Two girls, twins by the look of it, sat by on the dock by the lake, their legs dangling over the side. They had been at Horizon for about two weeks and it hadn't been an easy transition for either them or the people who worked there. They were different, thought differently, acted differently, but the thing that bothered Peter and Sophie the most is that they were sure their new students were wrong.

"They have to follow the rules Soph, just like everyone else." Peter said as he looked out the window of his office at the two girls.

"I know Peter. Rules are important. I am just starting to wonder if we shouldn't change some of the rules." Sophie responded. Peter sighed, moving away from the window to sit in the chair by his desk.

"They might be, but that is a big thing to ask. If we start changing some of the rules who knows what would happen. All the students would want the rules changed. They'd go wild with it." Peter admitted.

"I am not even sure those two belong here." Sophie stated. Peter picked up the file folders on his desk and went through them. Tara and Tracy, the new students. Tara was somewhere between a prep, a jock, and your average teen and Tracy was goth. Their files were both thick, full of accusations and diagnoses.

"I am not sure these files are completely accurate, but that doesn't mean they don't belong here." Peter explained. "Tracy definitely has anger issues, we've seen that ourselves."

"But that's not even something she was placed here for!" Sophie said exasperated.

"Exactly. I think they will get sent somewhere no matter what. It might be better that they are here, not every place cares as much at Horizon and they might not even notice that the files might be wrong." Peter explained, looking thoughtful. Sophie frowned.

"I guess you're right. There are worse places they could end up, but we have to do something. If things keep going as they have been it won't be good for any of us." Sophie commented. Peter pulled up two blank pages on his computer, typing the names of each of them at the top.

"Okay, so I am going to start a new file, just on what we've seen. So what do we know about them?" Peter asked.

"Well, like you said, Tracy has anger issues." Sophie stated. Peter typed that under her name. He thought for a moment.

"They are incredibly close. They stand up for each other, even when they don't agree." Peter said, typing. Sophie nodded.

"I think Tracy may be depressed. She puts on a good show, but I have been able to see through it at times. She does self harm after all." Sophie added. Peter typed that down.

"I think Tara might be the leader of the two. She is much more outgoing and assertive then her sister." Peter said typing it down. He sighed, saving the documents and putting them aside for the moment. He picked up the file folders again looking through them even more carefully this time.

"I don't know what we are going to do about the food thing." Peter said, his voice incredibly serious.

"Well, they have made it clear they won't eat anything animal no matter how hungry they get." Sophie said.

"I know and I am worried about that. They aren't eating much because Horizon isn't equipped to feed them vegan meals. They have just been eating fruit and the occasional side salad we have since they've been here. They both came out healthy on their physicals from when they were admitted, but if that is all they eat it won't stay that way." He looked at the medical files again. "They are healthier than most of the other students who are admitted."

"Maybe if we talked to them about their health." Sophie suggested. Peter sighed.

"I got the feeling they don't care about that. It is an ethical thing for them Soph. They were vegan and healthy all this time, but I think they will stay vegan even if their health fails. If it does it will be on us. They proven it can be done in a way that is healthy and we are depriving them of that." Peter explained.

"So what do we do?" Sophie asked.

"There could be a lawsuit, but I highly doubt their parents would care enough to even notice. I will have to move some things around, but we need to make at least a few more meals or at least parts of meals vegan friendly. It is the only way I can see it being done." Peter decided. He stood up and looked out the window again. The girls had moved from the dock and were now animately talking as the walked around campus.

"It is hard to believe they aren't even sisters." Peter commented.

"I know. What are the odds of a family adopting a girl who looks so similar to their birth daughter? They could be twins." Sophie agreed.

"June 12 and June 15, their birthdays are so close." Peter said looking again at their files. The DNA was different on each girl too. They were as close as twins and as far as Peter and Sophie were concerned they were twins, all the rest of it didn't matter at all.