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I ended up staying in the hospital for one long and excruciating week. I had forced Mary to go back to school which left me little to do during the day but sleep, cough, and watch bad TV. Henry and Mary would come visit right after, which kept my mind busy during those hours. But at night I forced both of them to go home. Henry because he had no choice, I didn't need Regina on my back when I was already down, and Mary because I felt guilty for keeping her at the hospital when she could be sleeping in her own bed. The minute she left I would immediately regret my decision. I wanted, no needed, her with me. I had to remind myself that I would be okay without her and it was for her health that we were separated.

My week was finally up, or really my fever was gone and I hadn't passed out from a coughing fit in over 24 hours. I still had attacks, but they weren't nearly as bad as they were and the chest pain was mostly gone too. Dr. Whale kept reminding me that I wasn't fully better yet, but I didn't care. To me mostly better was good enough. Of course Mary Margaret agreed with Dr. Whale and I was forced to be on bed rest for at least another week. From there we would see how I was progressing and I might be able to go back to work.

I wasn't thrilled with the plan, but at this moment anything was better then the hospital. On the bright side I would be with Mary all the time. She was taking the week off to stay with me, mostly because she didn't trust me to stay in bed all day. While I wasn't too happy about that either, she was right. First chance I got I would be working instead of resting.

While Dr. Whale completed his final check up on me Mary had run to the pharmacist to pick up my antibiotics. I had very specific instructions on when I had to take those. Once I had signed my release forms I was ready to go. I was all changed out of the uncomfortable hospital gown and into a pair of sweatpants and a tank top that Mary had brought from home. She was clearly sending me the message that the only place I was going was to bed. I let out a sigh when I saw her walking back to my room finally I could go home.

"Were you able to pick up the medication?" Dr. Whale asked also coming back into my room.

Mary nodded her head, "They are in my car."

"Good. Now Emma you know the drill. No getting out of bed and the first signs of a fever or if you have trouble breathing you are to come back here."

I let out another sigh, "I know."

"Don't worry Dr. Whale I'll keep her honest." Mary butted in.

"Glad to hear. Well then Emma you are free to go."

The wheel chair was already in my room so I quickly made the change from my bed to it without any help. It was bad enough that I had to be pushed out of the hospital in it, so even the smallest amount of independence made me happy. A nurse came in and pushed me out of the room and to the front entrance where Mary's car was waiting. Once again I got up as fast as I could and walked to the passenger side. It felt good to walk on my own on the outside; it had been far too long since I had been out of the hospital walls. I could tell Mary wanted to protest my independence, but kept her lips shut. It was a smart decision since I didn't want to argue when I was so happy to be going home with her.

I was actually excited to drive through Storybrooke, which only proved that I had been in the hospital for far too long. I was nearly as exciting when I saw the apartment building, but was instantly over come with fear when I remembered all the stairs I would have to climb. I had been going on short walks around the hospital to keep my strength up, but they left me winded and exhausted. How was I supposed to climb up to the top if I couldn't even do that? And then there were even more stairs to get up to my bed.

I was jolted out of my thoughts when I felt Mary's hand on my arm, "Don't worry, we'll take it slow." She said once again knowing exactly what I was feeling.

I took a breath in and nodded my head, it was now or never. I opened the car door and made my way to the front of the building, Mary was right by my side the entire time.

"There is no need to rush this. You can stop at any time, just listen to what your body wants." Mary reminded me as she unlocked the front door.

Stairs had never looked so daunting before, but there was no turning back unless I wanted to go back to the hospital. Since I really didn't want that to happen I grabbed onto the railing and pulled myself up to the first step. By the end of the first group I was already panting and had to stop and try and catch my breath.

"You can do it Emma." Mary encouraged me, and it was enough to get me to the next floor.

As I progressed it took longer to go from step to step. I had to pause between each to try and catch my breath, until finally I needed to stop because I was starting to cough. As usual Mary knew before I did that I needed to sit down. She gently pressed down on my shoulder and helped me onto the step.

Mary grabbed my hand and said, "Slow breaths."

I closed my eyes and tried to focus on controlling my breaths. The coughing wasn't nearly as bad as it could have been. It wasn't any less painful or annoying, but at least I could breath.

After a few minutes I felt well enough to try and finish the stairs. Once again I grabbed onto the railing and pulled myself up. Mary held onto my arm and together we finished the last two flights. She quickly unlocked and ushered me inside and straight into her bedroom.

"There is no way I am going to allow you to walk up and down the stairs to your room, you are staying in my bed until you are well." Mary explained to me, and I didn't argue her because it made logical sense and the thought of climbing another flight of stairs had me panicking.

I immediately collapsed onto the bed once we were in the bedroom. It was a relief to be lying down and not moving. If walking around took this much out of me, I might actually be able to stay on bed rest without too much complaining.

Mary helped me out of my shoes and jacket and got me tucked into bed. It was so much more comfortable then the hospital beds and smelled like home instead of rubbing alcohol. Mary also got me a glass of water, which I quickly drank. She also checked me over for any signs of a fever, which I guess I still didn't have since she looked happy. The water also helped ease the coughing, which had continued the remainder of the trip. As much as I wanted to hold back on the coughing I was under doctor's orders to listen to my body since it was how all the gunk in my lungs was going to come up. It was gross, but I couldn't complain too much if it was going to make me better.

"How are you feeling?" Mary asked sitting down on the other side of the bed.

"Relieved to be home and in bed." I smiled at her.

"I'm glad to hear that, but how is your body feeling?"

"Tired and sore, but lying down is helping a lot right now."

"I'm glad to hear that, especially since you aren't leaving this bed for a week."

"Yeah we'll see if I am saying the same thing at the end."

Mary and I both laughed at this. Sure at the moment I was thankful for the bed and that I didn't have to go anywhere for a week, we both knew that it wouldn't be long before I was dying to get up and move around.

"I hope you learned something from all of this." Mary said suddenly getting serious.

I didn't like where this was going so jokingly I said, "That you can be very bossy."

She just rolled her eyes, "No. Next time you aren't feeling well take it easy and listen to me when I say go to the doctors. I don't want a repeat of what happened. You really scared me."

I cast my eyes downwards and sighed, "I'm sorry." The thing I regretted the most in all of this was how I made Mary and Henry feel.

Mary took my chin in her hand and made me look at her, "I know you are. Now why don't you try and get some sleep."

"But I'm not tired." I whined, even though I really was. I was too excited about being home and didn't want to go to sleep.

"What did I just say about listening to me?" She said giving me her best stern look.

I just scoffed, "Yes Mom."