The Lost

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A/N: well I promised here's the second part of the red. Now I must warn this is an AU that takes place slightly before invasion. Now Supermatrian will remain a thing because really love that pairing and there will probably be Chalant shipping later on but NO SPITFIRE. The day I right spitfire in a positive light will be the day the world ends! Now onward to chapter one

"As of this moment Robin is fired…"

No one has seen him since he recovered. The day the final cast was removed Dick Grayson was gone. He left no note or any type of clue or reason. The team, the league and Bruce looked, and god knows how hard they tried to find him. But when a ninja doesn't want to be found, he won't be found. There was no choice but to move on or at least for most.

Wally never seemed to recover from his best friend's disappearance and much like Red Arrow still looks for the real Roy Harper, Wally West continues to look for Dick Grayson.

New member of the team came as did members of the league and so came another new; a second Robin. The boy's name is Jason Todd, a street kid. Someone with nothing to lose and everything to gain. But Bruce has changed.

The Bat shows no love for Jason, treating him as nothing more than a solider even forcing him to dye his orange black. Still Jason stays.

Life has changed so much but still things go on, in a broken train wreck yes, but they still go on.

~four years later~

Wally West sits at a bar staring at the glass of beer that he got with his fake ID, something not uncommon for a hero to have, but most don't use it to drink. Another swig and the yellow drink is gone and he orders another.

"I think you've had enough," the middle aged woman who is cleaning the bar says calmly.

"I'll tell you when I've had enough," Wally barks out a slight slur to his voice. The woman shrugs lightly and starts to pour another glass.

"I think you really have had enough," a collected voice says from behind him. Wally sneers.

"Don't you dare lecture me Roy," the speedster snarls. "We all know what you do to coop, what gives you the right?"

"Nothing," Roy touches his shoulder. "But do you really think Dick would want to see you like this?" Wally squeezes his eyes shut tight and sighs.

"Yeah," he mutters. "But Dick's not here."

"Let's take a walk," Roy offers as he sets down some money, paying for Wally's drinks himself. Wally stands up and walks towards the door with the other red head. Once they are on the streets they walk slowly because Wally is swaying.

"Everyone is worried about you," Roy offers.

"I worry about them too," Wally admits. "I worry about Jason the most. What would Rob say? If he says the way Bruce was treating the poor kid?"

"He wouldn't just let it happen for sure," Roy says. "But what can we do? He's batman, when he's got things a certain way it takes a lot more than us to get him off it."

"It's not right though," Wally says. "You think the league would have stepped in by now."

"I think they're scared of him," Roy offers. "He's different now ya know? Not even human anymore." Wally stops and stares at the ground. Tears of frustration are rolling down his freckled cheeks.

"How did this happen," his voice is choked. "How the hell did we lose him? We should have done more. Now my best friend his gone and I'm completely lost, I just don't know anymore…I just don't know…" Roy wraps his arm around Wally's shoulder and squeezes him tight.

"We'll find Walls," Roy mutters. "He's out there somewhere, we'll find him…."