Avada Kedavra's True Meaning Keepeeroliver Chapter 25

A/N: I seem to have upset many of my readers because I said this would be the last chapter of this story. Well, I'm sorry but it may well be. Depends on how long I make it. There may have to be one more.

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I hope to give a glimpse of what occurs over the time it takes to get Tom, Albus and Myrtle to their first year at Hogwarts. This is why I say there may be one more chapter after this. I hope not, but just in case. I will start the chapter with a time jump of seven years. The group known as Menagerie will have already graduated, and are now in their career working days. Hope it seems feasible in the end, As always, Ollie the Keeper.


For seven years life carried. All of Harry's friends have now passed their NEWTS, and began their careers. Harry, Ron, Draco and Seamus have become Aurors, working with James and Sirius. Remus was their boss. Tonks retired from the corp to become a mother. She had Tom, and now she had a second son. They named him Theodore Remus Lupin, and called him Teddy. Sirius and Selena raised Charles, or Charlie as he liked to be called, to be a Marauder. He was found on most occasions with Fred and George working on their new prank merchandise for the their shop. Weasleys Wizard Wheezes was just taking off, and became the most popular place to visit for students. Their stock always changed, where as Zonko's remained the same, and was becoming tiring to the students.

Selena and Lily kept their job in the Dept of Mysteries, and were now team leaders, with each having six people under them. With their work on the AK, it was now an obsolete spell. This was the most important find of any previous year known by the Ministry. Why Fudge wouldn't do anything about it when he heard, was beyond belief. Many lives could have been saved if he would have just let Lily and Selena continue their testing.

Narcissa had taken over for Amelia like there was never a change. She was made for this job, as was Amelia. She was strict, but never yelled at her subordinates. She was fair and respectful with their concerns, or suggestions. Letters of Recommendation were given out when there was a need, as were Letters of Reprimand. Recommendations far outnumbered the reprimands though.

Arthur was in his 37th year with the Ministry, and he currently headed the Office of Muggle/Magical Affairs. He was the most respected head of the Ministry, and his workers were the envy of many of the other offices. When ever there was a vacancy in his branch, there were always 100 people vying for the job. It was a position that people could keep longer than most other jobs because of there being less tension or stress associated with it.

Overall, the Ministry had become the ideal workplace for witches and wizards upon completion of their schooling.

Hermione worked for the Care and Welfare of Magical Creatures Dept. and was in line for the head job, when the current head retired. Mr. Abercrombe already had his request in and was preparing Hermione for the job. He was 94 years old, and wanted to retire earlier, but didn't think there was a suitable replacement until Hermione joined the staff. Now he was looking forward to the time he could share with his family.


The families of the Heroes of the Battle of the Mist had grown. Harry and Ginny were due to be married soon. Ginny had just completed her fifth year as chaser with the Harpies, and retired from the game while she was still on top. She was ready to start a family now. Being with the Harpies had taken its toll on her relationship with Harry, and they nearly broke it off when her schedule took her away from him for months on end. She decided that he meant more to her than scoring records with the team and the league.

Luna and Draco married three years out of Hogwarts, and they had a son they named Scorpius,and a daughter they named Solaria. She was nicknamed Sunny, and it fit her perfectly.

Dudley and Susan were married at the same time as Draco and Luna. Their dual wedding was the talk of the town, and it had a crowd of over 500 spectators there. As large as it was, it would pale to the crowd they expected at Harry and Ginny's wedding.

There again, it would be a dual wedding, as Fred and Hermione would also take their vows along side Harry and Ginny.

Other couples from Menagerie were Ron and Lavender, Neville and Hannah, George and Katie and lastly, Angelina and Dean Thomas. Dean was younger than her by two years, but their love for each other equaled any shared by the other couples.

