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The first thing I noticed when I woke up that morning was the fact I couldn't breath out of my nose. And lets not forget the headache or the sore throat either. All last night I tried hard to pretend that I was not in any pain and I was just tired from the little sleep I had gotten the night before. To make up for it I tried to go to bed early, though that was a fail cause I could not get comfortable and kept tossing and turning and only sleeping for small increments at a time. There was no denying it at this point though; I had come down with a cold. I hated being sick, even if was just something as small as a sore throat. Anything that could knock me out and left me vulnerable was a hassle. I simply couldn't afford to get sick. Not as a child and certainly not now as sheriff.

There was no use trying to sleep anymore. I rolled out of bed slowly so not to have a dizzy spell. My movements were sluggish as I went about my normal routine. I would take an Aspirin or whatever Mary had in her medicine cabinets as soon as I got downstairs. I did not need this headache to get any worse.

I finally managed to get all of my clothes on and headed downstairs. My head was a little bit clearer now that I had been awake and standing up. This was a definitely a good thing. So far all signs were pointing towards a simple, but annoying, cold. Mary was already in the kitchen when I entered. Her head perked up and I saw a worried expression come across her face.

"Morning." I said, ignoring the concerned look, which only got worse when she heard how nasally I sounded. I continued to ignore her as I headed straight into the bathroom to grab the medicine.

Mary didn't seem to get the hint that I was trying to avoid her and followed me inside, "Do you feel alright?"

"Yeah its just a headache." I lied, I hated when people fussed over me.

"Emma." She said my name in that warning tone that told me she knew I was lying.

"Its just a cold, really I'm fine." I sighed exasperated already. I grabbed the bottle of Aspirin and headed back out into the kitchen with Mary on my heels.

I headed straight towards the coffee pot, but Mary beat me to it and stole it from me. "Come on." This was just getting annoying now.

"No coffee for you while you are sick, I'm making you tea." Was her reply.

I was ready to argue with her, but she sent me that look. For someone who wasn't a mother, she had proper mother threats down. Maybe it was because she was a teacher; she had to have gotten the practice in somewhere.

"It's just a cold." I mumbled under my breath feeling a lot like one of Mary's students.

I continued to mope as I watched Mary boil the water, I was going to give her the satisfaction of knowing that I didn't mind her doing all of this for me. When the tea was finished, complete with honey mixed in, I spilled two Aspirin into my hand. As I was leaning forward to take the mug from Mary she snuck in and placed the back of her hand on my forehead.

"Hey!" I shouted and jerked away, though clearly not fast enough.

Mary gave me that same concerned look again and said, "You're warm, are you sure that you feel okay?"

"Yes I am sure. All I need is this tea and some Aspirin and I will be fine." I explained frustrated with all of her worrying. It was just a common cold, it would go away on its on by the end of the week.

"Alright then." I knew that she didn't believe me and I shot her the evil eye, though I'm sure it wasn't as effective because of the cold.

Mary went about the rest of her morning routine ignoring me as I continued to sit at the counter enjoying the tea. I had to admit the warm liquid soothed my throat and was opening up nose as well. Still I kept my mouth shut, there was no way I was going to admit that I was sick.

"I'm off to school." Mary said breaking the silence, "Are you sure that you are going to be okay?"

"Yes I am sure." I said calmly. I was a little more rational now that my headache was starting to recede and I had something in my stomach.

Mary still looked skeptical, but she accepted my answer, "Don't hesitate to call me if you need something." And with those final words she was out the door.

I let out a loud sneeze right after that. Lucky for me there were tissue boxes all over the apartment so I didn't have to go far to blow my nose. I made a note to grab one before I left for work. I did not get any relief from blowing my nose and had to go for another tissue. So maybe I should bring two boxes to work. Once my nose was clear enough for the moment I decided to follow Mary's lead and head down to the station.

Why was it always the days I needed it to be slow I was overly busy? The phone kept ringing and ringing. They were all problems that I needed to be involved with too. I kept having to get up and down going back and forth from my desk to the file cabinet. It was never ending and making my headache worse. Plus I had already gone through an entire box of tissues and it wasn't even lunch. I wasn't able to take a lunch break either. I had some many things that needed to be done that I couldn't afford to stop so I could make it home at a reasonable hour. While it was painful and hard, I was glad that I didn't have to stay any longer then usual. When I made it back to the apartment I was exhausted.

"Emma you look terrible." Mary said as soon as I walked in.

"Thanks." I said sarcastically.

I hung up my coat and walked over to counter. It felt good to sit down and lay my head down, which was killing me. No amount of Aspirin was able to take away the pain.

"I worked all day today seems like Storybrooke had an eruption of crime and things to complain about." I mumbled as I put my head down.

"Have you eaten at all today?"

I thought for a moment before answering, "Only tea and water."

"Emma you're sick you need to rest and eat. I'm making you soup."

"You don't have to do that."

"You are going to eat soup and then straight to bed, and no arguing."

I looked up at her and gave Mary an evil glare. I felt like such a child, which I wasn't. I was a grown woman and didn't need anyone treating me that way. I could take care of myself.

I must have dozed off on the table because Mary was gently nudging my shoulder. I could tell she was worried, but I did my best not to make eye contact with her.

"Thanks." I said taking the bowl from her. While I wasn't pleased with how she was treating me, I didn't want to appear ungrateful for all that she had done.

Mary had made me chicken noodle soup, which really shouldn't have surprised me. I didn't say anything to her though; the soup was actually helping me. The liquid was warm and soothed my throat. I actually felt a little bit better after I finished it. Maybe it was just low blood sugar and lack of food that was making me feel sick. I would have to make sure to eat properly, or at least always have something in my stomach, until my cold was gone.

Mary took away my bowl and said, "Bed."

"Yes ma'am." I mumbled, though I didn't put up a fight.

I was too tired to argue with her and sleep sounded amazing right now. I gave Mary a little wave and headed upstairs to my room. I managed to take my shoes off before exhaustion hit and I was fast asleep.

The next time I woke someone was in my room, but I was too tired to care or even open my eyes to see who it was. The person walked straight to my drawers and opened and closed them. Then they were at my bed and rolling me over onto my back. I must of let out a moan because they finally spoke reveling their identity.

"I'm just gonna help you change into pajamas Emma, jeans are not comfortable to sleep in." Mary explained.

I nodded my head slowly processing the information as best as I could. I tried to help Mary, but my movements were uncoordinated and sluggish. Somehow she managed to get me into my pajamas and under the covers. She ran a hand over my forehead, I know she was checking for a fever, but once again I was too tired to pull away. I heard her footsteps leave the room, hopefully for good so I could sleep. But I thought wrong as Mary was gently shaking me awake yet again.

"Open." She ordered me, and I listened. She placed something on my tongue, probably Aspirin, then she helped me hold my head up. "Drink." Was the next commanded as she placed a glass of water to my lips.

Once again I listened to her and drank the cool liquid swallowing the pill. When Mary was satisfied with the amount of water I drank she placed the cup on the bedside table. She turned to leave the room, for what I guessed was the last time, but I grabbed her hand.

I turned to her and whispered "Don't leave." For some reason I was terrified of her leaving my room for good. I didn't know what was the reason for my change of behavior; it wasn't the first time I had gotten sick.

"Of course." Mary said.

She walked around the other side of my bed and got under the covers with me. I rolled over to face her and she pulled me in close.

"Sleep Emma." She ordered once again brushing my hair away from my face.

I could only yawn too tired to say anything else. I closed my eyes for good and let Mary running her fingers through my hair lull me back to sleep.