Avada Kedavra's True Meaning Keeperoliver Chapter 1

The lone building on the four hundred block of Lupis Street in London housed the most unusual building in all of London. Except for a small diner on the corner, it was entirely used by the Ministry of Magic. It has been this way for over 100 years.

It was unusual because very few knew of it's existence. Only people with magic, and a few who only knew of magic knew it was there. Those few without magic who knew were the British Prime Minister, and the Queen and her family.

Within the walls of the Ministry there were many different departments used to cover all facets of magic. Deep within it's depths was housed the most secretive department of the Ministry. It was called the Department of Mysteries. It's workers were called Unspeakables. Prior to working in this department, a witch or wizard had to take an oath stating they would not discuss what went on in the department or they would forfeit their magic.

The two newest members to this department were Lily Evans (soon to be Potter) and Selena Wainswrite (soon to be Lovegood). They were offered their positions while still attending school, and they had to pass with 8 N.E.W.T.s with E or O for scores. Both received 10 with Os.

They had now been there for 4 months, and had excelled in their positions. It was their job to solve the worst spells the magic world was faced with from a certain factor know as Death Eaters, who were led by Lord Voldemort. It was Lily and Selena who titled three of the curses used as Unforgivable. They were the Imperius, which gave the person who cast it, control over another. The second was the Cruciatus which affected the nerves of the receiver in a most painful way. The final curse was the killing curse, or Avada Kedavra. Many have died at the hands of Lord Voldemort because of this curse.

Another thing that was so alarming about these curses, was there was no defense against them. However, those with strong wills have been able to shake off the effect of the Imperius.

Lily and Selena were working on why there was no way to defend against these spells. Why were they so different from other spells. It was because of their own words that they were unable to test these spells. They were as they called them, unforgivable.

They thought that Avada meant take away and Kadavra meant body, or corpse. But it didn't make sense as the bodies were always left behind. If the spell was controlled by the wording, then when it was used, it should take the body away. It didn't. It just took the life away. But no mention of life is in the curse. What is it about this curse that makes it so different from other spells who when translated actually said what it wanted the curse to do. Difindo meant to cut, or divide. Aguamenti meant water, or agua or aqua.

They had been working on this for three days, and it was upsetting them both. Frustration was also setting in. In order to get them feeling better, they were given three days off to settle themselves down. It was also time for their weddings.

What was meant to be a happy occasion soon turned into a disaster, as an attack took place that took the lives of two witches who were friends of Lily and Selena, and fiances to Sirius Black, and Remus Lupin. Marlene McKinnon and her family were killed by three DEs, and Dorcas Meadows died saving Lily and Selena. Marlene was engaged to Sirius, and Dorcas to Remus.

That was the second day of the three. The two did not take the third day off. They were back to work and more determined to find the answer to the riddle that was the killing curse.

They left the Kedavra alone, because it was what it said, body or corpse. They worked on Avada. It was still their belief that it meant take away. They found no reference to the word in any of the language books they had access to. The thing is, that the same thing could be said about Kedavra. It was just to close to the proper word for body or corpse. Kedavra vs cadaver.

Lily was killing herself determined to find the answer. Then one day, she decided to take a break and went to Diagon Alley to purchase some ingredients needed in her and Selena's lab. It wasn't necessary to do this, as the Ministry supplied their needs. But she asked to do this in order to think. After purchasing them and having them sent to the Ministry, she decided to take a little trip down Knockturn Alley. She knew it wasn't the safest place to wander around in. Her and Selena were well known in the alley as they had helped in many busts for some of the darkest magic that showed up their.

On this one though she didn't know why she was here, but she continued her tour of the shops. She decided to go into one of the darkest shops in the alley called Borkin and Burke's. She had made quite a few busts here, but she never charged either of the owners. Just because they had the items, didn't mean they used them. The items were just confiscated. Though they lost money because of this, it didn't mean they didn't appreciate the lovely redhead and her deeds. They would have faced life imprisonment in Azkaban if charged and convicted. Being in possession of said material was enough for both to come about. Yes, they liked Lily and respected her.

While walking through the store, Lily came upon a book that just might be able to help her and her research. It was a book on lost languages. Mr. Borkin, who was behind the counter, saw Lily and bid her a good morning which Lily returned with a smile. When she placed the book on the counter, he pushed it back to her. "Please Miss Evans, keep it with no charge."

