It had been three years since everything was taken away from me. When I was at the age of ten, my parents had been caught by a terrible blast overseas, and left us- me and my twin, abandoned. We managed to survive together without any help from our relatives but when we reached our fourteenth year of existence, Rin suffered from a chronic disease. I tried my best to get her to the most prestigious hospital in town, hoping for her wellness to come, but my hopes shattered when the doctor had admitted that they still haven't found a cure to my sister's condition. I asked them if there are available remedies outside the town or even overseas. He shook his head and tapped mine. "Your sister wouldn't make it to the next spring". I almost died there and a great disbelief wrapped my heart, however like of what he had said, Rin didn't make it to spring and died amidst the last month of the year.

Since that day, I became an orphan… and faced the mounting battle across my country, all alone. I thought I would get killed because of the sudden detonations happening all around me. The belief of following them soon filled my mind. However, it didn't happen. I had miraculously survived every explosion that came across me, every fire, and every melee. I know I should be thankful for bearing so many lives, yet, I wasn't really happy about the fact that I'm still breathing. The truth that… I'm still alive.

Right then, a chilly wind that blew behind my back woke me up that morning, learning that I had dreamt of my past once again. I pulled the blanket off from my frail body and ran my feet down to the floor. The chimes were starting to ring again. I silently mussed as I heard the strident sound of bullets being casted from its cartilage. I sat down to a bench located at my veranda whilst giving an ear to the infamous 'lullaby'. In a matter of time, I perceived a sound from the ground floor of my petite manse, probably formed when the door was illicitly opened by another neighbor.

"Hello? Kagamine-kun?" the high-pitched voice echoed through the pavement. I ignore the reverberation.

Later on, footsteps could be heard making their way upstairs.

In 3, 2, 1….

" Kagamine-kun! We need to move out already! We're gonna be killed by the escalating war!" she continue on her words as she finally found me by the porch but I pay no attention to them.

" Kagamine-kun?" the long blond-haired girl muttered in an asking manner. I know that what I'll do would be rude but I choose to silence my tongue and just gaze outside, hoping for her to leave me.

In that moment, I sensed another presence along with the girl, probably a friend of hers.

"Come on Neru-san… He is hopeless". My eyes closed as I intuited that they're leaving. She is right. I'm hopeless. I gained my gaze back to the ghost town opposite to me, feeling the chill of breeze passing by whilst I kept mussing on the word.

I had realized that I want to quit this life some years ago. I've already gone tired witnessing so many lives being sacrificed, so many cries being heard, so many tears being shed… so many wounds being bore. I wish I had also died in the blast which took my parents' existence or did die with a fatal disease along with my twin. I'm already despaired.

I'm tired of being a coward civilian…A pathetic, useless human. I want something to change… Something that can make everything reversed upside down. I want peace. A thing that for now is very hard to achieve. I sighed and sealed my eyes.

That afternoon, I was forced to escape my slumber when a phone clangor was heard all around, disturbing the serene silence kept in my abode. Joining the ringing sound was the frenzied reverberations of the firearms which undoubtedly creates a bizarre unison with the phone vibration. The certain resonance echoed a few seconds before I've decided to stretch out of my bed and head down to get the call.

Knowing that our men were dying, I am pretty sure that this call takes turn on signaling that my service is already needed. And I don't really disagree with the fact that I must bet my life with this so called 'duty'. Honestly, I am truly waiting for this to come. I cast an evasive smile with the sarcastic thought. Once I've got to the phone rack, I picked up the receiver and greet with my rough throat.

"Hello" my dry voice came to speak up with the one who was in the other line.

"Len Kagamine. This is Lt. Leon of the armed force. As you've already heard, we had already lost hundreds of soldiers for the last two months. And I-"

"I understand. You need my service, right? I know the way to the force's base. I'll be there in thirty minutes." I assured him, with my words receiving a simple 'thank you' from the lieutenant before the conversation was cut. Right after I set the phone back to its place, I tediously walk upstairs just to grab my packed things which I had already arranged long time ago since I am aware that this situation would come. After that, I went straight to the base.

I arrived there in twenty minutes, given that my residence is not that far. Everyone in the base was in a huge hurry, like of a panic or something… alarmed? Well, maybe. Suddenly, I felt my left arm being clutched and I was forcefully dragged into somewhere, making me astonished.

"Don't be such a stupid stick standing there. Our men were dying. Move your ass!" I saw the guy with silverette locks pulling me roughly into a specific white tent. I know, I'm not so used to be alert like I was when I was young. I also do admit that got dumbfounded with his words and actions. Well, I need to wake up. I am already here, set in the battlefield, ready to lose my life anytime from now.

I entered the facility with the silverette's hand still clasped tightly on my left arm. Looking inside, I found a girl with a sea foamed hair whose age was probably about two years older than me, and a man bearing an azure locks whose left arm was bleeding. My eyes did widened a bit with the scenery yet claimed them back afterwards. The lady smiled at me so as the guy she was nurturing.