The most interesting people were Tom, Violet and Charlie. People would think they were related, as you could never find them apart. You could see where Tom and Violet were going to be a couple in the future. You could, but they couldn't. When ever it was asked, they would deny that there was anything between them. Of course being only seven, they would think that way. Yet, you would often see tom take Violet's hand when they walked, and if he didn't, she would take his hand. Of course she would also take Charlie's hand as well.

The three would share their time between Petunia and Marge, and Molly. Petunia and Artemus had Married a year ago, and Marge and Daedalus two years ago. Marge lost her dogs five years ago, and did not get anymore. She didn't have the time to spend with them like she did before she married.

Artemus had become the most popular Professor in Hogwarts. He would have guest teachers in often, and they were always the best classes as the fun shared in the class always made the students day. Their favorite guests were the Marauders. Of them. It was Sirius who brought the most laughs. He and Artemus always brought the students to tears from the laughter they created.

They also spent much time with the three young ones. Artemus would leave school to dine with Petunia and the rest of the family during the week. It was by special permission of Minerva that he did this. She bent over backwards when it came time to help this family of heroes.

Tom and Charlie were made junior members of the Marauders, and were trained in the art of Pranking, mischief making, and chicanery. Violet was never forgotten during their fooling around though. She was always in the middle of the pranking. She understood why she could not be a member of the Marauders, so when Lily, Tonks and Selena decided to form their own group, Violet became a member as well. They called themselves (The Solution). They made their Motto. (If you got a problem, we have the solution).

The Marauders thought they were funny, but when they saw the Solution in action, they could not stop laughing. The problem came from Cedric Diggory. He was trying to get Cho to marry him, but she kept coming up with excuses as too why they couldn't just yet. Cedric was getting frustrated, so he turned to Lily for help. She got her team together and promised Cedric they would find out what the problem was, and find a solution.

Violet became the inside person. Lily asked Cho if she could watch Violet for a few hours one night, so that her and James could go out to dinner. Cho knew the size of her fa,ily, and questioned it. Lily stated that everyone had plans and she was running out of options. Cho accepted her plea, and Violet began her examination. It began, "Cho, how come Cedric isn't with you tonight?"

"Because I'm watching you tonight Vi. Don't you like me?"

"Of course I do Cho, but I'm sure you would rather be with Cedric, then be tied down with a seven year old."

"I don't mind Vi. Besides, Cedric is starting to become too close and I am not ready for that just now."

"But you love him don't you?"

"Of course I do. I'll be ready for him someday, but not just now."

"Cedric is awful good looking Cho. If your not careful, you may lose him to another girl."

"You mean lady don't you Vi?"

"Maybe. But he is still young enough for a girl of around seventeen. I mean look at Tonks and Remus. Now they have two sons, and still play around. I would be worried if I were you."

"I don't think Cedric would do that. I'm sure he loves me too much to think about other girls."

"Oh well, it's your life. I think you are taking a big chance, but if you feel safe then that is all that matters."

They left the subject for some time, and talked about other things. Then Violet asked her. "What do you and Cedric like to do on your dates?"

"What do you mean?"

"Where do you go after dinner?"

"Home mostly, why?"

"Well, I think I remember hearing that he likes to dance. Why not go dancing after dinner one night?"

"Who told you he liked to dance? I imagine he might like it though. He does seem to move to music in a dance pattern. Sort of like swaying to the music I guess."

"See. I think you should ask him on your next date to go dancing. Maybe to the new dance club that just opened. I think they call it The Magic Slippers. I've never been there, but I have heard mum talk about it with dad."

Cho snickered at Violet's last statement, "I think seven is a little young to be going to such a place, so I imagine you wouldn't be visiting it. But it does sound like a good idea." and Cho made plans to ask Cedric to take her there. Maybe Friday after there dinner date. She said all this to Violet, and Violet then made plans with a certain someone in mind to take over for her. She would see to it that Cho and Cedric would get closer from her end. It was up to the adults now.