"It's Mrs. Potter, Mr. Borkin and I couldn't do that."

"So, you finally gave in to that one you called Toe rag. Lucky SOB is that one. Now you must keep it as a wedding gift from Mr. Burke and myself. We owe you so much, we do. We could be facing many life terms in Azkaban if not for you."

"If you hadn't been so obliging in showing us your new purchases, you probably would be serving right now. However. You willingness to cooperate, and your pleasant attitude has kept Selena and I warm to your business and transactions. You have not had any recent transactions have you? And thank you for the book. I hope it helps out with a problem her and I have been having."

Borkin put his finger to his chin. He saw the title of the book, and remembered a purchase he made not too long ago. A book on the earliest magic. He reached under the counter and pulled it out to show her. Lily opened the book up, and was startled when she saw some of the spells in the book. This one she did purchase, and it was quite expensive, but she felt it was worth it. She thanked Mr. Borkin, and left to head back to work.

With the two new books, both her and Selena went to work to see if an answer could be found. Lily had the spell book, and Selena the language book. Selena found what they were looking for. What they assumed was the translation for Avada was wrong. When used with the Kevadra the meaning became:


If this meant what Lily thought it meant, then when hit with the curse, the individual was not quite dead, but would appear so to one not in the know. What it meant was when the Killing Curse was used, the magic was taken from it's victim. It left behind the body, and the magic was given to the one who fired the curse. That was why Voldemort was so much stronger than most other wizards. It also told them why so few of his army were unable to perform the curse. It would not be too good if his soldiers were stronger than him.

"So, if the person hit wasn't dead after being hit with the curse, then if that person was not buried, and if they were able to keep the body stable, it could mean that when the person who cast the spell died, then the magic would leave his or her body, and returned to it's original body." Lily surmised to Selena.

"Does this mean all the bodies we have laid to rest were still alive when we buried them Lily?" Selena said with a tear in her eyes.

"Selena, this is just speculation on my part. There is no solid evidence that what I said is true. The only way we could prove this, is to preserve a body we know was killed with the curse. Then we would have to wait until the caster died. With whole villages being attacked, and more and more people dying, we don't know who died how, or by who. We just can't go preserving bodies on speculation."

"But what if you're right Lily. What if we do this, and someone we love comes back to us because of what we did? Maybe we can't bring this forward to the Minister, but it doesn't mean we can't prepare ourselves for this." pleaded Selena.

"Selena how can we prepare when we don't even know if we are going to become one of the almost dead. What can we do?"

"For one Lily, I promise that if you are hit with the curse, you will not be buried, and your body will be preserved. I will tell James, Sirius, Remus and Peter that which I have done."

Lily thought for a minute. "Selena, your right, we have to do this. I promise you the same thing, except that I will not tell Peter. And I prefer you don't tell him about me. For the last two years, Peter has begun to worry me. Not for him, but for us. I fear he is falling into league with the dark forces. James refuses to believe me. He won't even check his arm for the mark. He says if he doesn't have it, he will lose a good friend. I think if Remus were around, with his senses he would agree with me."

"Do you really think Peter is a death eater? I admit I find him strange, but a death eater?"

"I know Selena, but I felt the same way about Severus, and I know he is one of them. He can't tell me that Peter is one or not. Not because he doesn't want to, it's because he doesn't know."

"So, who all do we want in the know. Just James and Sirius doesn't seem to be enough. I know how you feel about Albus, but what about Minerva and Filius? You trust them.

"Yes, Selena, I suppose you are right, and I do like Minerva and Filius. I like Albus also, but he keeps too many secrets, and that is one I want shared with friends I trust. What about Molly and Arthur?"

"I was thinking that as well. They are both Order members. But, they have so many kids Lily. With so many loose lips, they might let it slip?"

"The kids don't have to know. They will not be keeping the bodies if it comes down to that, they will just know where they are and what is needed to revive the bodies. Who would believe that Abracadabra was really a spell? But it makes sense since it sounds so much like the killing curse."

"So, it's all set then. We tell, James, Sirius, Remus, Minerva, Filius, Molly and Arthur. Where should they keep the bodies, and they have to be given the same opportunity. Do you think here would be the safest place to keep the bodies?"

