Grand Theft Auto: Cab Driver's D Day

T.V.: In the news today one more new york
cab driver was killed in a drive by shooting.
at about 12:00 today a white van opened fire
on two NY taxi drivers, one died on the way to
the ER. the 2ND man was not hurt.

shawn: it was a day i'll never forget,
it's not all the time you see a you're
best friend shot in the head. it's been
in the news for days now.

(taxi driver killed)(cab driver shot in drive by)

shawn: heh. not a good day to be a cab driver.
this is how it all went down...

*flash back*

(i was playing poker with my best friend spike...)

spike: come on dumbass! you playin or not!?
shawn: i'm thinking! get off my back!
spike: aww for the love of god!
shawn: shut the fuck up! okok GIN!
spike: it's poker dumb shit!
shawn: it was a joke......ass head
spike: whatever...come on! it's time for are shift.

(we did are job and we were comeing back for are pay)

shawn: the pay's shit here huh
spike: you can say that again

(spike was a nice guy, he never
pissed anybody off, some say he's kinda
a pussy. he had a nice lookin girl friend
and a sweet lil girl. who's going to tell her
daddy's not comeing home tonight?)

shawn: so how's your lil girl?
spike: lana? she's fine.
shawn: and how's sandy?
spike: she's ok to, hey you want to get a beer?
shawn: sure! as long as you're bayin i'm drinkin

(a white van came by, the tip of an uzi came out the side

shawn: huh!? GET DOWN!

(shots rung out! i looked at spike)

shawn: are you ok!?
spike: im fine..*BANG*

(spike had been shot in the head, before he died
the way he looked at me made me want to cry.)

*end flash back*

shawn: the cop's can't do anything about it
maybe i was that day...i took the law in my own hand's

-end chapter one- R&R