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I'm not usually the one to publish fanfics(especially one for Marvel comics) but I had discovered this comic called Runaways few days ago and I was absolutely hooked!

Too bad it was only three volumes long(AND ON HIATUS)

But seeing how as Marvel is showing no signs of continuing this awesome series anytime soon, I have decided to write a fanfic about my two favourite characters: Xavin and Koralina.

This is my first fic ever! So please bear with me if you find anything wrong with it. And feel free to point out any mistakes or possible improvement that could be made. I do aim to be a good writer in the future and I would love it if people could help me with my vocabs, grammars and whatnot. So please review if you have the time!

But please, enjoy the story first(which I hope you do) and Thank You in advance for reading my story.

OH! and uhh... THIS!

DISCLAIMER: All characters in this story belongs to MARVEL Comics(unless I say otherwise), because if I did the Runaways would be on their 18th volume, and Xavin would have been back way before.

Okay time for the story!

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Chapter 1

A bright star glimmered in the sky far brighter than any other over the skies of Los Angeles. To most it had been a mere shooting star, but for those who had witnessed enough would have noticed that the star was, in fact, not a star at all, but a ship crashing through the skies, and down to the Earth.

The obviously extraterrestrial ship did not crash as most witness would have thought it would, but hovered over the ground, a barely a meter above it with not a single sound, before landing equally silently. Oddly enough, from the ship stepped out an average, if not gorgeous, African American looking woman donned in a purple suit lined with black armor.

The woman remained silent, as if not to disturb the nature around her, and then grew a faint smirk of what seemed like relief. She turned around, towards her ship, which in turn slowly began to turn transparent until it was no longer visible. Then, as wordlessly as she came, the woman ignited in red flames then flew away into the night sky.

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"I can't believe you wanted to come here, Kar." A young redhead said in obvious amusement, sipping at the vanilla latte that sat before her, "I thought you hated Starbucks?"

Her companion looked down at her own long black coffee with a faint smile, "I never hated Starbucks." She stated with a nostalgic tone, "I just never felt like coming here, tis all."

Julie Power looked at her girlfriend in silence, contemplating the answer she was given. Two years was an awfully long time to not feel like' doing something. And one didn't need to know Karolina, much less date her, for two years to know that she was lying. She was terrible at it. One of the many characteristic she loved about her of course, but it was a ted bit unsettling. With a nice girl like Karolina, she had to wonder why the girl needed to lie to her at all. There were several instances during their time together where Karolina had obviously lied about her preferences of films, foods, books and locations of their date. It was clearly no ordinary matter, but the solemn look on her face was so painful to watch, Julie could never ask her the truth, knowing how pure she is she would answer her questions truthfully even if the act caused her pain. No, she could never do that to her. She was content on where they were, how they were: In love. And if there were things so painful that could determine her action, she would wait for Karolina to come out with it when she felt it right. For now all she wanted was to be with her and be happy together.

"So, you guys been up to anything recently?" Julie asked in attempt to pull the blonde's attention away from whatever was on her mind.

As her intentions, the solemn look quickly disappeared from Karonlina's face and was replaced by her usual bright demeanor, "Oh god, you have no idea what we ran into the other day."

"Yeah? What?" Julie smiled, seeing how her girlfriend was back to her happy self.

"You're so not gonna believe it, but: We ran into a talking Duck."

"Oh my god, is this that Duck that ran for presidency that other time?" Karolina nodded vigorously, "Oh wow, that must have been so weird!"

"It was! I mean, there were all these super heroes: She-hulk, Spider man and whatnot but in the middle of that all there was this one... duck! In a suit and everything giving around orders! Being in the super hero business we see a lot of weird things but this one just topped anything we ever saw. Hey, speaking of ducks, I think Klara is cooking one tonight as a special feast. Wanna come along?"

Julie burst into laughter, "You guys are so horrible! Sure I'll come with you." She leaned over and kissed her on the cheek. The slight blush that grew was so cute the redhead couldn't help but giggle.

"Okay, let's go!" Karolina said, immediately getting up.

"But you barely sipped your coffee." Julie retorted, slightly surprised.

"Oh, I don't feel like it today, actually." The reply was a bit faster then she liked. But realizing what the blonde wanted Julie quickly let the issue go and left with her hand in hand.

The winter breeze caressed their face the moment they stepped outside. Already they could feel the light sting of frost around their cheeks.

"You wanna fly there?" Karolina asked with a smirk and Julie stared at her in bewilderment.

"In this weather? We'll freeze up in less than ten seconds if we did that. We'll look like a pair of snowmen by the time we arrive."

"Don't worry, I'll make a barrier before us to stop the wind." She said, watching the redhead with hooded eyes playfully and pulling her into an embrace. "And we'll hug the whole way. To a... share our body temperature."

"You're really a sneaky perv, you know that?" Julie giggled and hugged her tighter. "Well, what are we waiting for?"

