She ran as fast as she could from the men on their horses, she didn't mean to steal the horse she only wanted to look at it and now she was going to die for it. The air was cold and her skin began to turn purple from the freezing. She didn't understand why they got so up about the horse. It was just a horse.

She stopped for a breath, a wrong move, she was cornered by the men sent after her. She felt them point the swords at her as she was grabbed and dragged off. She was locked in a cage like an animal, shivering and shaking for who knows how long. She was only awoken with the sound of guards speaking to someone, pretending to be asleep she listened.

"Who is this thief I have heard so much about? I was told she tried to steal my horse." A smooth icy voice began.

"We have caught this thief, a young girl about 13, not very big in size, her skin is golden, she must be a Spaniard or a Greek. What would you like us to do with her your highness?" said what sounded like a guard.

After a long pause she heard, "Leave me alone with her, I wish to question her."

She quickly pretended to be asleep as guards dragged her out of the cage and threw her to the ground, she couldn't take it any longer and yelped and hit a guard which earned a kick to the stomach and she doubled over clutching her stomach. The guards then left as someone helped her up and had her sit in a chair.

"I hope they did not wound you too badly young lady." Said a man sitting across from her, she looked at him for the first time and knew he was royalty just by the way he dressed.

"W-who are you?" she stuttered on her words. She saw him look at her with amusement in his cold eyes as he smirked. She began to feel very uncomfortable around this man.

"You really have no idea who I am?" He asked with slight amusement in his tone. She shook her head no and he continued, "I am Commodus, soon to be Emperor of Rome, and just what is your name young lady?"

"My name is Selene. Selene Prinkípissa." Selene said cautiously. She saw the amused look on his face and this irritated her.

"So you are Greek?" he asked. Selene only nodded to this as he continued questioning her, "How did you get here from Greece and where is your family?"

She took a deep breath and began explaining, "I hid on a Roman ship and I was transported here, wherever this place is. My family was killed by some Roman Soldiers. My entire household, my mother, father, and little brother, may they wait for me in Elysium."

Commodus took pity on the young girl and kindly said, "I am very sorry for your loss miss."

"I have been running around stealing from anyone I can find so I can stay alive. The guards said I was trying to steal your horse but I wasn't! I only wanted to get a look at it. I've never seen a real horse before." She started but then he stopped her.

"You have no home to go back to do you?" he said with a smile on his face. Selene shook her head and he chuckled. "Then I may not let you leave. You will return with me and my dear sister, Lucilla."

Selene opened her mouth to hesitate but he stopped her and said, "It is settled."

This was the beginning of Selene's fate.