Tonks, Lily and Selena were up next. They talked James and Sirius into going to the dance club, and Tonks volunteered Remus to babysit for them. Remus put up quite a stink. He wanted to go as well, but for the ladies plan to work, Tonks had to be alone. She finally had to tell Remus the truth as to why he couldn't go. This made it even worse, as Remus did not like the plan what so ever. Too many things could go wrong, and people could get hurt. Emotionally that is. He eventually gave in, but it wasn't easy.

On Friday evening, The five entered the Magic Slippers and took a seat. Tonks had used her Morph ability and became a much younger and well endowed woman. She looked around twenty two or three, and she drew many stares from the crowd. Both men and women.

Finally, the object of their being there entered, and Cedric and Cho took a seat not far from the five. Once the dancing began, James, Lily, Sirius and Selena were on the floor, and seldom sat after that.

Tonks saw that After the first dance, Cho sat out a few, and Cedric wanted to go back out onto the floor. It was time to put her plan into affect. She got up and went to Cedric and asked him to dance. He looked to Cho and she nodded her head, and Cedric and Tonks were gone, lost in the crowd on the floor. It was five dances later, when Cedric made it back. He asked Cho if she wanted to dance with the next song, which she did. It was a fats dance, and Cho could not keep up with Cedric. They finished it, then there was a slow dance which Cho danced also, but after it, she was done for a while. Once again they sat, and once again Tonks made her move and took Cedric back onto the floor. This time, Cho lost count on how many songs were played before Cedric made it back to their table.

It got to a point where Cedric was now going to Tonks to ask her to dance. Cho was beginning to feel left out, and she didn't like the feeling. She decided to get Cedric back on the dance floor, and keep him out there until they were ready to go home. There was no way she was going to lose her Cedric to some floozie.

It took several dances, but she finally got Cedric's attention to dance with her. Cedric took Tonks back to her table, and went to Cho, who he danced with for over an hour, until they were both so tired, thy decided to call it an evening. Cedric never did go back to say goodbye to Tonks, as he was dragged out of the club by Cho.

The first part of their plan worked well for The Solution, as did the rest of their plans. Tonks had changer her appearance two more times to get Cho to finally realize that Cedric was indeed worth keeping. After their next dinner date, Cho took Cedric's hand in hers and said, "Cedric, if you would still have me, I am ready for our life together. I see where I have been a fool, putting off what was what I really wanted, but was to busy to know it. If your question still stands, then yes, I will marry you."

It was as if he knew she was going to say yes, as Cedric pulled the ring from his vest pocket and placed it on her finger. He then leaned in and tenderly kissed her lips. With that kiss, Cho began kicking herself for waiting this long. It took three other girls to wake he up. Four if you wanted to count Violet.

Two months later, Cedric and Cho married, and believe it or not, Cho asked Tonks to be her maid of honour. The Solution still laughs about that.


Four more years had passed, and Tom, Charlie and Violet were waiting at the station for their first train ride as students. Tom and Charlie packed all their trunks up onto the train, and Violet was still with Lily and James saying goodbye. Harry and Ginny were there as well, with their little boy James Sirius Potter. Ginny was pregnant with another child, and they were hoping for a girl this time. Violet went to them and kissed and hugged Harry and Ginny, and when she went for James, he ducked behind his dad and stuck his tongue out at her. Violet laughed at her nephew. It felt weird for her to be an aunt at eleven years old, but it also felt good.

She was finally pulled to the train and was pushed up the stairs by Tom and Charlie. She ran to the cabin where the boys stowed their trunks, and she opened the window to wave goodbye one last time to her family. A tear ran down her cheek, as it would be more than four months before she would see them again.

The three talked about the houses, and which one they preferred. Tom wanted Ravenclaw, Charlie wanted Gryffindor, and Violet also wanted Gryffindor. The they talked about Quidditch and which position they wanted to play. Tom wanted to be a seeker, Charlie also wanted to be a seeker, and Violet wanted to be a Chaser, like her sister in law Ginny.

