Description: Classic drabble

Disclaimer: I no ownie 'Buffy' or else she would have at least done this.

Rating: T

Setting: After 7.02

A/N: Was a full blown one-shot. Too much rambling. Cut rambling. Had drabble. Deal with it. :P


He has a soul.

He has a soul and he has draped himself over a giant cross.

He has a soul and he doesn't seem to feel his skin sizzling.

It registers that somehow this has all been her doing. He has turned her world upside down - and not in a good way. Now, she is completely overwhelmed and bizarrely humbled.

It feels wrong to leave him there to weep and burn. So she gently pries him off the cross and he only slides to the ground, gazing, blinking through tears as if she could be salvation.

She runs.