Chapter 14 – Acquired

Raven had been shown to a small cell like room by Slade's butler, Wintergreen. This surprised her. Slade didn't seem to be one of those people to be waited on hand and foot. But it's not everyday that you visit the worst villain in Jump Cities home.

The room she was staying in fit her personality completely. The walls were a dark blue with a small bookshelf in the corner. In the centre sat a little single bed. Raven was shocked at how much she liked the room. Sure, it was small and there wasn't a single window. But if Raven hadn't known any better it would be a smaller match to the one at Titans Tower.

As she walked over to the bookcase she noticed a neatly folded pile of clothes on the edge of the bed. Her new uniform. Raven picked up the clothes and headed towards the bathroom just beside the door.

About 7 minutes later Raven walked out and stared at the outfit in the mirror. The blue leotard and cloak were gone. Replacing them was a cat suit type costume separating it with a dull silver belt. The top part was half black half orange styled the same as Slade's mask. It was also imprinted with a silver 'S'. Her legs were covered completely with black. While her feet housed knee high black leather flat boots. And black gloves.

For an apprentice uniform it wasn't bad compared to Robin and Terra's. The only thing Raven missed was her hood. She felt exposed.

At that moment she heard a knock at the door. Leaving the room and her thought behind she went to the main control centre. There in a single spotlight sat Slade. His back facing her. Raven walked silently into a second spotlight. Slade stood up and turned to his newly acquired apprentice.

"Raven I believe it's time to test your loyalties" Slade said.

Raven stood there with complete hatred directed at Slade.