Silent hill: Assumption

Chapter 1: Endless, nameless

This is my first story in English, so if any of you guys find a grammar mistake or something please tell me, and umm, well, I do not own anything of this saga, although I like to own Henry.

Words have no power to impress the mind without the exquisite horror of their reality. -Edgar Allan Poe-

He pointed out with his flashlight every little corner of the asphixiating alley he was in, desperate to find an exit to that awful smell sewers. He felt lost as the map he had was completely useless due to the fact it was covered in muddy water. He looked at a grate far beyond his reach,and although it was way too far, at least he could see it if he focused well his sight. He checked his inventory to be right, he equipped the demon pistol (as he loved to call it) and walked to the grate, as he reached the open door the radio emmited static in a very loud level. By far of what he had learned, this wasn't a good sign, that and the fact that the only light that was illumintaing all the whole sewer was Henry's flashlight. When he entered the grate, the door closed shut behind him.

He tried to open it, but the lock was broken, suddenly his pocket flashlight stop working and everything he heard was the radio static noise and the terrified breathing from him. Suddenly all the lights went down, including his own flashlight, and he look it was a large corridor, at the end of it a person was coming with a candle in his or her hands. He stopped where he was, and he could have been there if it wasn't for the moving walls that wanted to make of him a Henry sandwich. He ran as fast as he could saving all the time his backpack, putting his gun on the holster in his waist. When he was about to arrive where the person was the walls were very close to him, he was feeling now the pressure of them. He jumped, only to find out the person was a responsible father, he reach out for his gun and space to run, but all the other space in front of him was occupied by the fat of the monster. When he was about to strike a ring of his cellphone distracted him.

The man wake up by the alarm of his cellphone notifying him it was running out of battery, he was far too tired, even though, here he was again, in that stupid town near another stupidly,uncanny town covered with ashes and thick fog from an unknown fire beneath all the town, the only thing that was separating this was the knowing that the only significant difference was that he wasn't staying there to live, only covering some dull, senseless, and frivolous report his by now drunk boss sent him. After finishing that business, he will rather have two options, the first one, being the easiest one, but the most boring was going directly to his house, ready to express all his frustration in bed with his wife's body for another round of lame work, or either get so wasted that his wife wouldn't disturb him with her '' why won't you touch me anymore?'' or with the old '' I miss you so much, please don't be that late again'' routine. He laughed, can't blame her for that last statement, after all the happenings, it's natural she's still worried with every detail out of her control.

He knew he took the decision too quickly, but it was the most proper of them. The first option, after all, was covering some new line of cloth for some creepy doll that wasn't worth a drink, or even mentioning getting wasted,giving another proper think, he didn't like the idea of sleeping in another bed that wasn't his. He sighed again in a very melancholic way, our hero wasn't very excited at the idea of having sex without feeling, only pretending to orgasm which to him sounded boring, and lame. By the time he was thinking all this, he was close to reaching Shepherd's Glenn, the hometown of one of his "friends" as he liked to call his companion of his empress: Alex Shepherd

(What a coincidence, his last name and the name of the town), he think, almost laughing, and then he think again of Alex, certainly he was a nice guy, but drowning his little brother wasn't very morale of him, as he told him last saturday while they were drunk. Getting to the subject again, Shepherd's Glen was also a ridiculously small town connecting south Ashfield with Detroit, and a detour to the town that he needed to overcome with years of psychological and psychiatric therapy, Silent Hill. Yeah, it was a long ride to overcome that weird stuff happened over there, although he didn't come near the town in his trip to this ''world'' if that word can describe this twisted version of… whatever it was, with the monsters and all that stuff. Before he had an emotional breakdown his cell phone began to ring.

- ''Hi?'' He answered with a skeptical voice.

- ''Oh, thank god it's you, I tried to ring you many times, but it immediately said your cell phone was off.''

- ''Okay Nikolai don't worry I'm fine, I'm passing Shepherd's Glenn, soon I will be in South Ashfield" The hot Russian sweetheart always harassed him in way more sexual undertones than allowed

-"That's wonderful…" he was interrupted

-"But I really don't understand why do I have to do a special report about the new Robbie the rabbit outfit line? It's kinda creepy considering the experience that I had with one of this-'' Said in his boring tone. Nick was about to respond, but soon the line went off leaving him more annoyed and overwhelmed. ''Hi? Hey can you hear me? Hello?'' After that he heard the creepiest sigh as he passed underneath an old, and by far one of the most spine- chill bridgse that one can pass, one he had never seen before. ''Nikolai Petrevich Stratilovna, stop that joke, it's not funny'' he said in an angrier tone.