With that, Karolina exploded in a mess of rainbow lights; And the two of them flew into the night sky, stuck in a firm embrace as promised. Both women, unbeknownst to each other, wore a content smile that never came off the entire trip.

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Nico was a crier, though she had always wished differently, it was a simple fact that she would cry when anything remotely emotional happened that did not simply make her angry which was, thankfully, not often. But when she saw the familiar black woman standing in their lounge room with the same confident, if not arrogant, smirk they all remembered on her face, she could not bring herself to cry at the unexpected joy.

After the initial shock had worn off Molly and Klara had both ran up to the woman and started bawling their eyes out while the rest of them went up to her, one by one, to welcome her back to their ranks.

All except for Nico.

In her heart was the same overwhelming joy that no doubt nested in all of them. But unlike the others, Nico's heart held another vast emotion besides joy: Dread.

As many knew, Nico was Karolina's best friend, her oldest friend, and she knew just how broken, devastated and guilty Karolina had felt when Xavin had left with the Majesdanes to endure the punishment she was supposed to receive. It took a whole year for her to start dating again, and even then Nico was unsure if her alien friend had been truly ready for a new relationship. But that was now two years ago and in those two years Karolina had entered a surprisingly steady relationship with Julie Power, with no signs of breaking up. Nico had been, if not slightly skeptical, truly happy for her friend and had not felt the need to worry over the girl for a long time.

Until now.

"Xavin! You came back!" Molly cried in between sobs. Klara did not, or could not rather, say anything as she was too busy wiping her tears to make a coherent sentence.

"Indeed, Molly. You and Klara have grown so well. I almost did not recognize you." Xavin said in a familiar smooth tone.

"It's been awhile, Xavin," Victor greeted, putting his hand on the Skrull's shoulder. "I have to admit, I'm surprised to see you."

"Surprised Victor? You should have calculated that a Super Skrull, such as I, will always prevail, no matter the circumstance. Perhaps there are faulty wires somewhere near your processor. If you need, I can help you find it later on."

Victor half smiled, half frowned at the seriousness of the tone the comment was carried in. "Yep, definitely our Xavin huh?" The android(well, he is) gave a rather strong slap on the Prince(ss)'s back before walking back to sit on the couch he had been on before Xavin's unexpected arrival.

"I have truly... Missed you all: Molly, Klara, Chase and Old Lace, Victor, Nico but..." Xavin trailed off, an expectant smile on her face as she looked around the room.

Nico felt her heart pound at her ribcage, leaving her fidgeting as she waited for the dreaded question.

"Where is my beloved?"

Everyone fell silent. It was clear from their expression the single, unified thought that went through their mind: Oh shit. If the situation had been different, Nico would have laughed. But the fact was: it was not. And the person who felt were in most trouble was probably herself.

The moment dragged out, with none of the Runaways willing to meet eye to eye with the Super Skrull. Only the sound of Molly's muffled sobs as she hugged her tighter echoed in the silent lounge. After what seemed to them like hours had passed, Chase broke the awkward tension. "Uhh.. You still love her, man?"

It was a stupid question, they all knew. But at the same time, somewhere deep in their heart they wished they were wrong about the truth.

"Is this some sort of joke? It should be obvious that I do." Xavin said with a raised brow, clearly not amused, and unknowingly spreading dread through each team member.

"She's gone out." Nico said defensively, though not intentionally. The act of hiding something from one of their own had always put her in a foul mood. At least she wasn't lying. It may not have been the whole truth but a truth nonetheless.

"Then I shall leave to greet her in person." Xavin said excitedly, attempting to remove Molly from her so that she could flame up and fly to her fiance.

"No!" they all shouted together, shocking not only themselves but each other as well. But not as much as Xavin who stood with an odd expression etched on her face.

"And why not?" She asked, no doubt puzzled at their behavior. Has something happened to the lot of them while she was gone?

"She's uhh..." Chase began but was having trouble coming up with a plausible explanation.

"She's on her way back Xavin." Victor finished for him. "She said she was coming back for dinner. We're having ducks, right Klara?"

The little brunette girl, now a young teenager gasped. "The ducks! Yes, I have forgotten about them! I must go before they all burn to crisp." Then she suddenly had an idea and turned to the Skrull prince(ss), "Xavin, I know you only just returned but will you help me prepare the table?"

"But Karolina-" Xavin began but was quickly cut off when she was dragged along by the arm.

"Karolina would be here any minute now. Would she not be pleasantly surprised if you are here with a delicious meal all ready for her?"

"Would she like that?" She asked with a hopeful and unexpectedly innocent tone that weighed down on each of their guilt.

"She will love it." Klara replied with a smile.

"Then let us not waste another second." The prince(ss) stated with a determined look, never seeing the worried expression on everyone's face, as she marched off to the kitchen with Klara and Molly(who refused to let go of Xavin) in taw.

When the trio was out of earshot, the remaining members of the Runaway fell once again into a sober mood.

