Summary: The Egyptians had been struck with a devastating loss; Sadie Kane was taken. Now, Gaea has manipulated them that the Greeks had taken her, and the entire Egyptian pantheon now declares war on the Greco-Roman pantheon. Will this be the end for our heroes? Or will it be just the beginning? Will Gaea win? Story plot is set after THE LOST HERO and THE SERPENT'S SHADOW. All cannon pairings, except maybe this story will be Sadie x Nico.


She didn't know how she got there. She didn't know how she made those cars explode; she just did. She definitely didn't know why a monster woman with a snake's tail instead of legs kept hounding her.

She willed her legs to carry her as fast they could, all the while dodging arrows that the woman kept shooting her with from behind. She leaped behind a car parked on the sidewalk, the woman's arrows sailing past her head by inches. Three of them broke through the glass windows, and Sadie was thankful that they missed her head by mere inches

"You don't know how long I've craved for your kind, Sadie Kane. I haven't had the Blood of the Pharaohs for a long time. You will serve an excellent dinner!" The woman called out from behind. Sadie didn't look around; one glance at the woman was enough. The woman wore no clothing except a purple bra, and her eyes were unmoving and steady, as if she couldn't blink. Sadie wondered if that was how she usually killed: by seducing men to death with her bra. Well, too bad for her, since Sadie was a girl. "Give up, Sadie Kane! Sooner or later, you will get tired, and I will feast on you flesh!" she threatened.

Sadie Kane. That was about the only important information she got from her. Her name was Sadie Kane? Everything else? Her mind's a total blank. No memories of the past, no memories of her parents, not even memories of school. There was one thing that retained in her mind though: the name Carter.

She wasn't sure who Carter was, or where she could find him, but she was sure that he could help her out. That was the only thing she was holding on to right now. But strangely, whenever she thinks of the word Carter, good and bad sensations both tingle throughout her body. Just who was that boy, and what was her connection to him?

She peered over her shoulder, only to see Lamia gaining up to her. "Look, I don't even know you lady! Now leave me alone!" she half-yelled, half-pleaded. The woman was right. Her knees were beginning to buckle. She didn't have the strength to run anymore. The snake-woman launched another arrow, and before she could sidestep, the arrow nicked her in the thigh.

Shooting pain went up her body. She looked at the cut, and found out that it was only about three centimeters long; not even enough to make her stop running. But her muscles felt like they were on fire. She collapsed on the ground, clutching her aching leg. The snake-woman stood, well slithered, triumphantly above her.

"Finally! Thank you for the wonderful chase, Sadie Kane. It was rather amusing to hunt you down. Now DIE!" the woman bared her fangs, and Sadie couldn't help but wonder how she didn't stab her own tongue with fangs that long. Sadie tried to control her breathing; the pain was just too much.

The woman lunged, aiming at her throat.

Sadie didn't register the sword that the woman bit on instead of her jugular. She was too much in pain to even see clearly. All she could make out was a blur of black. She heard the snake-woman scream, and a voice that she didn't recognize yell, "Leave her alone!"


He was just walking calmly along the streets of Manhattan when he saw them.

A girl was being chased by Lamia, and she was gaining on her. How did he know? He's met her before, and he shuddered at the memory. He'd rather not live through it again, much less let someone else get killed by her. He still can't believe he went on a date with Lamia. Lamia! It was a close call, thanks to some kid who can see through the mist asking him why he's dating a snake-woman.

Nico immediately hid behind an alley, thankful for the cover that the night was giving him. From his vantage point, he saw the girl jump behind a car, and Lamia's arrows flew right over her head. Nico smiled at that one. The girl was a fighter, and was very brave standing up to a monster like Lamia.

He scowled when he saw Lamia nock an arrow, and graze the girl in the thigh. It wasn't a deep cut, but Nico knew better. Lamia's arrows were dipped in hydra's blood; very poisonous, and even one small scratch can mean death.

The girl collapsed on the middle of the road, clutching her leg. Lamia slithered on top of her, and bared her fangs.

"Finally! Thank you for the wonderful chase, Sadie Kane. It was rather amusing to hunt you down. Now DIE!" he heard Lamia say. The girl just lied there, motionless.

Nico willed the shadows to transport him to the girl. Sure, he may have no idea who she was, but it's against his morals to let a girl get hurt. It surprised even him at first; the son of Hades, one of the most cruel and sadistic gods on Olympus, has morals? Plus, he always had a soft spot for girls, any girl. Ever since Bianca died, he made a promise to himself and the Styx that he wouldn't let another girl die, not if he could anything to do about it. He felt the shadows embrace him in a hug, and move him through the darkness, right in front of Lamia.

He made it, just in time. He pulled out his sword, and blocked Lamia's fangs before she could bite the girl's throat out.

Lamia screamed; an ear-shattering wail that broke every piece of glass within a five-mile radius. Nico had no choice but to cover his ears. It was rather hard, trying to block out her scream and keeping his eye on the girl to make sure she was still breathing.

"Don't interfere, demigod!" Lamia demanded. "She is fair game!"

"Sorry, but I don't think that human beings could be considered as game." Nico retorted, lifting up his sword. "Now leave her alone!"

"Or what?"

Nico raised an eyebrow. "Do you really want to see?" He glowered at Lamia.