They were visited by a few other first years trying to get to know their fellow students. When They said their last names, all the visiting went wild with questions about their parents. All three were in the new book written by Hermione Weasley titled, The Battle of the Mist, and Hogwarts, A true story of the heroes of the war. When Violet showed the students her personal copy of the book signed by all the members of both battles that still survived, it became the most requested item to see for their entire first year.

The train finally reached the Hogsmeade station, and the students departed and went to their carriages, except for the first years who went to the boats when Hagrid called for them. When Tom, Violet and Charlie walked up to Hagrid, he grabbed them all in a hug, which got Violet laughing, and Tom and Charlie choking. She was in the middle, and Hagrid didn't hold her as tight as he did the boys.

He put them down, and directed them to the boats, and They did manage to get one for them all to sit in, as well as another girl. Her name was Amanda Peters, and she had long blond hair, and was an exact copy of Luna. When she heard about Violet's book, she told them that Luna was her favorite hero. She wanted to be just like her. Violet told her she better learn about Nargles and Wracspurts then.

Once they made it to the hall, and Professor Flitwick guided them to the waiting room, they talked among themselves, waiting for the sorting to start. Filius came back in, and took them to the stool where the hat waited for his prompt to sing his song, and then start the sorting. After the song was done, Filius began the call to the students. Charlie was the first one called, and he went to Gryffindor.

Amanda was next, and she went to Gryffindor as well. Tom argued with the hat when he was put in Gryffindor as well. He told it that he was meant for Ravenclaw, but the hat was adamant. Then it was Violet's turn, and the hat was placed on her head. At once, she heard him talking, "Another generation of Potters is starting already. How good to see it. You must be very proud of your family young lady."

"I am very proud of them sir. But beyond that, I love them even more. I could not ask for better parents or brother. They told me all about you too sir."

"It was not too bad I hope?"

"No sir, as a matter of fact my mum told me you and her had a long conversation when she was sorted. 37 Minutes I think she said."

Violet heard a laugh, "Albus had me up in his office after that complaining about how long it took. Then, the first time Lily was in his office, they talked for over an hour. I did not let him forget it either."

When the hat mentioned Albus like he did, something seemed to click in her mind. It was a small recognition, like the name should mean something to her. She put it in the back of her mind, as she still had to be sorted. The hat went over her traits, and found her to be compatible with all the houses. Violet asked for Gryffindor, and she got it.

With the sorting completed, they then sat down to dinner. Professor McGonagall got the students attention, and started the dinner. Once it was finished and the dishes cleared, she began her start of term talk, laying down the rules, restrictions, and notes of special interest which none of the students paid any attention to. Then she turned the podium over to Professor Hudson. who did get their interest. He told them that throughout the year they would have guest speakers and teachers in DADA class. He did not mention any names, but he promised the students would enjoy the visits.

The first took place in their second week. Dudley was to speak on defense without magic, which could come in handy if you lost your wand. One Ravenclaw student, a fifth year, made the stupid statement, "If a wizard is silly enough to lose his wand, then he deserves what he gets. I for one would never lose my wand."

Dudley smiled at the student, "So you don't believe a wizard should ever lose his wand then? No matter what the reason?"

"Not if he stays in focus, and doesn't get distracted. It could mean his life to do so. That should be enough incentive to maintain control of it."

"Things don't often go the way you plan, and even the best intentions go awry. Suppose we test that theory. As you can see, I have no wand. The reason I don't, is because I am a muggle. Yet still I fought in the Battle of the Mist."

A fifth year Slytherin student stood, "Of course, That's why your name sounded familiar. You were the leader of the group known as Menagerie. My father told me all about your group, and how you saved his and my mum's life. Not your team, mind you, but you yourself did. It was during a DE raid on Hogsmeade. They were in a building that they had taken shelter in, and the DE's blew it up. You jumped through a window and pulled them out of the way of a collapsing wall. They never did get to say thank you for that, so I will say it for them. If not for you, I would not be here, so thank you Mr. Evans."

