Hermione Granger was not the type of person to make friends. But that doesn't mean she was friendless either, she had a few friends. It wasn't because she was mean or anything she was simply not very friendly. Hermione would much rather curl up with a book than start approaching people and asking them to be friends. (I'm starting to get very redundant...)

Even in her muggle school she had close to no friends at all.

When she boarded the Hogwarts express, she wasn't expecting to make new friends. Truth be told she wasn't expecting to meet anybody. Period. She was a bit...unnoticable. So when Neville Longbottom went inside her compartment and asked for her help she was a bit shocked. His pet toad was missing and he didn't know anyone here so he went to the first compartment he could find, praying whoever it was was nice enough to lend him a hand. Even though she wasn't very friendly, Hermione would always help anyone in need so she helped him look for his toad and started searching the whole train.

As she walked passed different compartments looking for Neville's pet toad, she was nearly knocked over my two boys. Hermione was quickly caught by one of the boys. Looking up she realized they were twins.

"Are you alright?" they boy who caught her asked. The boys had flaming red hair and a smattering of freckles across their noses and both were incredibly tall.

"I'm fine" she said in a shyly, not used to the attention. The boys were rather good looking

"You sure? I'm really sorry for running into you" he said and Hermione blushed

"It's okay..I'm sorry but I don't know your name" she managed to say

"I'm Fred Weasley and this is my brother George"

"Oh it's okay Fred. It's nice to meet you both"

"So what's your name?" George asked

"Oh right, my name is Hermione Granger"

"It's a pleasure to meet you Hermione!" Fred and George said in unison, their faces breaking into huge grins and she grinned right back. Fred and George seem to be nice and could be possible friends, Hermione thought

"What were you doing running around?" As much as she wanted to find Neville's toad she can't help but wonder why two boys were running around on the train, at full speed

"Erm...We sort of turned our friends hair pink and we're running away from him" George said and grinned sheepishly

"Yeah! You should've seen the look on his face!" Fred said cracking up. Hermione couldn't help but smile a little too. She wasn't sure if she was amazed or against the idea of them pulling a prank. She always followed the rules and wasn't very sure if that was alright

"Is that allowed?" Hermione suddenly asked. Being a muggleborn, she didn't know a lot about Hogwarts but had started to read her school books and Hogwarts: A History

"Well not exactly.." Fred said "We're only allowed to do magic in Hogwarts"

"But how did you do it?" the whole thing piqued her curiosity

"Fred and I made this..I don't know what to call it exactly but it's like a gumball. When you su-"


"But why?" Hermione asked. She was amazed by what they did even if it was wrong. She was a goody two shoes and already had half a mind on scolding the boys but then again, when were you ever gonna know about gumballs that change your hair color

"We just don't want anyone to know about our inventions unless we're absolutely sure it was perfect" Fred said

"So you were using your friends as a test subject? That wasn't very nice was it?" she asked kinda glaring at them

"uhh yes?" the twins said nervously "We're sorry?"

To their surprise Hermione laughed!

"What's so funny?"

"Well you've certainly been here in Hogwarts longer than me and yet your afraid of me!" the boys thought about it for awhile then joined Hermione's laughing.

She suddenly remembered promising Neville to help him look for his toad. Hermione can't help but feel a little guilty and ashamed of herself for forgetting

"It was nice meeting you boys but I have to look for someone's toad"

"We could help you!" the boys said

"No it's fine, I don't want to trouble you or anything"

The trio the began arguing. They both wanted to help but Hermione didn't want to trouble them

"Fine" Fred said "At least let us buy you a chocolate frog for nearly knocking you down"

Hermione thought about it then let them

"What are your houses?"

"We're in-


"The most-

"Amazing house-

"In history!" Fred and George grinned

"I didn't know you can complete each other's sentences!"


"do it-


"all the-


Hermione giggled which was a rare thing.

They boys gave her her chocolate frog, Hermione thanked them and they went their seperate ways. Hermione to look for the toad and Fred and George to put Lee Jordan's hair right. All three of them wishing that Hermione was put in Gryffindor.

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