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Check yes Juliet

Kim's POV
Ever since me and the wasabi warriors met, we immediately became close friends, Jack being the closest of them. It's been four and a half years since I've met them and I think I might have developed a little soft spot for Jack... Well, even if we get a chance to be an item, it won't work out. My 21-year-old twin sister, Katrina, had a boyfriend for five long years. Until, she caught him cheating on her with her nemesis. Heartbroken, she took her own life. My foster parents, well actually MY FOSTER DAD, afraid anything like that would happen to me or my 23-year-old brother Kris, forbid us to have a relationship. Kris had to break up with his girlfriend, Jennifer. Jennifer could've gotten another guy by now, but she swore to wait for Kris. My foster parents basically controlled our lives. I hated them. They didn't give a damn if we were dead. I was sitting in my room, or as I like to call my prison, doing my homework. All of a sudden, I heard something knocking on my window. Ah... maybe just the rain...

Jack's POV
It was raining so heavily... Me, Milton, jerry and Eddie were on our way to Kim's house. For what reason, I don't know. They said if we got there, they'd tell me something. Something about Kim. "Are we there yet?" Eddie whined. "Yup," I answered, "Wait! Her parents are home!" "So?" Jerry said. "Her parents hate us. Because we're boys," I told him. Milton asked, "Why do they hate us cause we're boys?" I answered, "Cause they think that she'll fall for us. Heh, like real..." "Mmhmm..." they said in union. Sighing, we got out of my car. Not daring to ring the doorbell, I picked up a rock from the ground and threw it at her window. No answer. I threw another and it broke her window pane! "Guys, we're dead," I heard Milton say. Kim opened her window. "Go now!" She mouthed. "What's going on out there?" I heard an angry voice say from inside the house. Shoot, Kim's dad! I thought. "Back in the car!" I shouted. We ran to my car as fast as we could and sped off before Kim's dad spotted us.
"C'mon guys... We have to get ready for the concert tonight..." I said in defeat. We were back at my house and getting ready for the concert. Jerry played the drums, Eddie played bass guitar, Milton played the keyboard (wow big surprise there), and I sang and played the electric guitar. Everyone was gonna be there, everyone except Kim... Sigh... "7.30 guys! Let's get ready." Kelsey took a picture of me and I think she sent it to Kim because after that she ran out the door.

Kim's POV
Ring! I got a text from Kelsey. I whipped out my phone to see what she sent. It was a picture of Jack.. Along with a text: "where are u? U haf 2 come! Guess wats d title of his song? Check yes Kimberly!" I smiled when I saw the title. I lay my head back on my pillow and the flashback started.
Me and Grace were walking back home from school. Like any normal day. But then we heared something, like music. We walked over to the source of music and realised it was coming from Jack's garage. He and his band were rehearsing for the concert. "Come on," Grace said leading me towards the garage. "Hey, wanna go to my house?" I asked Jack. "Sure," he replied. So me, Grace, Jack and Jerry, who wanted to tag along, went over to my house. Grace went to talk to Jerry, leaving me with Jack. Soon, Jerry and Grace were playing on Grace's MacBook, and I was learning guitar from Jack. "See? Here, I'll guide you," he said, putting his arm over my shoulder. Grace winked at me. All of a sudden, we heard the door open. My dad and my mom came home. As quick as a flash, me and Jack immediately sprung apart. "Erm... Jack! Remember we gotta do that thing... in school... bout that dead guy…" Jerry said. "Oh yeah! How could I have forgotten? Well, see ya, Kim and Grace," Jack said. With a flash, Jerry and Jack dashed out the door. The next day, while I was walking home alone because Grace had to stay back after school, I heard a familiar voice. Jack. I smiled as I walked over to him. "Hey! Mind helping me with my car?" he asked. "Sure," I replied. As we were working on his car, I took some car oil and smudged it on his face. "Oh no you didn't!" he said. He took some car oil and tried to smudge it on my face. Then we were rolling around on the grass, having a good time. He leaned in and said, "I love you, Kim. Run, baby, run. Don't ever look back. They'll tear us apart if you give them the chance." As we leaned in to kiss, we heard a car horn, and saw a very VERY angry Mr Crawford getting out of the car. "Kimberly!" he shouted. We jolted apart. We were so close, and my dad blew it. I reluctantly got into the car and glanced at Jack and mouthed, "I love you too." I watched as his figure faded away.

Kim's POV
As I came back to reality, I looked at Jack's picture one last time. I was going to that concert no matter what my parents said. I quickly got dressed as I called Grace. "Grace! Drive over here and wait at my driveway!" I told her. "Kay kay. Be there in five," I heard her say. Oh no, what about my foster parents! They were sure to find me opening the door! I packed all my belongings into a bag and slung it over my shoulder. My eyes rested on the window! Got it! I opened the window and climes down the frame that held our growing ivies. I jumped down and ran all the way to Grace's car. We then drove off to my freedom.

Jack's POV
We were still playing. I was getting tired. But then I saw her. Kim. I was immediately revived. I smiled at her as she and Grace made their way to the front row. Then, out of nowhere, Kim's dad came in. Quickly, I grabbed Kim by the hand and ran all the way to my car. Looks like Grace put her bag there. We ran past Kim's mom. I expected her to stop us but she didn't. I think she always was against her husband's rule to keep their children from finding true love. We drove away and I knew from then on, our lives would change for the better.