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She thought she was cured. She thought that her allowing him to kiss the puckered flesh the night before was the final show of her healing. But as she lay in his arms, watching the Manhattan sun cut through his windows, she felt the first tugs of anxiety pulling at her heart. She watched as a dagger of light touched the sheets bundled at their feet. Her mind flashed back to the cemetery the flicker of light before the shot and she bolted from his arms her back slamming against the bedroom wall. He was awake in a flash concern covering his face. He knew that look, he had seen it before when they investigated the sniper. Esposito had been there for her then, but now it was only him. He stared into her eyes as tears began to well there and spill down her cheeks. Her hands went to her chest clutching at her scar as she slid down the wall her knees to her chest. He moved then sitting down next to her unsure of exactly what to do. So he did the only thing he knew.

"I'm right here."

Beckett hands shook as she reached out for his hand, their fingers linked and they sat that way holding on for dear life. A cabbie horn blew outside the feel of metal ripping through flesh and she jumped her body tensing for a fight. He pulled her into his lap, nestling her into the space between his legs as he wrapped his arms around her shoulders. He blinked rapidly trying to rid his face of the tears, she trembled in his arm sobs getting caught in her throat. He rested his head in the crook of her neck, his tears mingling with hers.

"Rick." She gasped her fingers digging into his arm as she lowered her head, her breath finally slowing slightly.

"Always Kate."