-''Now you're talking to Damien"

-"He never told me about an assistant"

-"How silly of him, tell me whatever you want to say and then I'll tell him what you said'' Answered this Damien person, but something inside his head bothered him. It sound very familiar to him that voice, almost like his own.

- ''Well, I want an explanation as to why I have to go to South Ashfield, HE has an army of repor-'' Damien laughed in an not so good way "Damien,you okay?"

- "You could say so, 'Receiver', happy day of your death'' Said interrupting in a dark and strange tone. Then the line went off

He took a look at the screen of his cell phone, what a good joke, but how on Earth someone could know how he was called some years ago? Realizing it wasn't a joke, the line really went off, then he put it in the tray on his left hand side, by the time he did all this, there was a thick wall ahead of him, and Henry could possible dodge it. Soon after he put the cell phone in the tray, and it took mere seconds until he saw a wall very close in front of him. He tried to stop the car, but after some screeching the vehicle flipped. Henry was trapped upside down in his minivan, he unzipped the safety belt, only to hit against the minivan ceiling, causing him to blame everything around as the pain took over his words, soon everything was turning blurry for him, and the next thing he remember before he passed out was a stranger pulling him out of the minivan.

Two hours after

He woke up, but failed at trying to see anything, his vision was blurry, like he had a bad hangover. He considering it to be very ironic, finally getting wasted not in a way he liked, as a car accident is not counted as hangover. Rather he would like it to have been bar of cosmopolitans (yeah, he wasn't into beer or other "manly" drinks lately), and being with his friends in south Ashfield's bar to be the cause of his current headache. While he was thinking this, he unconsciously waited a half minute to recover, and soon finished imagining his life without Walter Sullivan seeing his apartment as his mother. He tried to stand up, but he was tied up by what it feels like very strained ropes,

(Let's at least check this place) Henry thought to himself. He looked up to the ceiling, and yelled at the mirror, he yelled so badly his vocal cords hurt but after a minute or two he calmed down enough to see it was only himself in a ceiling mirror above him. Also he realized he was in an electric chair. He thought abour Richard "moody" Braintree, only to find for his fortune, it wasn't plugged, or at least it gave the impression by what he can see in the mirror. Blood and weird fluids, which some of them he never had seen on his life, oozed from everywhere except his chair, which was stained with those fluids he had never seen in his entire life.

He stared at every corner of the room, it was too normal to be in Silent Hill...well, partially, considering he was strained to a rope, and above his head was a mirror. He thought of the Saw movie, then started laughing like a maniac considering that he wasn't the right type of profile jigsaw would consider, He shook his head, trying to pull out his thoughts of this room, and being in that town he never wanted to remember, and to soothe his tense body he thought of this as just a dream, and he will soon wake up, get out of the car and call the insurance company to take his car as he goes to South Ashfield in a bus, in the old way little Walter would travel to see his mother.

(Ugh, what a weirdo, thinking his mother was an apartment. I wondered what will happened if they demolished the room? will it be as if they killed his mother?) He thought to himself randomly, while looking around the room, using the mirror to see the inaccessible areas the human sight could not. To Henry's despair, but at the same time, relief, the only things around him were an old screen in front of him, an older cinematographer covered with rust right behind him, but with what looked to be a reel inside it at his left and at his right a door, that he will love to enter through, when he saw it he tried to walk to it, but he remembered he was tied up to the chair, and he felt stupid to even trying to get up of the chair, at that moment he would palm face himself if it wasnt for the tight strains.

(It will only be too easy for a Silent Hill jigsaw-ish puzzle) He thought to himself again, but he turned his head right and left rapidly to try, and forget all these things related to a smoky town that wanted to haunt, and scare the shit out of him. He tried very hard to not remember each event occurring, and everything he saw. Remembering the entire hymn to the joy he do, soon he got tired of remembering, and saw what was beneath him, it was only a floor that looked like made out of metal grates and underneath was only black, which gave goosebumps to him, knowing that he could fell down that abyss in any moment.

