With the Tesseract now in hand, and two of S.H.I.E.L.D's most useful agents recruited, you would think that the Earth's soon to be ruler would be satisfied during his getaway from the research facility.


Nope. Not at all. Being new to this world, Loki had never experienced one of Earth's most daily problems.

"Don't worry, sir, we'll be out of here soon!" Selvig assured him from inside the jeep.

"Ugh, why have all these vehicles come to a stop?" The demigod cried over the sound of horns honking at each other.

"Traffic jam?" Hawkeye answered.

With no more patience, the Asgardian stood up.

"This is your King, and I demand that you filthy mortals MOVE!"

"Shut up, ya freak!" One gruff voice cried.

"Yeah, you'll get to your comic convention when I get home to my freakin wife!" Another one exclaimed.

"Sir, I'd suggest you not cause a scene, in case anyone who survived the explosion catches up and spots us." Barton stated.

"Whatever, just...just get me to my new lair!" He snapped, sitting back down.

Tap tap.

He turned his head slightly to the left where a red corolla was. Two children were in the back, making faces at him.

"Miserable little..." He tightened his grip on the handle of his weapon. The two children continued to laugh and point at him.

"You will cease your mockery this instance UNLESS YOU WISH TO BE SPEARED!" He bellowed, raising his scepter.

"Your Highness." Barton warned carefully.

"WHAT?" He yelled, a little louder than he meant to. "I...am perfectly calm...I will not lose control...over a couple of BRATS."

One of the brats decided to roll down his window.

"Hey, mister! Do you normally go out in public and dress like a girl?"

"THAT'S IT!" With a wave of his hand, he vanished.

"Um...where'd he go?" Selvig asked, to which Hawkeye shrugged.

They jumped in shock as he reappeared in the back of jeep.

"S-Sir! Where'd you go?" Selvig cried, startled by the splatters of blood staining his face.

Barton began to glance at the now silent car. "Did you just...?

"I'd suggest you keep your eyes on the road." Loki simply hissed.