"The name is Dudley, and I remember that It seemed that as soon as I pulled them out of the way, I was up and off to help my friends. I didn't have time to stop for tea right then." Dudley was smiling as he said this. The student on the other hand grabbed his hand and shook it vigorously.

Then Dudley turned to the fifth year Ravenclaw, "Are you ready for this?"

The student stood there in shock. He had heard of Menagerie. Who hadn't. If this was the leader of the group, then he wanted no part of this exercise. "I am sorry sir, I may have been out of line. Please forgive me."

"So, does this mean I can't show you how to defend yourself if you lose your wand?"

The student went to sit down, when his classmates pushed him back up. They forced him to face Dudley in the match. He drew his wand. and took a stance. Dudley never moved from is position,

"When ever you're ready sir."

The student fired a spell at Dudley which he turned on to avoid being hit. His feet never moved, just his body. Dudley then kicked a stool at the student, which he knocked aside, easily, but was not ready for the second object tossed at him. A paper weight that was used by Professor Hudson. The weight hit the students wrist, making him drop his wand, Dudley followed the weight, and picked up the fallen wand. Before the student knew what happened, his own wand was at his neck. Even though he knew that Dudley could not use the wand with magic, he could shove it into his throat. It was the end of that lesson. Only the Professor saw the moves that Dudley made in the lesson. It happened too fast for the students to follow.

That was all it took for Dudley to get the attention of the class for the rest of the lesson. It was also the start of what looked to be a brilliant year for Artemus. His idea had turned into gold, and the students looked forward to every visit from then on.


The three were just ending their fifth year, and warned everyone that the next year would bring the first children of the heroes to school. Teddy Lupin and Victorie Weasley would be joining Tom, Charlie and Violet in school. From there, there would be a steady stream of new students that would attend Hogwarts, each being a member of a heroes family.

As the years passed, the school began to lose it's professors. Minerva was the first to go, and Artemus was asked to take her post as Head. Filius would have been in line for the post, but he was ready to retire as well, so he passed on it.

Luna had taken on the post of DADA in his place, and was even more popular than Artemus had been. Her approach to teaching was unique, and very funny. There was never a dull moment in any of her classes. Unfortunately, she started the year after Tom, Charlie and Violet left, but Violet returned the next year to take over Divination. During the hours after classes, they could be found together enjoying a cuppa, and going over fond memories. One such memory for Vi was when her and Tom both learned of their connection with their past. Who they were, and the circumstances for their return. As soon as they were free from school, they got Married, and Vi was told of her acceptance into the teaching staff.

The years passed, and the students of the heroes left school to become what ever they wanted to be. Some entered the Ministry, and some went on to play Professional Quidditch.

Tom and Violet had their first child, a girl they named Princess Lily Potter. She was spoiled and moody. However, she was a beautiful child and her bad habits were overlooked for the most part. Except by Ginny and Harry, her aunt and uncle. They turned out to be her favorite relatives, next to her mum and dad. Their punishing her when she needed it told her that they loved her. Harry would send her to her room when she needed punishment, however, Ginny would make her help in the kitchen, which Ginny knew she hated very much. By the time she was ready to attend school, she had been tamed of her spoiled and moody nature. She still held herself like her name, but she did not use it to gain friends or attention.

Charlie swore he would never marry, but three years after leaving school, he married Amanda Peters, who he knew since their first train ride. They both worked for the Dragon sanctuary in Romania, just like his name sake did.

Yes, life had settled down after the Battle of the Mist, and the lives of the heroes flourished, as did their children. It was evident that no such violence would take place with the people who staffed the Ministry. Their diligence and dedication had become symbolic for the rest of the Magical world. Their peace was in the hands of the heroes, and their children.