He was still a little bit dizzy and felt like puking, but the only thing he was able to do in the situation he was passing through was just seeing at whatever projection was going to be projected on the screen. He felt this was like he was in an experiment with some crazy doctors that will think the new solution of every disease in the world is hypnotizing everybody. That idea made Henry sicker than he was earlier, now the sensation of the vomit inside his mouth was more drastic. Finally a projection started on the screen, the little clip started with Henry entering his house after a day in school, having a little camera between his hands

-"Happy birthday" Said a feminine voice in a cheerful tone, the voice talking was a voice everybody will instantly love only by the good vibe it could transfer to anyone that could hear it.

-"Oh mother, why did you bother?" Said Henry in a dull, but at the same time joyful tone

-"Cause we love you"

-"We?" Said five years Henry Townshend, as the camera suddenly focus on his face, the joy expression he did after all his friends came out behind the sofa was unbelievable

In the next scene Henry was now cutting the cake in his party, the only party he remembered that was good, surrounded by some of the only friends he had ever had: Heather, James and Murphy, all surrounding him as they were singing him the happy birthday song, while a happy Henry was giggling, and hugging all his friends as wide as his little arms will allow him. By now Henry was already crying at remembering such good and nostalgic remembrance. It was fine until Henry stopped crying when the tape suddenly started turning red, like it was on fire, soon the tape fade away and now it was like some other tape incrusted in the original video, in this a boy, almost a clone of Henry, was in his birthday too, the quality of the record look like the 70's quality. It was a very little and poor room, only two people were inside.

-"Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Damian, happy birthday to you" A woman sang beside the child that look a lot like Henry in his infant years

-"Whatever, this is lame, no one of my friends came here and I'm sad, this is all your fault for being poor, go to hell Monique!" He said angry, going away

-"But Damian, stop!" Both of them went out of focus, but the camera stay there, suddenly a man entered

- ''Happy day of your death'' He said laughing in a dark way

Suddenly Henry woke up (again), covered with a thick layer of his own sweat, and shivering like if the weather was below zero, surrounded by thick fog, but there was nowhere to be found his beloved car, which he called it Stacey, instead he was just lying at the pavement. He felt uneasy about this, this wasn't a good sign that out of nowhere his car dissapears. He tried to stand up, but fell down when he was in the middle of the action, giving a loud thud, he felt stupid but tried it again, this time being succesful. He first checked if there were any signs of trauma on his body.

-"Oh~ man, what the…!" Surprising himself, and for anyone within earshot, he yelled like a little girl, disturbed by the ''Welcome to Silent Hill' sign. The peaceful guy, that is never disturbed, not even by some strange kind of ghosts that put their phantasmagorical hand inside your chest while pulling the energy out of you, or discovering you have live with a corpse in another room that was sealed in other room, was now yelling and feeling the fear a teen experienced seeing his very first horror movie. ''Why? Why me? There are seven billion people in this world, not even counting the birth rate, or the mortality rate, and even after, still there are more crazy people out there with more complex problems than mine. Still I know that I'm almost made out of rock and I don't feel anything most of the time, I know I can overcome this more easily than a child murderer, and I know I can afford a more secure future to Eileen. Plus sex with her is good, everything with her is good, I want everything of her, so that's the only reason why I shouldn't be here, but I don't understand this, what kind of fuckery is this, please tell me god, I don't like this shi-''.

- ''Have you thought about family issues?'' A man said behind Henry. He was short, and had the appearance of a wolf, but he also resembled a vague heroine dealer too by wearing a strange hoodie, which was at the same time a coat, and he had this gray backpack.

Henry shouted, knowing he had nothing in his hand, he grabbed the man by the neck, raising him so they could be face to face.

- ''Who the hell are you, and why am I here? Tell me now if you don't want to be beaten so badly that your ugly, and skanky mother will barely recognize you!'' Henry said in an aggressive and threatening, and very characteristically while he was choking him and preparing his other fist if the man did not want to say anything.

- ''If you could stop choking me, then putting me back to the ground I will tell you why'' said the wolfish appearing man, Henry did so, but still held the man's arm, avoiding any chance of the man to escape 'Well" He said ironically "it seems like you don't trust me, but you must trust"

-"I've passed real weird shit with persons I don't know, I rather hold you than trust in you"

-"As you wish Henry,let's go to a place I know, it would be safer.