"NO! This is one of the last places I want them kept. It brings up too many questions. I want everyone to think that what happened, really happened. I don't want to go through this, but if it happens, I want as few people as possible to know that my body is being preserved for some reason."

"I think we should keep all the bodies together, and a list kept that shows who cast the spell on who. They must also know that the AK is the only spell that will keep them from burying us if we should die. Any other spell would mean we are truly dead." Selena shuttered then continued, "Do you know how depressing this talk is getting. It's as if we expect to die. I just want you to know it is not really on my wish list."

Lily laughed at her good friend, "Not on mine either Selena. We have all the details down, so why don't we look to see what other treasures we can find in these books." and that was what they did for the rest of their shift. They turned in their reports on their findings, and expected to be questioned in the morning.


After promising Lily she would meet up with her later in the evening, they separated and went their different ways. Lily landed in her home in Godric's Hollow. When she entered her home, she found James and Sirius in a talk about work. They both stood as she entered the room and James took her into his arms and kissed her full on the lips, which got Sirius going. "OI, save it for the bedroom would you please. This sort of stuff makes me want to let loose with my lunch. Either that or run off somewhere and find a comely lass and shag her silly."

"We both know you don't need any prompting for you to go out and do that. Besides, all we did was kiss." James laughed out.

"Too true dear brother. However, the use of your tongue during the kiss was quite erotic and scintillating. Makes me want to run out right now." He made to get up, when Lily went on, "Sit Pads, after dinner I have something to tell you and James. We will be joined by Selena. We have quite a story to tell you."

"Sounds like fun. NOT! This better be worth my solitude for the evening." Sirius joked.

"I hope so too Pads. Actually, I hope what we have to tell you is the truth, but won't be needed."

James took this seriously, "I thought you couldn't talk about what you two do at work? If you intend to tell us, then it must concern us, and not in a very nice way?"

"It could, but then it may not. Time will tell James. However, if things change, then others will have to be told as well. For right now, it is you two plus Remus."

James was quick to add, "What about Peter? He is one of us."

"No James, he is not. Haven't you two noticed how he disappears often saying that his mum needed him? Do you know that his mum is the picture of health. While you two were in the study one evening after Peter left to 'tend to his mum' she called asking to speak to him. I didn't say anything, because it was your friend that I would be accusing. Look guys, things are happening right now, and it is only going to get worse."

"Are you saying that you think Peter is a Death Eater? That's absurd. He's too weak to be of any use to Voldemort." Sirius threw in.

"As Peter, yes he is, but as Wormtail, he could be quite valuable."

James considered this. What Lily said made some sense, but to think of Peter as a muncher upset him. The Marauders had always been there at each others back to help in any way they could. That included Peter. However, he had noticed how much Peter left in the middle of an evening, claiming his mum needed him. He never thought to check up on her. Perhaps it was time to find out what the fourth member of the group was up to.

Sirius floo called Remus, and they were soon joined by the last trusted member of the group. Lily had sewn doubts in both the minds of James and Sirius. Now she had to convince Remus. This was not hard to do at all, as it seemed he had his own suspicions about the fourth member. His keen senses noticed traces of unfamiliar and disturbing odors. He could not place them, but, that didn't keep him from distrusting them.

Now with Lily's feelings being shared, he felt better about sharing his own.

After dinner, they were joined by Selena, and she sat next to Remus, who she always felt comfortable with. Sirius always made her nervous, and James was always with Lily.

After they told the men of what they thought the true meaning of the curse was, Remus being the brains of the group began his questioning, "You know guys, that does make sense. Think about it. Voldemort seems stronger every time we face him, as do a couple of his munchers. How does one get stronger while we stay the same. Every time we face them, it is easier for them to defeat us, and we take more casualties."

"But if that were the case, then the people that has their magic taken are not really dead. If we buried them, then it was us who were the killers. I don't like the thought of that at all. And if it the truth, how do we handle it?"

Selena answered as best as she could, "Everyone has to learn the stasis charm. In order to ensure that the person survives, it has to be done by more than one person, otherwise the stasis is lost. Lily and I want to get others involved, but only those we trust completely. Frank and Alice. Filius and Minerva. Molly and Arthur. Can you think of anyone else guys?"

