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Fanfiction Written by; Dean Donnell.

Now on with the story.

Chapter 1

The Elemental Nations, Earth 2.

The Land of Fire, a few miles from the Valley of the End.

The Land of Fire's massive wooded expanse was broken seemingly out of the blue by a recently created clearing leaving a huge field of stumps and fallen timber sheared off and sliced into pieces as if by gigantic blades.

Somewhere in the middle of all that mess there was somebody half buried under all of that wood, a girl, about fourteen years old with bright red hair, if she were standing she would have come to less than five feet tall, and she was dressed in a loose fitting gray outfit with a thick purple rope wrapped around her waist and tied in a massive bow at the small of her back that reached right up to her shoulders.

The girl lay motionless, from a distance she would have appeared dead, but if one were to get closer and check they would find that she was in fact still breathing, still alive, albeit badly injured, she had lain there nearly twenty four hours, left to die since the events that had injured her and left her trapped under those logs, unconscious, occasionally coughing up some blood.

Gradually the girl began to regain consciousness, there were subtle signs at first, her brow tightened, she began to breathe faster and more deeply, and finally her eyes sluggishly opened, and the girl began to take stock of her situation, brown eyes carefully gauging the predicament she was in, and it was a dire one indeed.

The girl; Tayuya, tried to shift into a more workable position, and immediately thought better of it, biting back a scream of pain as agony shot up her injured legs.

"Fuck that hurt," she hissed through clenched teeth, her face screwed up as she waited for the pain to ebb to a more bearable level.

She tried to activate her curse seal to heal her injuries and give her the strength to get free, only to find that it wouldn't work, panicking she felt at the nape of her neck for the slightly raised pattern of the curse mark-.

-And found that it wasn't there anymore.

That curse mark could only have disappeared if Orochimaru himself had willed it to do so, most likely to reclaim the power he had lost giving her that mark.

He'd taken it away, right when she needed it most, Tayuya's teeth ground together in anger, after how loyally she'd served him, after all the things she had done for him without question, things that she really didn't want to do, things that gave her endless sleepless nights for the nightmares and the guilt.

She had served him because she had been all alone with nobody who cared about her when he had found her, he had taken her in, told her that he cared about her, told her that he was trying to create a better world, and she had believed him and served him faithfully.

But it had all been a lie.

He'd never truly cared about her, Tayuya realised that now, he'd seen her and the rest of his servants as nothing more than tools to be used, then cast aside like so much garbage when they were of no further use to him, and when it suited his purposes Orochimaru had abandoned her.

Tayuya had looked up to him once.

She had idolised him and loved him as though he were the father that she had in actual fact never been fortunate enough to know.

Now she hated him with every part of her soul.

If she could have she would have crawled to the leaf village broken legs and all, even if it took her a whole year to get there and ratted the bastard out to his enemies, with the curse seal gone she'd finally be able to do so without him killing her instantly.

Except she couldn't get free of these fucking logs, her teeth ground louder as her anger and frustration mounted.

"That cocksucking bastard," Tayuya finally snarled in a venomous tone "he fucking cut me off."

One question flitted through her mind as she seethed in anger.

Now what do I do?

As she lay there thinking and struggling futilely to shift the logs off of herself between swearing and grinding her teeth in frustration along with the occasional gasp of pain Tayuya became aware of a strange rumbling sound overhead, craning her neck she caught sight of a fireball in the sky above her descending rapidly, and heading uncomfortably close to her direction.

Anger was quickly forgotten as fear set in, she squeezed her eyes shut and prayed that it wouldn't hit her.

A few seconds later she heard a loud crash, and a shockwave passed through where she was lying causing the logs on top of her to shift and sending fresh agony through her injured body.

"Agh, fuck," the foulmouthed redhead swore in agony "as if my luck wasn't fucked up enough already now a fucking meteor hits near where I'm trapped under logs with broken fucking bones and shakes thing up."

When Tayuya was finally able to think about something besides how much her injuries hurt she turned her head to the left where the crash had come from.

About a hundred yards away a column of smoke rose into the air from a crater that was at least thirty foot across with smashed timber blasted out from it, not really that surprising after a meteor hit.

What was surprising was that a moment later a hand reached out of the crater.

The hand was followed by an arm, a shoulder and then an entire body, a man in his early twenties, tall, solidly built with dark hair, he was wearing an outfit that consisted of a blue shirt, blue trousers, sturdy leather boots and a red jacket, all of which were looking rather tattered.

But surprisingly the man himself seemed to be unharmed.

Even more surprising was the Chakra that Tayuya could sense from this stranger, it was unlike anything she had ever felt before.

The first strange thing about this man's Chakra was how much he had, it was literally staggering, even Jinchuuriki didn't have that much.

The second strange thing about his Chakra was how it felt, otherworldly, almost-alien.

What the fuck? Tayuya wondered that Chakra is the weirdest shit I've ever felt and he's still in one piece after that hit when he should be jelly, just what the hell is he?