Henry's blood was cold, why this man would know his name? He tried to calm down as they walked up by the street, moments later Henry saw a monster just out of the fog, but he couldn't remember any of this leaving things alive the first time he entered this reality, he couldn't blame it after all he figured it was the materialization of the psyches of a crazy person, or at least one of his or her traumas. He tried to kill it, but he realized he had zero armament to combat such a strange monster and they went running up the street for five minutes. Soon after seeing an old house that seemed to be falling apart on the side of the road.

- 'Well, its fine here' he said sitting in the porch, leaving his backpack near Henry.

(On purpose, but the question is why?) For some reason Henry thought.

- ''My name is Belphegor'' Belphegor began snapping Henry out of his deep thoughts, ''and...well the reason that you're here is-'' Soon a siren was heard, and he ran impressively fast, Henry could not keep up his pace, and the fog didn't help him either, it didn't allow him to see more than two feet apart from where he was.

- ''Okay, I'm starting to get a little pissed off about this'' Henry said, a little more in the way he talked.

Soon he saw the sky was turning into some strange reddish color reminding him of blood, and the walls were skinning revealing obscure purple patrons reminding him of bruises and his, family? He then saw some strange shadows coming to him, accompanied with disturbing noises and batting their arms in a very aggressive manner, so he decided to take the backpack with him inside the house without thinking, or if Belphegor will need it. Henry went almost flying to the door praying it was open, and lucky for him it was. He started to look around the house, looking for armament, health drinks, needles or things to resolve puzzles.

The house was in some strange way cozy and nice to live, even though, it was macabre, with patterns shaped like blobs of bruises all over it and stains of blood and some white liquid pouring from the second floor. Also it appeared to be alive, if you were very near a wall you could hear like a very soft breathing, and sometimes hear the voices of a child sobbing or laughing. Returning back to Henry, he was walking around the house seeing many photos of himself as a child, remembering all the good times he had with his family, the only strange thing was that his father didn't appear in those photos

(Strange, I remember my father in like ninety percent of them) thought Henry, almost hitting a wall in front of him due to his inability to think while walking.

He swerved across the wall, thinking in his foolishness he entered the kitchen. This part was different from the rest; the place didn't look in anyway comfortable. Almost as if it was installed with a 'go away' sign, even though it lack of any sign like it. But it did contain a table with a dirty table cloth dropping towards the floor, in the middle and in the wall were several cupboards and drawers, some having the appearance to be made out of human skin. After a couple of steps he took inside the kitchen he suddenly heard strange noises, and hid under the table in the kitchen hoping that nothing weird had noticed his presence.

He took advantage of this, and started looking through the backpack he found. he first saw a strange object that appeared to be some sort of fragment of a painting, or something. He didn't ask about this to the man yet he knew it will be important to solve some kind of puzzle or some shit like that, but he didn't have any time to think out loud to himself since there was a upcoming fight coming to the kitchen.

(The only thing I hope is that those monsters can't see me, please god, I don't want to die anytime soon) Think Henry quite distressed, putting his hands together like he was praying.

While all this was happening let's see what was happening in the living room. Belphegor decided to enter the house to telling Henry the truth about what was happening, it wasn't fair for Henry to be left in the dark, also he knew Henry could be the final object that could finally free all of them from suffering in this purgatory. He think being a part of Henry's mind meant it will be easier for him to locate the guy, but suddenly it was too difficult, something had changed, and now it felt as if there were two people completely different. He didn't pay much attention to this, he didn't have the time to wander about trivial matters, and he knew it was a matter of time to be located by "the dark one". This thought give shivers to him. When he was about to search the kitchen, a hand from behind grabbed him, and raised him above the ground. Hoping it was Henry he calm down.

-"Henry, don't be a fool, I know you are behind me"

-"He's not me, he'll never have what I have you dildo"

He knew it was a big mistake as he instead heard ''the liberator''. This guy turned around Belphegor and grabbed him by the neck. Clearly terrified by this he tried to escape, but it was too late for him to have any chance of surviving the rage of such an imposing adversary, when he tried to bite or do anything he was thrown to the kitchen floor, doing a loud noise. He saw Henry, but realizing that Damian would be able to see him as well, he quickly stood up.

- ''Told you, the only thing you have to do is kill the guy and bring his body to me" Said in a boring way, like he was casually reading a grocery list

-"But Damian, I forgot all about it!"

-"You what?" Said that dark voice that will bring inner fear to anyone.