"So he's the new recruit. I think you should give him some spare of kindness, Dell. He's still a minor." The bluenette commented as he grinned at the man who's clutching me, learning that the latter's name was Dell. The man just hissed as he let my arm be freed from his firm hold.

"I don't care about his age or who he is. He's in the battlefield. Everyone is equal here and needs to work" he said dryly and immediately left. I just followed him with my eyes before bringing them back to the two.

"Uh..Good morning. My name is Len Kagamine. Is there something I should work onto now?" my short introductory came with a straight forward question.

The girl with teal green hair chuckled, a bit to my confusion.

"You don't need to be too formal. We could talk here casually like normal neighbors. I'm Miku Hatsune. I am the assigned nurse to look over the wounded soldiers, and this guy is Kaito. He is a long time friend of mine. Don't be shy. We aren't like of Dell. We are endearingly friendly so don't hesitate ask if you have any questions. You could start now as my assistant. Lt. Leon had informed us about your arrival so don't worry. I know you could adjust though, it just take some time." She cheerfully said as she beamed a smile. I smiled back as a response to her kindness.

My feet continue to walk inside just to slide down my baggage to a certain corner. Right after that, I went back straight to Miku to give her a hand.

"Please let me" I told her but she rather smiled again and shook her head.

"No need, I can manage this. Thank you for the concern" The green haired girl replied sweetly.

I felt a hand pat my head afterwards. "Maybe you should go as a stand by for now. I know someone will ask for help just a bit later" the guy added, ruffling my hair with his left hand.

Like what of Kaito had said, I did just wait for an emergency but none had come.

"Hmm…That was pretty odd" I heard Miku silently mussed. My eyes blinked twice, baffled with her note.

"Is there something wrong?" My question came without second a thought.

She looked and me and scratched her head. "Nothing really, it's just no one's coming. Supposedly at this time, a number of troops would come and ask for narcotics or pain reliever, even medication. It's really surprising that no one had come except for this nuisance" Miku managed to ponder, adding a bit of humor to the end of her statement.

"Hey… That was kind of rude" The bluenette jokingly commented whilst chuckling along with the girl. It had been a long time since the last time I saw someone genuinely smiled. I wonder when I could put an honest smile in my face. Would that even happen now my foot is already buried six feet under the ground? I ruminate at the certain thought.

Just then I noticed the brunette's irises pinned towards mine. "Uhm…tell us something about you Len, anything would do…" Kaito asked out of the blue.

I felt staggered with the sudden remark. "Uhm… I don't know how to start…" I had never told my life story before so I really don't know how to elaborate my experiences... "Well… I am seventeen years old… We were four in the family. Both of my parents were present, that would count two and the remaining would be me and my twin-"

"You have a twin!" Miku asked, surprised about the fact that I have one.

"Uh…yeah… Unfortunately she died in a chronic disease when we were fourteen. My parents passed away earlier than her in a blast overseas, supposedly seven years from now already." In that moment I could see the girl shed a tear much to my apprehension.

"I-I'm sorry" she apologized as she continue on wiping her tears.

Once her sniveling gotten worse, I started to panic. "P-please…Don't cry… It's fine…really" She stopped from crying a bit later after the older guy around comforted her. Okay… so saying such dim past was not a good idea after all, eh?

"Well, how about the two of you?" I tried to put the question back to them since there was nothing to be told about me anyways.

Kaito tapped Miku's head as he closed his eyes before narrating their story.

" Miku and I were friends since she was five and I was nine. We met each other at an orphanage and grew there together. I was originally from overseas however; I escaped from my country after learning that mafia would seek for me… They still hadn't got enough of murdering my family. They exactly did want to erase our race because of the debt we owe from them." My eyes got widen with his narration. So his family was massacred. I lend an ear to more of his words whilst biting my lips.

"Miku on the other hand was seen in the front of the orphanage as the nun told me. She was abandoned by her family, probably because of poverty. Well, so that's it. It looks like we just have the same dark yesterday after all…" He grinned as he was finished recounting their anecdote. I couldn't believe that he could still place a bright smile across his lips after telling their story… So, their lives were a lot more miserable than what I had…

Just then, Kaito suddenly grabbed my back and pinned me, along with Miku on his arms. "Hahaha… Now, enough for the melancholic stories… We're now a family here! So cheer up!" My heart just melted with his statement… A family…

"Hand me an alcohol!" I was startled to hear a voice suddenly popped in. I looked at the entrance of the tent and my vision went on welcoming a bloodied soldier, writhing in pain.

I waste no time and approached the bloodied man, offering him a hand to go inside and I immediately laid him in a futon. The blood rousing from his right lower abdomen caught my attention. I prepared the operating tools, anesthesia and gauzes right away. When I had everything in my possession, I carefully discard his upper garment to get a better view of his condition.

