1302 AE Hoelbrak, Capital city of the Norns, high in the Shiverpeak Mountains.

The walls of the hospital room were being completely blocked from view by the groups of large people gathering closer. The mountain air left a hanging chill. The only sound the entire city made was coming from the pleas of a dying woman. The surrounding crowds stood with joyous expressions on their face, but mixed with a terror as the woman wrenched in pain.

"Breathe!" a man wearing silken white robes exclaimed.

The women lying on a dolyak skin mattress had beautiful glowing skin with the face of pure misery. Even lying down, it was clear that she was much larger than the man in white trying to relax her nerves. Every few seconds she let a ferocious roar of agony that could be heard through the mountain air. For being the fiercest hunter of the Norn race, she has slain monsters of epic proportions yet has never felt such an absolute pain in her life.

"Breath and push!" yelled the short robed man. The local physician was not of the Norn race, but lived in the highest of the Shiverpeak region. Part of a dying order of monks, Kivic was the last of his school. "Ahh, here we go. It's a boy."

The Norn woman took a short breathe, and then whispered a name for her firstborn son "Ranok." Kivic held Ranok, blessed him with the might of Balthazar and gave him to a Norn man standing in a ceremonial ring of bear claws, raven feathers, wolf teeth, and snow leopard fur. Ranok was being blessed by the Norn animal spirits but it was up to him, even as a minute old child, to choose his own path.

The women screamed again as Kivic got back to work, for the greatest Norn hunter was to have twins. The floor quaked with the strength of her voice.

"One more push; give it everything you got!" The Norn woman gasped for what little air the high Shiverpeaks had to offer. Kivic held up another child, slightly smaller than the first and is a boy once again.

"Ruik." The exhausted, dying woman whispered. Kivic, blessing this one with the gift of Dwayna, knew about the Norn mother's condition. Within a few minutes of total silence, Kivic pronounced the woman dead. Ranok, in the meantime, squirmed and rolled to the bear claws, choosing the spirit of the bear symbolizing that he was to be a great warrior in his life. Ruik, given the same ritual, had chosen the bear as well. This was a joyous occasion yet also a very dark day for Norn times. With the loss of their greatest hunter, she left behind two heirs who were to be destined for success. Inspecting the children, Kivic had noticed a strange pattern in their very souls, immediately recognizing the insignia.

"I will take the boys, I will raise and train them personally in my sanctuary, these two are destined for greatness and I will not let the Norn people, no… I will not let the world down." The Norn respected Kivic but didn't quite understand why he felt so passionate about these two cubs. But it was agreed, Ranok and Ruik would be raised by the human monk.

"I hope."