-"I forg-"

-"You piece of living shit! Why on earth did 'he' ever create you? Y' know what, I will be nice today so tell me yourself why did you forgot about this?" Said Damian, his last sentence said a peaceful way, but with a clearly threatening tone.

-"First, stop choking me! Second, are you deaf or what? And third, well I already said I forgot it all of a sudden" Said the vague guy, trying to cover Henry so he will be safe

-"Well you scumbag, now he is free around the town, and I don't know if any of the threats I previously unleash strategically outside could eat him or anything, apart from that, the ritual has begun by know, and you know what will happened if we do not find his body"

-"S-so sorry?" Said the threatened stuttering man

-"Whatever, what can I expect from you, right? If you don't mind, stop shivering!" Said in an angry and sadistic tone, while Henry, and at this point was imagining the face of the possible murderer. "And please, do me a special favor and accept these super special gifts I give you, they will not hurt that much inside of your useless body, you waste of space, creativity, and time''

Henry closed his eyes and covered his ears, thinking for that man, that will soon see the end of his life by the hand of an unknown murderer to Henry, and soon he envision in his mind a picture of him going to the park and kissing with, Murphy?

(Great~ now my imagination has gone wild too, very good for you Henry to go insane in a town like this) Henry thought

He shook his head to put away his thoughts, waiting for the time he could be outside of that place, filling every sound like a threat, even the sound of his muscles stretching as he moved a little bit to the center. Soon, very soon, it finished with the hearing of two shots.

Henry was cold minded in this time, ironically in a situation like this, then he thought back to how it wasn't fair of all the things happening around here, soon he felt a little depressed knowing that even if he wanted all of this to end, the natural way the town acted wouldn't stop for an insignificant person like him. He knew the only way to stop this nightmare was to kick some monsters ass until he found the great boss.

- ''Next time I will do it to Henry personally'' said the familiar voice while dropping away a strange gun, finishing every thought the peaceful man will possibly have in that very moment. After some moments he heard a thud above him that frankly will scare him if he wasn't concentrate in surviving.

Henry waited for about five minutes, under that table, that was now seeping blood from one of it sides, slightly, regardless to that it could be seen the little tray it was pouring. He tried then to crouch to any of the sides, but his legs weren't responding, mostly due to fear of being seen by "him". Then, after another five minutes which happened to be an eternity for him, he finally was able to rise up, and as he stood up he could clearly see the dying body of Belphegor in the filthy table, realizing that it could be break at any moment with the slightest touch, and with quiet steps he walk to the almost corpse.

- ''Are you o-okay?'' He said as he touched Belphegor's body, then lifted him and put him on the floor, and soon a thought of Cynthia in the ticket station crossed his mind, giving him goose bumps.

- ''Fucking fantastic Henry'' said in an angry voice

-"Want a med-kit?"

-'I'm not really fine Henry, but anyway, take this'' He said as he delivered Henry a special paper ''If you want to know what's happening…'' Soon he died, as Cynthia, in Henry's arms, Henry feeling powerless again, almost bringing tears to his green eyes. Realizing he will need another break to put himself together, he proceeded to close his eyes, but there was a note near Belphegor next to the pistol. Henry took it.

He started reading out the note that Belphegor gave to him, it was like a diary. "Now that the inquisitor and the liberator are in the same space, us, the six lies have come to life. Starting by me, Belphegor, the guardian of the door, I'm the one whose only duty is to care for whenever the inquisitor comes to the town, so we can give his body for the ritual of the holy assumption, the one that will free the world from the pointless suffering"

The other note (ner the gun) said: "Only the inquisitor has the power to truly kill the beast, this heretic that calls himself ''the liberator, but first, in order to do so, he has to climb down to hell where he is, waiting for doing the assumption that is nothing more than reincarnaiting the demon itself"

-"What the hell? And I thought back at room three o two the notes were strange"

-"And that's not odd" A man that looked like a priest said, Henry grabbed the gun and pointed at him "C'mon I'm here to help"

-"Who the hell are you?" Henry questioned the priest with anger

-"It doesn't matter I'm only here to help, what matters is the next, and hear well as I would not repeat it again: if you want to see the truth then three circles you have to collect, if you want to investigate the truth, seven crystals you have to have, if you want to go inside the truth, seven pieces of the world you have to find, and especially if you want to eradicate the lie from this world and leave in peace with yourself, seven heaven teachings and a…"

-"Aha? And a what?"