"It's not fair!" Lamia whined like a child. "I haven't eaten in days!"

"Then go catch a cattle or something." Nico quipped.

"NO!" Lamia screamed. He lunged for Nico, but he had already expected her move. All of his training at the underworld and at Camp Half-Blood kicked in. He waited for the last second, until Lamia was directly in front of him, and he sidestepped to his right. Lamia made a wild grab, but Nico ducked, and swung his sword, aiming for her neck. With one expert blow, Lamia's entire head was decapitated.

"Impossible!" Lamia gasped, just before her head fell from her shoulders. Nico sheathed his sword, and spat at her ashes. "Serves you right." All that was left of the monster was a fang. Nico picked it up, inspected it for any damages, and put it in his pocket. Another trophy to add to his collection.

Nico ran to the girl. She was worse than she had let on; her entire skin was starting to pale, and green pus, aftereffects of the poison, was starting to seep out of her wound. Nico picked her up bridal-style, and shadow-travelled them to Camp Half-Blood. He wasn't sure who she was, but if she was being attacked by a monster like Lamia, there was one thing he knew for sure: this girl was powerful.


The first thing she noticed that her body was a chicken's.

Sadie screamed at the top of her lungs. Seeing herself with a chicken's body was just too creepy.

"Where is she?"

Sadie turned her head to the side, and finally noticed that she wasn't in the streets anymore. Instead, she was in a long hallway. A single chair was the only piece of furniture in the room. Three people were arguing there: A woman with swirling robes, a man wearing a leopard-skin cape, and an African-American boy, with some sort of crown on his head. In his hands were two things she did recognize: the crook and flail. Where did that come from?

"She was taken by the Greek gods Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades." The woman said. Sadie walked, well flew, closer, since she had wings. "I am but a messenger. The three gods want to usurp you throne, mighty Pharaoh. Poseidon wants his son, Perseus Jackson, to take over as Pharaoh of Egypt, while Zeus wants his son, Jason Grace, to become the Chief Lector. They believe that taking your sister would get you to relent to their wishes."

"The Greek gods?" The boy turned to the man wearing the cape. "Amos, is there a possibility?"

Amos nodded. "I've told you once, remember. Manhattan had other gods. I was referring to the Greeks." He turned to the woman. "If what you say is true, Lady-"

"Gaea." The woman supplied.

"Lady Gaea, then tell this to Zeus: return Sadie Kane to us now, or there will be war. Horus and Isis are both fuming, as are Thoth, Bes, Set, Osiris, Bast, and Tawaret. They had already assembled the gods for war, and are merely waiting for the Pharaoh's orders before they march into Olympus, and destroy your gods."

Gaea bowed. "I will make sure that Zeus gets the message. However, I will deny that I ever told you this: Go to Long Island Sound. There, you will see a camp, but it is no ordinary summer camp. It is Camp Half-Blood and the Olympians' Greek children live there. Maybe the three gods had taken her there, and is holding her hostage as we speak. There is another camp, Camp Jupiter, off to San Francisco, where the Romans reside. Again, I am not telling you to march over there and storm their camps, and I will deny telling you that their magic boundaries are weakest by the forest, and that you can stage an attack from there. I will also deny telling you that I am against the three gods, and wish for their plans to fail."

The boy nodded at every word Gaea said. He turned to Amos, and bowed to Gaea. "Thank you Lady Gaea."

The woman smiled. "It is no problem." As she turned around, Sadie saw her smile turn into an evil smirk. Sadie examined Gaea closer, and she noticed that the woman's robes weren't just swirling designs; they were made of the earth itself. Gaea raised her hands, and the earth covered her in a spire, and it sank to the ground.

The boy marched back to the throne. "Prepare the magicians. In five days, we storm Camp Jupiter." He ordered.

Amos bowed deeply. "Yes, my lord."

The boy slumped back into his chair. "Why do the worst things always happen to us? I mean, can't we have a break for once in our lives?"

Amos gave him a reassuring smile. "Don't worry Carter. We will find Sadie, even if I have to fight Zeus myself."

Carter smiled back. "Thank you Amos."

Before she could see more, Sadie was whisked away from her dream.

Her eyelids slowly fluttered open. She felt a throbbing pain in her head. Her muscles were still on fire, and her thigh felt like it had been roasted over a slow flame. But other than that, she was alive.

"Ugh..." Sadie groaned.

"Oh, you're awake. I thought you were dead there for a second."

Sadie groggily sat up on the bed. "Where-where am I?" her gaze drifted to the boy. "Who are you?"

The boy smiled. "My name's Will Solace. I healed you."

Sadie lifted the covers, only to find her leg freshly bandaged up. She smiled gratefully at the boy. "Thank you."

Will pulled up a chair and sat beside her. "No problem, mis-uh, what's your name again?"

"Sadie Kane." She answered.

"So Sadie, what did you remember last night?"

Sadie massaged her temples. "Not much…there was a monster…then arrows…so many explosions…then I saw a sword."

"Did you remember who saved your life?"

"No, I passed out before I could get a proper look." Sadie answered truthfully.

"Do you remember where you came from?"

Sadie shook her head. "Sorry, but no. The last thing I remembered before that snake-woman chased me was waking up on a park bench. I think…I think I lost my memories."

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