Gray was once again pacing, this time outside Porlyusica's cottage after the healer had gotten irritated as more and more people started to gather in her house and finally threw all of them out, spewing a string of vulgarities at their direction.

Even Erza was cowed by the bad-tempered woman. It's no wonder Makarov held such respect for her. Gray has no doubts that she could reduce a man ten times her size into a whimpering mess with just a mere withering glare.

"He'll be fine, Gray." Lucy said quietly beside him. "After all, the both of you were taught by the same woman."

Gray had to smile a little at that, feeling pleased at the respect shown to Ur. It was because of her that they both turned out the men that they had become.

Before he could respond, the door opened with a soft creak. Porlyusica slipped out silently, approaching them with a neutral expression.

"Porlyusica-san," he started.

The healer's eyes flicked towards him. "Extreme magic exhaustion. He'll be fine in a couple of days. I had fed him a magic replenishing medicine through a tube to help strengthen his body. The rest of his magic will naturally start to restore by itself."

"T-Thank you!" Sherry exclaimed, eyes damp with tears. The rest of the Lamia Scale mages, including Jura, who had rushed over immediately the instant he received Yuka's letter, sagged in relief. If they lose Lyon, Lamia Scale would never be the same again.

"He should have been dead." Porlyusica continued, looking unfazed with Sherry's gratitude. "Usually when a mage dies, their magic dissipates into the air and return to the earth. But in some rare cases, when a mage wants to live badly enough, their magic reacts to their master's will and make one last bid to save them."

Her eyes softened slightly as she glanced at Gray. Very slightly that one would have missed it if they weren't looking carefully. "You're lucky that he's such an obstinate fool like the rest of you. His stubbornness saved him in the end."

She pulled her cape tighter around her body, nodding at the direction of her house. "I'm giving you ten minutes to see him. If you're not gone by the time I'm back..."

Her threat lingered in the air. The mages shuddered as they felt an unseen killing force emitting from the 'frail' old woman. Porlyusica gave them a glare before disappearing into the forest.

Gray let the Lamia Scale mages entered the house first, while he waited anxiously outside. The rest of the Fairy Tail mages opted to visit another day, allowing Lyon's own guild mates to spend the time and reassured themselves that their own Ice Mage was safe and alive.

"You actually care a lot for him, don't you?" Natsu suddenly asked, giving him a cheeky smile.

Gray blushed bright red, a tick appearing at his forehead. "Shut up!"

He swung at the Dragon Slayer, but missed as the latter danced out of the way. Natsu's cackling rang in his ears as he dashed off after the others. Juvia gave him a small, tentative smile before she followed after him.

"Gray-san?" he nearly jumped as the door opened. Sherry smiled at him by the doorway, eyes suspiciously red and teary.

"How is he?" he asked nonchalantly.

She glanced back into the house, saying in a soft whisper, "He's alive."

Gray nodded in understanding. Lyon was alive, physically intact and healing. That's the only thing that mattered most.

"Gray-san, there are still a few minutes left." Sherry said quietly. "Do you wish to see him?"

He thought back to what Natsu had said to him before he left, and felt a deep flush crawled up his neck. He was torn between entering the house to make sure Lyon was truly fine or taking Sherry's word for it and see Lyon on another day.

"Just go in." Jura suddenly appeared behind him, a hand pushing him gently through the front door.

Jura slammed the door shut in his face before he could say a word. He mumbled a curse under his breath and reluctantly entered the room Lyon was in.

Lyon was awake, but barely. But it was far better than the shape he was in when he laid in Gray's arms, so, so still and on the verge of death. He was sitting up, his hair scattered over his face and shadowing his eyes. He looked drawn and pale, but Gray knew that the older man was aware of his presence and capable of defending himself even in his half-dead state.

"Gray," Lyon greeted as he sat down beside the bed.

The dark-haired mage gave him a small, weak smile. "Hey, you look like shit."

"That's what nearly dying would do to you." Lyon shrugged, letting out a wan laugh. Gray's wince went unnoticed by him. Lyon shifted slightly, grey eyes peering out under colourless hair. "What happened to me?"

"You don't remember? You went all Ice Age at Hargeon." Gray frowned.

Lyon laughed again, but this time it sounded slightly wistful. "The last thing I remembered was drowning. I don't even know what happened after I passed out."

"Your magic saved you." He said, and then decided to add, "The kraken is dead by the way."

"I know. Sherry told me." Lyon shrugged. "She also told me that Juvia was the one who went to break me out of the ice. Tell her I said thanks."

"Tell her yourself." Gray grunted. "You nearly died. That was damn careless of you!"

He didn't realize how angry he was with Lyon until the whole thing was over. He'd always thought that Lyon would be the kind of person who would go down fighting with a powerful villain bent on taking control of the world, not to a big, dumb monster that looked like a giant squid.

"Hey, a kraken is not a weak monster." Lyon protested, knowing perfectly well what he's thinking. "They are magic-resistant and that one is even bigger than Blue Pegasus's Christina!"

Gray scowled at him, but had to grudgingly admit that he's right. Even he would have trouble taking down that kraken.

"Well, be more careful next time then." He snapped, flushing when he realized how lame it sounded to his ears. "Your magic won't be saving you again!"

Instead of the teasing he had expected from Lyon, the latter merely smiled, shaking his head. "No, it wasn't my magic which saved me."

Gray's brows crinkled in confusion. "What do you–"

"It was Ur." Lyon confessed. "Don't look at me like that. I'm not crazy!"

The younger man recoiled, cheeks red. He knew that he probably was too shocked to hide his disbelief, but considering that their teacher was dead, it sounded quite unbelievable even in a world of magic.

"I felt her, just before I passed out." Lyon said fervently, looking so convinced and confident that Gray had to believe him. "She was there, in the sea and in the water. She was the one who saved me, Gray."

He turned and looked at Gray, eyes sharp and bright despite his pale and sallow complexion.

"Yeah, I know. I believe you." Gray said quietly. "That woman... she just refuses to leave us alone, even after she's gone, doesn't she?"

His chest warmed when Lyon barked out a laugh, eyes soft. "You're right. Ur has always been watching over us."

After all, they were her sons and she was their mother.

Shitty ending. I'm already starting to lose interest in this story, but thank god I managed to muster up enough motivation to finish the last chapter... I really can't write a long story at all. T_T