-"Never mind, that's what you'll have to find out, as who you are as well" The priest said leaving Henry on the kitchen. He wanted to follow him, but first he had to do some other things. He put on the holster and then he put the gun on the holster. He put all of the notes inside the backpack and he didn't knew what to do.

-"So what's next? Digging inside him?"

'' Yeah, you have to dig inside his body, hope you see this, sincerely, Damian'' A note on the wall say

- Why did I even bother to ask?'' He sigh in a very melancholy way ''Whatever, let's dig inside of him'' Said Henry in a disgusted tone.

He put his hand inside of the mouth of Belphegor, and very disgusted about this, he was expecting it to be humid and full of saliva, as well as the slimy sense of internal organs, but to the brunette's surprise, it felt more like a large stuff animal, than a human. After some digging he felt some sort of, crystal, and began pulling it out, but as he was taking it out, he felt another crystal. He put the first crystal inside the new stolen backpack, and then he dug his hand inside the corpse again, grabbed the second crystal, and put the other crystal at eyesight to see it more carefully.

He saw the inscription ''Sloth'' in red letters, while the crystal was transparent, but after some deep, yet trivial thinking, it was not like a crystal at all, it looked more like a shard, but Henry didn't want to mess up things even more, so he left them as is. Then he proceeded to look at the first crystal that had ''Arrogance'' written in black letters, after stuffing them inside of the backpack, he looked over the paper Belphegor gave him, but on it only "teaching of Barachiel", and was written in fancy gold letters. After all this recognition of stuff it he came to the conclusion that they all seem pretty odd, he then returned his eyesight to where Belphegor was supposed to be, but he had disappeared and had left behind another part of a painting with sloth written in the back part of it, he put this inside the backpack too.

First things first, there were more rooms in the first floor to be inspected. So he started with the first room, the bathroom. Only to find an inscription "Do you remember the time when you went through holes, do you remember the time? (1)"

(That tosser, I swear he will pay, eventually. He haven't seen the worst of me) He thought, but without much expression at that moment, he searched the bathroom only to find some syringes, although it seemed like some random item that no one will use, he took it anyway. He exited the room and went back to the kitchen, registering every part of it only to find ammo for an Uzi, an axe (What's an axe doing here? What the hell?) Henry thought his signature phrase, a health drink, two to be exact, and a med-kit. He went then to the visitor's room, to find the lock was broken, and the laundry room door had a broken lock as well.

After scavenging the first floor he proceeded to go to the second floor. he first opened the main bedroom door, and saw another medikit, more ammo for a Uzi, a health drink, and he saw a horrible drawing of a man eating a child, the child having no mouth, wearing the same outfit as the one Henry used in the projection of his nightmares, blue shorts, a red shirt with a Robbie the rabbit image, all covered with blood. Henry walked closer to the drawing, only to be terrified by what he saw. The man was his father, wearing a jacket Henry had always hated, a simple jacket of wool with a sinister undertone, seeing this, Henry tried to remember, but the thought had been pushed very low down his psyche to even remember fragments of it. Then he saw another door inside the room, that instinctively he tried to open it, but to his misfortune, the lock was broken so he went outside the bedroom and saw another door at his right, he almost trip over the door, and the lock on it was also broken. Finally he saw at the other side a door with a strange circle around it, but before that he saw a note in the floor.

"Only the content of the lesser key will unleash the true powers of the Ars goetia, and it will finally let all the sinners contrition their acts, but to retrieve the instrument to finish all the decadence out in this otherworld, the chosen one will have to unleash the beasts coming out of the mind of itself and the other self'' Said the sloppily written note.

- ''This is getting weirder'' said a frankly astonished Henry. -"But looking at it in another way, it looks like I have to found another notes to add to my memos" he said in a way to comfort himself and to forget he was in an almost suicidal campaign.

He then found a door in the very end of the floor, with a circle in the middle of it with the figure of Jesus Christ all over; the curiosity take over control from Henry and he took the circle, he fell down and went to fetal position, while all the things surrounding him went black, giving way to flashbacks he didn't want to see at all.

- ''Please daddy, don't do any harm to mommy, she's nice, she promise to not upset you again''

- ''That's not enough; this whore has to pay for being such a bad wife, so tell me, why on earth were you were talking to the new neighbors? I'm not enough man for you? '' Said Henry's dad, wearing that jacket Henry hated for most of his teenage times.

