by kirrah05

In a world full of bloodshed and uproar, where all guilds want to get their hands on a very powerful holy stone, would there still be possible for love and emotion to bloom?

"You'd better stop daydreaming there, sis." Dilan stated with a monotonous voice, flipping some pages of his spell book. "You should focus creating those white condensed potions."

How could all the people in this world be so wrapped up in oneself? They hunger for blood and annihilate anyone who would be in their way for power and fame. More people are willing to destroy than to create, to obliterate than to preserve, to gain than to give, to hate than to love.

Why is this world so damn unfair?

"Shut up." Altea mumbled under her breath, as she continued to crush some herbs with her medicinal bowl. Her hands were gentle as it motioned to create something that could heal wounds, something that can save lives, to support, to buff. But all of it would be used in the upcoming war, and that thought alone made the hairs at the back of her neck stand. The thought of blood and tears made her lips form a scowl, and the memory of the blood curling screams was enough to create beads of sweat on her forehead.

"It was your first siege," Nicholas snickered as he patted his younger sibling's head. "It would never happen again." He then ruffled her hair. "We'd protect you, right Dilan?"

"Mhmm." Was all he said.

"That assassin almost had my head." Altea mumbled, as she tried to remove her older brother's hand from her sky blue locks.

"And if it wasn't for Daniel," Dilan stated as he closed his book, "You'd be six feet under by now."

"Don't mention his name in front of me."

"Coz he got a girlfriend already and it's not you." Nicholas mocked. As he tried to free from his sister's grip.

During the previous war, Altea didn't have a clue how'd it work. Though she followed the commands of her superiors obediently, she unknowingly was being left behind.

Silent footsteps then approached her younger form; as lighting struck, a shadow of a blade ready to shed blood became visible to the young creator, she didn't even had the time to turn around to get a look of her soon to be killer, but was astonished when her body flew to one side. Surprised that she was still alive, she looked up to witness a Lord Knight and an assassin exchanging blows. As if the two were dancing gracefully on the battlefield, and as if their battle cries were songs being sung. That was all she recalled as her sight failed her, turning everything to pitch black, her consciousness slipping away her frail form.

And the thought of Nicholas shaking her awake after the siege turned her lips into a smile.

And that's how she fell for Daniel.

From that day onwards, she treated Daniel like one of her older brothers. And every single day as she spent time with him, the more her heart screams for his name. The more she heard his voice, the more she yearned for his attention. And she helped him in all his training, she happily did it all, they became the very best of friends, but her heart shrieks in agony, telling her to confess her feelings.

And so she did, but was not given a satisfying answer.

"Wife." Dilan corrected Nicholas, as he packed his bag with elemental converters.

Tears threaten to fall from her blue orbs, but withheld it as she handed the potions to her oldest brother, Dilan.

"Oh?" She stated as if interested. "He-he married her?"

"You didn't know?"


"Better move now." Dilan stated as he wore his armor. "Guild meeting would be starting in a few minutes."

The three motioned towards the door, and as Altea turned the lights off in their home, no one knows how this war would turn out.

Prontera was lively as ever. The streets were overflowing with merchants and consumers. The three then moved to the kafra.

"Teleport us three to Comodo, please."

"Let the God of War guide you to the upcoming War of Emperium."

End of Chapter 1.