll never know. "

"Mm. Gorgeous." Andrea nuzzled her cheek. "I can name a list long as my arm with things I see in you."

"Honestly." Miranda had to smile. She kissed Andrea tenderly, reveling in the taste and the texture of her mouth. Holding Andrea even closer, she began to hope that they stood a chance; that for once in her life, when it comes to her personal life, things might work out this time.