- ''I was only saying hello to them honey, I wasn't-''

- ''Enough'' Said Henry's father, hitting his mother's face "And I don't think this new baby is mine anyways" Said the father, before hitting with his knee the stomach of his wife taking away the life of a possible brother or sister to Henry.

Little Henry went to cry to the corner of the room while her mother was getting bashed by his father that took his excessive force being a soldier, and adding he was a heavy drunker it was the perfect combination of an old style douche bag, but soon little Henry took the courage from a place he didn't knew and went to help his almost to die mother, he went to kick the but his father was quicker ''So you want to be a man and save this skank, no?, well, I'll show you what is really a man''

Henry's father took him to his bedroom and locked the door, little Henry was very scared to even escape, or move, he was there inside the room, standing up in the middle of it, trembling like a Parkinson grandfather, with his eyes shut tight, it wasn't until he realized that his father was taking off his clothes that he opened his eyes, then lifting him up and throwing with no mercy to the bed

- ''Now, this is what real men do'' He pull out the final piece of cloth from him, and his little son, unaware of what was going to happen next closed his eyes preparing for anything, but soon, the lights went off

Then another flashback came, Henry was now as a young, but handsome looking man, coming out of what look like an office, to be more precise a newspaper complex, Henry was happy with himself until some thieves came upon him

-"Now, give us what you have, or will I take the shit out of you with this cutie" Said one of the thieves, showing off a jackknife

-"But this is all I have, please don't be mad with me and-" He was soon interrupted by a punch in his stomach by one of the thieves, as the other stole his new camera

Then another flashback came, he was in the local bar drinking alone, as always. Here in south Ashfield there are two options to live with, whether to live forever alone, or being with friends, Henry was entering the bar, when he saw this cute girl, so he went straight to her, 'cause he has nothing to lose right?'

-"H-hi?" Said him in an awkward tone

-"Oh hi, handsome and mysterious guy I've never seen before that I don't know his name and after all I'm not interested in. Yet you are handsome, but… with that lame appearance you couldn't defend me if my life was in danger, and, oh, by the way, I'm Cynthia" Henry look at her with very confused feelings, first, was she tried to seduce him being so difficult to reach? Or did she really want him to be away from her? "Hey creeper, what are you waiting for? To go away?" The answer didn't wait too long.

What Henry didn't know Cynthya was one of the biggest man eaters near that town and the other small towns around south Ashfield, but well, Cynthia in this point of her life didn't like silent men, and Henry couldn't be the exception. So he was in the bar of the bar, seeing the ceiling when he felt something touched his shoulder, it was the bartender, he was shirtless, with a body that can compete with any super model out there, even though, it was a code for bartenders to be half naked here, as all of the bartenders were the same.

-"Sorry, I'll move" Said Henry in a low and passive voice

-"No, nothing out of that, I have being staring at you for the last ten minutes and I have seen you're alone, so if you don't mind, may I talk to you?"

-"Yeah, why not" Said Henry to the bartender in a very innocent way

Next thing after that it all went black and then Henry was in his bed, with the bartender at his side, being there in that town with plenty of girls, why a male bartender? He wasn't supposed to be that wasted with half bottle of tequila, once lately his life was getting more greyer than before, and he can swear, he almost fell like some kind of corpse that had been reanimated to life for some unexplainable and lame reason, and soon it all went back to black again.

Henry was in the floor sobbing and in fetal position while he was remembering all the times that bastard that he called his father rape him, or all the times somehow he manage to be happy some kind of creepy or annoying thing tried to keep that happiness away from him, soon realizing his life was nothing but grey ashes falling in a bottomless pit, ,he saw the disc that had Jesus Christ in its center, he turned it back, and saw the inscription "the eye that can see everything." He tried to stand up, but falling in a harsh way, he crawled to the open door in a very painful way, the next thing he remembered was seeing a bed and… all went dark again.

So here is the first chapter of this story, I don't know how long it'll be, I'm sure it will be more than 10 chapters, and well, let's unravel more of the psyche of Henry, and don't worry, monsters are in the way to confront Henry's past. And if you have read since this far, please, a constructive review will be great! Thanks for reading anyway.

(1) Spoof phrase from remember the time from Michael Jackson