The disappointing lack of Lyon's fanfics motivated me to write my own. :p

Snow Prince

Sherry was screaming. Toby was hanging precariously onto the deck of the ship with his elongated nails and Yuka was missing. He was barely holding onto the mast as the whole ship rocked violently, blood running down the side of his head. And Sherry – Sherry was still screaming.

Before we continue, let's backtracked to explain more about our current situation, shall we?

Two days ago, Toby had grabbed a mission request from the board. It was a request to subdue a kraken that has been terrorizing the town of Hargeon. It was reasonably paid and near the guild, so why not? Hargeon Town was a port city, and its main business was its sea trade and fishing. With the kraken making the port its territory, no ships would venture near, much less any aquatic fishes. So Lyon and his team had accepted the mission and set off the next morning. The town mayor had been immensely relieved that someone had replied to his request and had informed them of the situation right away. The kraken had been consuming anything that dared to venture into the water, although it stayed away from land and humans were quite safe as long as they avoided the sea. However, Hargeon's economy depended heavily on its fishing business, and people needed their sea to survive. The kraken must be stopped.

Lyon had never seen a kraken before, but he knew that they weren't supposed to be this huge. He had estimated the kraken to be about the size of an average cargo ship. But no, it was twice the size of a ship. When it sensed a ship moving over the surface of the water, it appeared immediately. Its monstrous appearance had shocked every one of them, and this led back to our current situation.

Lyon gasped as he was drenched from head to toe. The kraken dug into the hull of the ship, shattering the wood effortlessly. No matter how many attacks they had threw at it, it was unfazed and continued assaulting the ship. Looked like the rumours of krakens being magic-resistant were true after all.

For a second, Lyon regretted not bringing Jura along, but quickly disposed of that thought. Jura's magic was earth-based, and no matter how strong he was, he was virtually useless in the sea.

"Lyon-sama!" Sherry's scream was spine-chilling. With great difficulty, he turned around, trying to find the pink-haired woman despite the water splashing and heavy rocking.

He found her sprawled at the quarterdeck, near the helm. She seemed to be favouring her right leg, her hand gripping onto her ankle tightly. Standing above her, one of her enchanted creatures was fighting off a pair of tentacles. Lyon vaguely recognized it as one of the fallen masts. It wouldn't last long, what with the kraken's overwhelming strength.

Gritting his teeth, he sent a flock of ice birds flying towards the kraken's head to distract it. The kraken made a sort of roaring sound as the birds pecked furiously at its eyes, swarming around the creature's head. Lyon set off running towards the direction of Sherry, caution reminding him to keep an eye on the kraken. He nearly went careening off the ship as it tilted dangerously. The ship was going to capsize, or be dragged down by the kraken; either way, he has to get his teammates off the vessel fast.

"Sherry!" he yelled to get the pink-haired woman's attention. Sherry's head whipped to his direction, eyes wild and frantic. He slid right next to her, tugging at her arm insistently.

"Come on, Sherry, we have to get off this ship." He shouted over the kraken's roaring. He looked up as the main sail was ripped in half by a tentacle.

"I-I can't stand up, Lyon-sama." Sherry stammered, tears brimming at the corner of her eyes. She shook minutely under his hands.

"You have to." He growled. "Or else we'll all be dying here! Get to Toby and find Yuka. Now! I'll distract that beast!"

He pulled her to her feet, steadying her as she stumbled. She looked up at him, ready to protest again before she saw the fear in his eyes. She clamped her mouth shut with a snap, before nodding with determination.

"Go!" he yelled. He pushed her urgently, just in time for a wayward boom to miss falling onto them. The sail blanketed the quarterdeck, but the two mages were already off and running towards Toby.

"Ice Make: Snow Dragon!" he formed a seal at the kraken's direction. Half of his birds were gone, and the remaining ones were busy trying to flee from the terrible leviathan instead.

A shuddering bellow vibrated the deck below them as a dragon formed above him. Several ice wolves sprung out from him to shadow Sherry. The dragon crashed against the kraken, pinning down at least two of its flailing arms. It didn't work; the dragon was already splintering into pieces. But at least Sherry had reached Toby's side, the wolves circling the both of them.