Remus once again answered, "Yes, Amelia Bones and Alastor Moody. We should have someone from the Ministry involved for legal protection, in case something should happen. It never hurts to cover all possibilities. We may also be saving an important piece to our plans by doing this. Both Amelia and Alastor are important members of the Ministry and we could ill afford to lose either of them."

Lily agreed to this, as did Selena. However it was also agreed that they would not be approached until circumstances warranted it. They didn't know what they would be, until they became known.

At Christmas, Alice and Lily presented their husbands with the best present they ever received. They were told they were going to become dads and that they were due around the end of July or the Beginning of August.

Time passed, and near the end of Lily's pregnancy, she learned of Selena's condition. They practically glowed at work for about a month, when Lily was informed that Alice had given birth to a boy they named Neville Franklin. That was the 30th of July, and the next day it was Lily's time to deliver her son.

Harry James Potter was born at 11:59 PM on July 31st. The two shared a room for a day, before Alice finally got to go home. For that day though, they shared holding each others son. James and Lily were made the god parents to Neville, where Sirius and Selena were made god parents to Harry. There was no concern about feelings, as it had been brought up before they gave birth. James wanted Sirius or Remus as the god father, and Lily wanted Selena. Remus was away on a mission for Albus, so he could not be there for the birth, and thus Sirius was chosen. Remus had been Lily's first choice, and lost out because of his mission. Still, she felt good about Sirius, even though in her mind he was still a child.

During the summer of the following year, Lily, James, Alice and Frank were contacted by Albus, and were told it was important that they listen to what he had been privy to. When Albus told them of the Prophecy made by the new professor named Sybil Trelawny, Lily knew it was time to bring the other into their plan.

Two days later, Sirius, Remus, Lily, James and Selena sat before Minerva, Filius, Frank, Alice, Molly, Arthur, Amelia and Alastor.

Lily began, and told them of her and Selena's discovery, and how the department thought that it sounded a little far fetched that a wizard was able to steal another witch or wizard's magic, and their findings were dropped. However the two were still convinced that what they thought was correct.

They then told them of their plans to ensure that what ever happened, who ever was affected would be protected. Because of the prophecy, Lily and Alice knew that their families were directly related to the situation.

The safe haven for the people affected was to be a place that had not been used for many years. Even the Potters did not use it, as it's size was immense. Much larger than any normal couple could use. It was so large, that it was difficult to protect with magic. That was the reason that James and Lily did not live there. However, there was an area in the basement where magic was the strongest, and the entire room could be used for the stasis purposes.

Lily also made it clear to Minerva, that under no circumstances was Albus to leave Harry with her sister. Lily would not let Minerva leave until she promised that He would not be left in their charge.

If something were to happen to her and James, their blood magic would be used to protect Potter Manor, and that would be where Molly and Arthur would move to in order to take care of Harry. If it was Alice and Frank that affected, then the same thing would transpire, with their blood magic on Longbottom Estate.

Lily then asked James, "Darling, I think it is now time to do something about Peter. I fear that he could be the factor that would lead to our demise."

"I agree with you Lils, but, we haven't heard from him in weeks. I think it would be best if we put the house under a fidelius and use Sirius as our secret keeper."

"What about Remus? He could be used as the keeper. James I feel that you are relying too much on Sirius. Yes, he is a good man, but you can only put so much strain on a person, before he snaps."

"Hey, you both realize that I'm right here don't you? I think I can answer for myself, if you don't mind. Now, James, as much as I hate to say this, but I agree with Lily on this. Not that I couldn't handle it mind you, but, I would be the obvious choice. I would be hunted down. Now if this is the case, then Remus who would be the secret keeper would be free to do what he has to do."

Remus who had been listening to all this made his point, "I think we should give old wormtail the honor of being secret keeper. If he is the rat we think he is, then he could lead Voldemort into a trap. We could give a date that would sound like the best time to attack, like Halloween, and prepare the trap by having both the ministry and the order here and hidden."

This was agreed to and plans were made. However, what they didn't know was that the rat had been there all the time they planned the last little bit. He stayed in the floo to hide his scent from Remus. He knew about the Fidelius and his being the secret keeper. He did not know about the secret of the AK, and the set up of Potter Manor.

So, now plans were being made by both sides, but the wrong side was the only ones who knew of the others plans.


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