Author's Note: Okay, so I finally finished reading Hades after staring at it day after day dreading to get to the end. I tell ya a little part of me died when Jake…well…SPOILER ALERT! Gabriel murders Jake. Well, I mustn't say it that way. He did have a good reason to...

Let's just say that after I finished reading that part, I really didn't give a damn about anything else that happened. My poor Jake…Honestly, I kinda wanted to throw the book at someone's head and slit their throat. But in the end, no innocent by stander got hurt! Yay! And as I said before, I refuse to go by the second book. I'll be using my own imagination for this story.

I stretched out on the bed letting the warm air hit my body. My hand landed on the space where Jake was supposed to be only to find it empty. For a moment I found it odd that I was a bit disappointed that he wasn't lying there, next to me. Maybe last night's happenings were just a dream. I thought about it for a moment, and then I nodded.

Yes, it was just dream. It's not like I'd actually let Jake Thorn sleep in the same bed as me. But then why did I feel a scorching heat on my arms? It's probably just a side effect from being here too long.

I let a couple minutes pass by before I decided to crawl out of bed and made my way to the restroom. I took a cold shower hoping to wash off any of Jake's fingerprints and whatnot. To my surprise, it seemed like a female did live with him. Unless Jake was the one that used Herbal Essences shampoo and tropical mango body wash, I doubt anyone had any use for them except for me. I let the cold water hit me for about half an hour, or at least until I shivered slightly. A bit reluctantly, I turn the water off and wrap a forest green towel around my body. Once I got out, I wiped away the condensation on the mirror and brushed my teeth.

I sighed at my reflection. I noticed that the spark of curiosity that was normally found in my eyes was gone. I wouldn't blame it. Finding out that you're stuck in Hell can bring anyone down. I sighed once more, finished brushing my teeth, and tip toed back into my room.

I changed into a clean pair of underwear and some grey sweat pants with a white tank top. Either these clothes belonged to someone else or Jake's been preparing for my arrival for years. Well he did say he's been looking for me for centuries…

I shivered at the thought. Then something happened that reminded me that I was still half human, my stomach growled.


I stepped—more like crept—down the stairs, hoping that Jake wasn't awake. My hope soon deteriorated when I heard him talking on the phone. I found myself peeking at him from behind a burgundy colored wall that separated the living room from the kitchen. He was casually leaning against the granite counter, back turned towards me. To my surprise, he was half naked and I was able to see his wings. They were coal black and what seemed like gold was sprinkled on each feather's end. They were certainly a thing of wonder. Another thing I found shocking was that even though he seemed a bit scrawny, he wasn't at all. From what I could tell, he had very well toned muscles.

I cleared my throat to stop myself from gushing. Unfortunately, that only led to having my cover blown; I mentally face-desked.

"I have to go now…Yeah, see ya." Jake finished his conversation and placed the phone back into the holder. He turned around, placing his elbows on the counter and resting his cheek on his right palm.

"So…sleep well?" He smirked, his normal, green-ish eyes twinkling mischievously.

I rolled my eyes and crossed my arms across my chest. "It was fine."

"Just…fine? Oh, really? From what I remember you were quite the cuddler."

My face could put a tomato to shame. Of course, my reaction only made Jake snicker in response.

"I'll be leaving in a few minutes so eat up." He hands me a plate stacked with pancakes and a coffee mug radiating with heat.

"W-where are you going?" I choke out. As if my red face wasn't bad enough, now I was stuttering!

"Well, I do have to work, being one of the Originals and all." He winks at me seductively before sauntering up the stairs. Again, I feel the blood creep up to my cheeks.

"Dear God, what is he doing to me?" I mutter under my breath before taking a bite of the pancakes.

In all reality, they're not that bad…

Author's Note: I am so sorry that I had to cut this short! My deepest apologies! I promise the next chapter will be longer. Curse my horrible writer's block! I hang my head in shame that this chapter is so short. But, I did try to upload for my newest fans! So, thank you to KaterinaPetrova and iluvbobbay! I'm just disappointed that my procrastination and summer homework had to get in the way.