"Get to the forecastle!" he shouted. Just then, the kraken released a bloodcurdling howl of anger. It smashed the ice dragon, as easily as swatting away a fly. It wrapped a pair of tentacles at each end of the ship, before another one came crashing down the middle.

"LYON-SAMA!" Sherry screamed. Toby was yelling at the side, but she didn't register what he was saying. All she could see was Lyon disappearing behind the tentacle.

Toby wrapped an arm around her waist, hurling her away from the center of the deck. He grabbed onto a rope as they started to slide towards the middle. A wolf shattered as it suddenly leapt in front of them, taking the brunt of the collapsing crow's nest.

Lyon scrambled to grab onto something as the ship started to fall apart. This was no good. He has to do something, or else everyone will be dragged down into the sea. He looked up just in time to see a tentacle tearing across the ship to curl itself around his abdomen. His ribs gave under the pressure and he was pulled off the ship. The skin on his fingers was torn off as his grip on the rope was ripped away. He didn't even have time to hold his breath before he was pulled into the waters. He tried using his magic, but the ice shattered before it could even formed into anything. He was dragged under, and the further and deeper he goes, he was losing more air.

His throat felt tight, his lungs felt like it was going to implode within his body and he was losing consciousness. He was going to die.

He wrestled weakly in the kraken's grip, bubbles of air escaping his mouth. His lids slid shut involuntarily and even his struggles were losing strength. He was going to drown and his body will never be found again, forever lost in the deep sea. Or in the belly of the kraken. Whichever.

As he descended deeper, his entire body felt lighter. It felt like an out-of-body experience. He felt like his soul was already half way out of its mortal shell. The lack of air didn't matter anymore. All he felt was what felt like a hand on his cheek. It was assuring and strangely gentle.

This must be what dying feels like, he thought. His last regret was his teammates and oddly enough, Gray, the obnoxious and unpleasant little brother he always thought him as.

He didn't even notice when he stopped moving.


When Gray received the emergency call, it was in the form of an eagle crashing right into his head while he was nursing a drink at Mirajane's bar.

He cursed violently as the bird attacked his head viciously. He desperately swat at the eagle, yelling profanities in anger. Lucy, who finally managed to stop laughing, took pity on him and plucked the bird out of the air.

"Damn bird!" Gray growled, wincing as he pressed against the fresh wound on his head.

Lucy giggled at him, amused. She glanced at the eagle in her grip. It was a really beautiful bird. Pale grey feathers, with golden talons that dug into her arm. She winced as she tried to get the eagle to loosen its grip. That's when she noticed the roll of paper tied to its leg. Curious, she untied the slip of paper from the eagle's leg, unfolding it carefully.

"What's that you got there, Lucy?" Natsu asked, peering at the slip of paper in her hands. He frowned as her face went ghost white.

"Lucy?" Happy asked in concern, hovering worriedly over her shoulder. He tried to peek at the contents of the letter, but it was abruptly squashed in Lucy's hand.

"Gray," she stood up, stalking towards the dark-haired mage who was watching her with an inquisitive expression. "It's about Lyon."

Gray went still at the mention of his fellow student under Ur. Wordlessly, he extended his hand towards Lucy. Shakily, she passed the paper over. His eyes flickered over the letter several times, just to make sure he's reading it right.

"Gray?" Lucy called out anxiously, touching him lightly on his bicep. It jerked him back to reality. His head snapped up, eyes frantic as it met hers.

"I have to go." He said brusquely.

Lucy nodded and jerked her head towards Natsu, Erza and Happy, "We're going with you."

Gray merely nodded, his throat tight with anxiety and fear. Even if he wanted to object, they wouldn't listen.

"What's going on?" Natsu demanded, affected by Lucy and Gray's anxieties.

Lucy hissed into his ear, while Gray approached the two blue-haired girls sitting at the other corner of the guild. "Juvia, Wendy, I need your help."