On the edge of a bridge sits a boy, maybe fifteen or sixteen years old. Beneath him, the roaring river, the drivers don't notice him, nobody cares. He doesn't care, he wants to die, wants to be on Sara's side again.


Deep blue eyes, wild blonde hair and a lanky body with a long neck – that's Ricky. Always on his side is Sara, her eyes light green, her hair brunette and silky, she's skinny and small, but sporty … She is perfect for him. They're not typical boyfriend/girlfriend, they protect each other. Ricky is often worried about Sara; she is so small and breakable in his eyes.

On the other hand he needs this girl, she calms him down. When he gets angry, Ricky doesn't know what he's doing anymore, gets brutal. At those times Sara talks to him, only talks, her voice is so sensitive, so calm.

End Flashback

The boy's eyes reflect his emotions: Sadness. Panic. Grief. Madness. Terror. Fear! But not fear of the death or pain, no, fear of being alone again. The last weeks he had no one to talk with, to laugh, to go to the park, no one, who calm s him down. But she has gone, will never come back. And it's all his fault. He wasn't able to sleep, because of nightmares and pictures of her. Every time the boy closes his eyes, he sees her body, her dead bloodstained body.


Alcohol – the devil himself, and he chases Ricky. At a party the temptation is too big for him; Sara can hardly keep Ricky off from fighting the other guests and takes him home. There, he yells at her and destroys things; Sara gets desperate, tries not to cry, but tears run down her face. When she looks at him she sees the blazing fire in his eyes, Ricky won't stop tonight, won't get quiet. He has never hurt Sara, loves her too much, but now Ricky's body isn't under control anymore. Sara lies on the couch, she doesn't hear the footsteps behind her.

One Scream! – And everything is over, quiet.

Ricky lays down next to the couch, with one hand he strokes Sara's hair, and in the other hand he holds a bloody knife. Softly he whispers: 'I love you Sara.'

End Flashback

The truth is like a punch in the face again and again. He killed the only person he really loved, the only one he cared about, the only one he showed his feelings to. He gets ready to jump, says hello to his girlfriend again. But before he can fall, two big hands grab him and take him into a car.

Now he sits in front of the judge, doesn't say a word and doesn't listen to what they speak. He isn't interested in it. The judge means someone who kills his own girlfriend is insane and jail will only make it worse. This boy will go to the desert, the middle of nowhere. There nobody cares if he's insane or not.

'The judgement is: Five years Camp Green Lake.'