"Oh man." Chase muttered.

"You can say that again." Victor told him, which Chase complied.

"Oh man. What are we going to do?" The blonde asked no-one in particular, running his hands through his hair.

That was when Nico spoke. Her words carried on a grim tone, made the other's heads turn. "We do nothing."

The two young men looked to her as if she had grown a third arm which she proceeded to slice off and eat.

"What?" Victor almost screamed.

"We don't do anything." Nico repeated bitterly, not liking her idea just as much as the others. "This is their life. Their marriage. It's not our place to go in between them."

"But when Xavin finds out about-" Chase started, only to be cut off by Nico.

"When she finds out they'll have a talk, probably have a small fight... or a big one. But in the end, it's their lives. They began loving each other, and they have to be the ones to decide what to do with their relationship. And all we can do is hope for the best." The witch finished somberly, her face equally sour.

Chase seemed as though he wanted to speak, but after a moment he sighed and crashed back into his couch, tilting his head back until he faced the ceiling. "Oh dude, Xavin's gonna be so pissed."

Neither Victor nor Nico spoke, but in secret they were both thinking the same thing: 'Pissed' wouldn't even begin to describe what Xavin would feel when she found out.

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The couple landed by the veranda as they always did. With a small click Karolina's bracelet was on and the rainbow glows around her faded until she was in her human form once more.

"Now then," she began, whipping her hairs back. "Let's go eat some ducks shall we?"

"Karolina Dean! You have finally fallen to the dark side! You dare suggest we go and eat actual meat?" Julie mock gasped at her girlfriend who stuck her tongue out at her.

"Just because I'm vegan doesn't mean I can't even be next to people who eat meat you know." The blonde told her, walking ahead towards the door before sliding it open.

"I know. But I really should have recorded that or something. I don't think I'll ever hear another vegan say those lines in my li..." The redhead fell silent at the odd deer-caught-in-the-headlight look on her girlfriend's face. "Kar?"

The blonde did not even make a sound of acknowledgement but continued to gape. Frowning, Julie followed her gaze to see what had caught her girlfriend's attention so, and was surprised to see a gorgeous brown haired woman, who she had never seen before, in a tight purple black suit smiling gently at Karolina in the middle of the lounge room. The Runaways were standing around, all behind the woman and out of her sight, smiling nervously at the newly arrived couple. Julie looked back at Karolina who was still in middle of gawking at the complete stranger and felt a wave of jealousy wailing down on her heart.

"Kar, honey, if you are ignoring me because you are too busy checking that woman out you are gonna be in so much tro-"

"Xavin?" Karolina spoke with a choked sob. The redhead frowned, not at the word, but at how the word was said. It was as though she could not believe what she was seeing, witnessing a miracle. She would bet the Pope would not sound so enticed if he met up with Jesus himself. "You're back?"

"Yes, beloved one, as I promised." The stranger said, making Julie whip her head at her in shock. Did she just call her Beloved one?' When she looked towards Karolina once more, she saw that the blonde had tears in her eyes, a hand over her mouth in an attempt to suppress a sob and, to her ever-growing shock, a bright smile hidden beneath her hand, the one she had only got to see when the Majesdane was truly happy.

"Karolina!" Julie called out rather loudly when her alien girlfriend began slowly walking towards the stranger, in an attempt to snap her out of this... weird trance like state. The shout did seem to work as Karolina stopped on her tracks and slowly turned towards the redhead.

Initially the Majesdane seemed shocked to see her here, as if she had truly forgotten that she was there. Then, to Julie's confusion, her surprised look turned into that of horror. The alien girl turned from the stranger, to the redhead, then back to the stranger again, the pure horror in her eyes never left. Finally Karolina spoke, in a hoarse broken whisper, "Oh god... What have I done?"

"Karolina?" Julie wanted to call out in concern but was stunned to find that the stranger had beaten her to the chase. "Are you alright, my love?"

She frowned again at the name the stranger used to call her girlfriend. However, before she could get a word in, the room was suddenly filled with a rainbow light. The Majesdane turned towards the stranger, then to the redhead and whispered two sorrow-filled words, "I'm sorry."

Then, with a blinding light the alien girl flew out of the building and into the night sky, leaving a two very stunned women and a group of Runaways with a huge headache to come.

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And there you have it!

I have to admit, that last part seemed a bit rushed to me but I felt that if I stayed on trying to fix it on my own, I would never publish this story. So I leave you to judge how I did for me.

If you haven't guessed yet my motivation for this story was the little date Karolina had planned with Julie Power in the Avenger Academy comics. When I read it I just said "FFFFFUUUUUUUU-!" and flipped the table. Hopefully I can get my frustration of seeing Karolina CHEATING on Xavin while she is getting PUNISHED in unimaginable way by the Majesdanes out of the way.

But any-who, please give a review, a constructive if you have the time, or just to say you liked my story. It would mean the world to me.

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