Switched at Birth Episode 1: New Blood with Bad Feelings

Author: Becca Ainsley

Disclaimer: I Do Not Own Switched At Birth. I Only Own My Made Up Characters

Enjoy the Story! :)

Chapter 5

One on One

It was lunchtime at Buckner Hall and Bay sat alone at the outdoor lunch tables.

She snapped the carrot and celery sticks that her mother packed for her lunch.

"Having fun sister dear?" Toby joked as he sat himself and his lunch next to Bay.

"No," Bay said sternly.

"Dang Bay," Toby said. "Is last night still on your case?"

"Yup," Bay sighed. "My own boyfriend called me a bitch and... some other stuff."

"What other stuff?" Toby asked as he opened a juice bottle.


"Oh, right." Toby awkwardly sipped his juice and bit into a sandwich.

"Hey guys!" Daphne said as she approached the two.

"Hey Daphne," Toby greeted. "What are you doing here?"

"It's my study hall right now," Daphne replied. "Decided to come here for lunch."

"No seriously why are you here?" Bay asked gruffly.

"Bay!" Toby shouted.

"Don't 'Bay!' me!" she shouted back. "She's not really here for lunch."

"Wow Bay," Daphne said. "You really know me. Emmett sent me."

Bay rolled her eyes and continued to play with her lunch.

"He's really sorry about last night," Daphne replied. "He didn't really mean to call you... you know."

"You bet I know," Bay muttered. "And to say that to me after Simone, he must have some guts."

"Why are you still with him anyway?" Toby asked.

"Honestly," Bay said. "I don't want to anymore."

"Bay!" Daphne said stunned. "Are you serious?"

Bay nodded uneasily and replied, "I mean with Simone and last night and his sister, I'm done but I can't do it."

The three silently then Daphne said, "Well I'm not really here for that."

"Then why are you are here?" Toby asked.

"Well it is for Emmett, and Regina, and Melody."

"Oh my god," Bay sighed. "Heather?"

"Honestly Bay!" Daphne shouted. "Why are you so harsh with her? She's just a little girl!"

"Who obviously doesn't like me!" Bay answered. "There is no way I'll be nice to someone who doesn't like me!"

"But why?" Toby said.

Bay paused. "I don't actually know."

Toby started to chuckle then laugh out loud. "Are you serious?! You hate her and you don't ever know?"

"Bay, that is ridiculous," Daphne said trying to hold in some laughs.

"I just know she doesn't like me," Bay replied. "Sure I don't know why, but when we first met, she seemed pissed that I didn't know her."

Daphne, Bay, and Toby were in deep thought in for a minute.

"Maybe you should talk to her," Daphne added. "Melody insisted and Regina and Kathryn are forcing you."

"So that's it?" Melody signed to her step-daughter. "You're just gonna lie here and take it?"

"What are you talking about?" Heather asked.

Heather was reading in her room when her step-mother walked in.

"I understand you're not a fan of Bay," Melody replied. "I used to, now I'm perfectly fine with her."

"What's your point?" Heather shot back.

"She's dating your step-brother, my son," Melody said. "You don't think I wasn't okay with that?"

"That's the point!" Heather yelled using her voice.

Melody was stunned as she read Heather's lips. "What are you talking about?!"

"That's the point," Heather said as she stopped signing. "I don't like Emmett with Bay."

"Why?" Melody signed.

"She turned him into a horrible person!" Heather replied. "You don't think I don't about the billboard tagging or Ty? I know it all!"

Melody sighed. "Who told you?"

"Believe it or not, Emmett," Heather said.

"So you think Emmett is perfect, that it's all Bay's fault?" asked Melody.

"Cause it is," Heather answered.

"Has he told you about Simone?"


Melody rubbed her chin and began, "Simone is a girl that Emmett cheated on Bay with."

"What?!" said Heather stunned.

"Not just cheated," Melody added. "They had... a night."

"Oh god!" Heather shrieked. "You're kidding?!"

Melody nodded and Heather soaked up the information.

"Doesn't seem so perfect now does he?" Melody asked.

"No kidding," Heather replied.

"Maybe you want to talk her now," Melody said and left Heather.