Title: Nerves
Pairing/characters: Agron/Nasir, Naevia
Rating: Pg
Summary: Modern Day AU. Nasir is nevous before the wedding, Naevia tries her best to calm him.

Nasir looked at himself in the mirror as Naevia combed his hair and pulled most of it back but still allowing some of it to fall on his shoulders. He began to fuss with his tie, his stomach full of butterflies. He was getting married today to the man he loved more than anything, Agron.

Naevia reached over his shoulders and stilled his hands. "Stop freaking out. Everything is going to be OK."

"Says the woman who had a nervous breakdown on the day of her own wedding."

"Well, I'm just making sure a repeat doesn't happen."

"I guess I'm just having a hard time believing that this is acutally happening."

"Well it's not a dream,Nasir."

"Can you pinch me to make sure?"

Naevia pinched his arm making him flinch. "See not dreaming." She then hugged him tight. "it's almost time so go out there and marry the man of your dreams."

Nasir nodded and together they left the changing room and made their way upstairs where the ceremony was being held. Once he walked in, he saw Agron pacing by the alter acting just as nervous as Nasir was.

Nasir walked up to his soon to be husband and took his hand, noting how they were both shaking. He smiled up at Agron. "Ready?"

Agron nodded and gently squeezed Nasir's hand. "Yes."