Observing him better, I can say that this guy was pretty young; probably having the same age as mine. I can see him squirm because of the vexing pain that sent sting to his nerves. Pulling the syringe from its case, I filled it with anesthesia and inject it at once to the patient. I keenly observed his wound and came to the conclusion that there weren't any bullet being buried down to his body, and his condition wasn't that fatal. I sighed in relief. Looking at the guy who I am taking care of, I was surely anxious of his condition. There is a very huge possibility that he may catch more serious injury if he joined the troop on exchanging ammunitions to the enemy. What's worst, he may even loose his life… mentioning it already… do he also want to lose his life like me?

All of a sudden, the boy tried to move upwards, wanting to stand. I frowned with his behavior and pushed his shoulders gently back to the mattress. He hissed and tried to make the same attempt but I shove him as my patience was getting irritated.

"Move off! I need to go back there!" the lad scowled at me, pushing me away from his direction.

"You still have to stay. I am not done of treating your wound yet" With a lot of perseverance, I rammed him down to the bed. This one is too stubborn. He reminds me… a lot of Rin… Yeah…

I sensed that Kaito had managed to give an eye with my situation and stood behind me. I glanced at him and noticed that he raised an eye to my patient.

"Oh… It's you… Uhh... What was your name again…Ka-Kage-?" The older man wasn't able to finish his words as the young raven slapped the exact noun for the statement.

" It's Kagene, ice cream nut! Tch! I am just asking for an alcohol! Not for a treatment from a newbie. This sucks! Staying with a bunch of craps is exasperating!" Okay… this kid isn't just stubborn… he's also a pain in the ass. I heaved a shallow sigh before rolling a round of gauze and thrust it straight to the raven's mouth… This would make the atmosphere quieter and be more comfortable for the other patients who may have come.

"Shut up before I do something worse than that. I know somehow, you were taught of how to treat yourself but with this wound, you couldn't just cure them with your own bare hands. I'm used to this kind of stuff so it won't take long like it usually does." That was all I had to say before getting some alcohol to cleanse his wound. Thankfully, the kid below me just frowned and glanced at the wall, probably twisting from the sting of the solvent.

In a matter of minutes, finally, I am done stitching the cut and gauzing the damaged part of his body. I pulled off the piece of cotton blocking his orifice before going to the sink to clean all the tools I had used from the operation. Somehow, I can sense the deathful glare sent from behind but I choose to offer them no attention.

"What do you know? Rei-kun had finally found his match" Miku happily remarked and giggled. I honestly didn't get her words since they sound a bit petrifying.

A second after, I heard the boy growled with the girl's observation. "Shut it scum!" Hmm… That was sure rude to say, likely to a girl.

I sighed and warned him before he could finally leave the tent. "Hey kiddo, you're not allowed to go back to the melee. You just had your operation. The suture might get loose if you move too much. Try to flout and you'll get something worse than experiencing a roll of gauze blocking your mouth." My caution does sound strict however it did received nothing but a snarl.

"Are you trying to black mail me? You're not even my mother, so shut your fucking mouth." The raven haired exclaimed. I feigned a frightened face and mocked him with a devious grin. He just gave me a final glower before he made his exit out of the tent, stomping his feet. I really did heave a deep sigh as the guy's shadow was gone to the facility.

"Whew… What a piece of an air-head" I could hear the duo laughing at my avowal.

"Pretty tough, eh? I didn't really imagine that you could piss him so badly like that. That boy usually gets what he wants and no one could just go against his will. He is too persistent, especially on going to missions." Kaito said rolling his eyes towards the entrance of the tent.

After drying off the tools and placing them to their respective cases, I sat down and look at the two who had been knowledgeable about the guy earlier. I'm kinda interested with the kid. Well, this is unusual. It's the first time I am getting interested about something after several years of succumbing. Maybe good for a change…? I opened my mouth and started to ask.

"You know that kid?" my first question went.

I could see the bluenette scratching his head…

"Well, not really… Everybody knows him and he was utterly popular in the HQ. That kid was Rei Kagene. As I've heard, he has the same age as yours and was currently the youngest soldier here up until now. Rei was said to be very alert when he's in combat and has a formidable military skills at a young age. Other than that, he is known for his obnoxious and brusque attitude towards everyone, that's why no one did intent to share a tent with him or even sleep with him during the night." Well… That was pretty obvious… Who on earth would like to sleep with someone who has a big mouth and would surely throw cautious yells at them…It's really annoying. He is exactly what I could call, a terrorist.

Whilst mussing at these thoughts silently in my mind, Kaito went on reciting some facts about the boy

"…There were no news about where did he came from or what happened to his family. He also have a very low profile and back ground. Only those who were in the higher positions know him better." He finally said.

