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Xavier's cerulean eyes fluttered open. Something didn't feel right; it was as if his head was half empty. He looked around his room trying to think of anything that was missing. He had done his homework and studied for his upcoming French test, what could he have forgotten? His eyes landed on the window sill where he saw a single white feather. That was odd…when had a seagull flown into his room? And how did he not notice?! Those damn birds and their evil ways! Sneaking into people's houses and leaving their dirty feathers.

Groaning, Xavier dragged himself out of bed and towards the window. He held the feather between his thumb and pointer finger, eyes scrutinizing every detail. It didn't look like a seagull feather…it felt softer somehow. On closer inspection, the feather seemed to have silver specks scattered on it so when the sunlight hit it at the right angle, the feather would twinkle like the stars in the night sky. It was odd. Upon waking up, he had felt empty somehow but having the feather so close to him made him feel…complete? Yes, somewhat complete. A small smile tugged at his lips as he brushed the feather against his cheek.

Jake smirked at the glowing computer screen in front of him. Looks like the memory swiping worked. Now he was one step closer to his goal. As good as things are progressing, the outcome of his plan would soon reach its peak. Victory was practically in his grasp. All that was left were Bethany's pesky siblings. Knowing them, they won't give up until they find a way to get Bethany back. Jake's malicious emerald eyes flickered to the tall, dark haired quiet girl that was standing in the corner of his office. What was her name again? Jess? Jessie? Jennifer? He shrugged. Eh, it was something with a J.

He beckoned her to him with a single finger. Hesitantly, she took her seat in the chair in front of Jake's desk.

"What was it you said your name was, love?" Jake asked as sweetly as he could.


"Jinx; what a lovely name, yet you bring so much chaos wherever you go."

A small smile tugged at the girl's lips. Jake smirked inwardly. He was already gaining her trust.

"I am told you are the person to go to when people are in need of a favor…a very unlikely favor, am I correct?"

The girl nodded. "Yes."

"Excellent, I have a little task for you on Earth. What would the cost for said task be, dear?"

The girl's bright green eyes immediately flickered with curiosity. "It depends on what this favor is."

Jake rested his cheek against his right palm. "I need you to take care of two angels for me, a Seraphim and an Archangel."

Jinx quirked a dark eyebrow. "It's not that easy to get rid of two very important and powerful angels, Arakiel. Hell, I don't even think it's possible!"

Jake studied every detail of said Jinx. Her eyes were a sickly bright green like the color of envy, her lips as red as the apple that Eve was tempted with. She was slim but still had the curves in all the right places, and the tight little black dress only accentuated her stature even more. Her pale finger curled around a lock of her coal black hair. Jake concluded that she was the outcome of sins at their best.

"Now, Jinx, I know you can do this with just the touch of your finger. That's it. All they need is one touch from you and their holy souls will corrupt!"

Scoffing, Jinx stood up from her chair. "If you want them dead, do it yourself Arakiel. I'm not getting involved. I've gotten into much trouble with Lucifer as it is."

Jake pouted. "Aw Jinxy—"

"No, don't 'Jinxy' me Arakiel. I will not get involved with your obsession to keep that angel here."

The way she had said the word 'angel' was with pure malice and hatred. And no, Bethany is not an obsession! They were meant to be and that's the end of it. She was going to be with him no matter what.

Jake sighed, waving his hand in a dismissing manner. "Fine, whatever. Consider yourself lucky that I'm letting you live for now."

Rolling her eyes, Jinx sauntered her way towards the door. She stopped abruptly and turned to face him. "Actually…if you have another favor that you have in mind, don't hesitate to give me a call."

She winked and sent a seductive smile his way before leaving Jake's sight completely.

He glanced back at the computer screen in front of him. The poor idiot Xavier still has the feather in hand. Disgusting. Jake's emerald eyes glanced back at the door. Hm…the next time he would need a favor; no hesitation will be made indeed.

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