That afternoon, Lt. Leon came to pick me up and lead me to my new tent. I've learned from Kaito that two soldiers must share a tent since it was big enough to fit two individuals. I was wondering who would gonna be my tent mate… And yeah… there was this silly thought running in my mind that it'd be great if I'll be able to share the same tent with the young kid earlier. He was surely mysterious and I want to know things about him… Okay… I know what I'm thinking makes me look like a stalker or something but… The truth is… I want him to quit being such a recluse; I came up to that kind of conclusion of him being isolated and alone because of his wrong demeanor of acting abrupt to everyone. It would be bad if he turns out to be like me… especially if someone is still waiting for him outside.

While musing silently in my mind, I've noticed the reluctant sadness on the lieutenant's eyes. Suddenly he stopped from walking and faced me.

"I'm sorry if you have to be involved with this kind of things, Len-sama. Your parents would surely felt bad of what's currently happening. Please accept my apology. I wasn't been able to pay my debt of gratitude to your family." He said in such remorseful tone.

I tranquilly looked at him and drew a small smile. "No. It's fine. Mom and Dad will be surely glad that I'm offering this service for my country. Besides, it's my own will to serve. I would have probably escaped earlier if I am not willing to join." My semi honest reply came.

We continue our walk and stopped right in front of a yellow tent. Before I could enter my new shelter, the lieutenant reminded me of few rules and policy that I should always have in my mind. I nod as a comprehension to his lexis and we finally gave each other our salutes.

With my right hand, I carefully moved the opening of the tent, trying to peep first before I could finally go inside. However, I was taken aback when a book, coming from the interior flew in my direction.

Luckily, I was able to dodge the tome so I didn't get hurt. Taking a deep breath, I slid the opening fully, just to reveal a young man in his teens, bearing a pitch black tresses and bright ocher orbs. The guy ahead of me was sending deathful glares towards my direction, like an angry lion that was hungry enough to eat a whole horse. Nevertheless, I didn't get petrified at all, instead, I made my entrance all the way inside and ignored the guy who am I expecting to be my roommate.

He continued on glaring at me, and I did accept the challenge… I glare at him as well. We've been like that for more than ten minutes, having a death glare contest up until the brunette swayed his eyes off mine.

"Looks like I'm the winner" I scoffed and went on fixing my things when the other one started to hiss something again.

"Get out before I tore you into pieces!" He was glowing red with anger and would probably burst if he continued on doing his filthy attitude. I walk and crouched in front of him before finally kneeling. I pose a serious attitude then poked him on his nose after. I chuckled with his reaction and sat down.

"You know, you should learn to relax you brows at times… they'll get tired if you continue on making your bubble pop. Try to smile at least once." This is so not me, but… I don't want him to be like me; me who was a very… very lonely person. I know he's young and as I've heard was talented enough to save many lives. If he grew on hating humans from day to day, he'll die with the heavy load piled up in his chest… I don't want him to suffer my twin's lethargic pain… now that I'm seeing him, resembling her a lot. I don't want to see my twin dying for the second time. That would make me insane…

I really haven't noticed it since everything went on so fast. In an instant, I could feel those cold slender fingers holding tight from my neck around my nape and hear a casual warm breathing in my right ear. My mouth came speechless in a second before I displayed a nonchalant disposition hoping to decrease the tension that was filling the whole space. A minute later, there was this whisper making its way inside my earlobe.

"Try to make fun of me more, I swear, this will be your last breath." His vexing caution came, tightening his hold on my collar line.

Instead of twitching my eyes out of fright or annoyance, I simply imply a sheer wide smirk on my lips before going on to my speech.

"That's nice of you, Ka-ge-ne-san… And by the way, you could come in, Hatsune-san and Kaito-san. I know standing back there is quite tiring…" I clearly spelled out, drawing my head backwards and tilt them to forty five degrees to the right just for me to witness the figure of two people.

"Oh my God! Rei-kun! What are you doing to Len-kun!" Miku shrieked as she finally saw our situation; with the guy before me latching his hand firmly onto my gullet.

Rei snarled and let go of me all at once. I know it is weird but I want his hand curled to my neck again. He stood and I let my eyes follow the raven. "Tch… Pests… I'm going to sleep so shut those noisy mouths!" That was the last growl he had managed to give before he went to his futon and wrapped himself securely.

A loathed lament did surely escape from my vocal box before I stood up to fix my hair.

"So what brings you guys here?" I asked.

Miku cleared her throat before continuing. "Lieutenant wants us to hand you this. It's your futon and other needs. We're just here to hand those. If you want something, we were just in the infirmary tent." she handed the things and they waved back to me.

I heaved another sigh before eyeing on my tent mate. "Does he hate me that much?" I asked myself. I set my new things aside and went out of the tent just to pore on some things.