Dragon Ball Shippuden

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"Kamehameha" Normal speech

'Kamehameha' Normal thought

"Kamehameha" Biju speech

'Kamehameha' Biju thought

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On an island in the middle of the ocean are two young boys training, if you could call it training that is. For most people it would only seem like their delivering milk.

One of the two boys wore a dark blue martial arts GI with a white belt. He had spiky black hair, black eyes and some kind of wooden stick strapped to his back. This was Son Goku, a young but powerful 11 year old boy.

The other one was bald like a monk, he was wearing a yellow GI with a purple belt and orange pants. He had black eyes, six small dots on his forehead and no nose. This was Krillin, a young 12 year old boy who's also Goku's best friend.

Watching the two young boys train was none other than their master, martial arts champion Muten-Roshi. It had only been a month since Goku and Krillin had come to him for training and their progress, especially Goku's where amazing.

"Hey, Goku?" Krillin said as he was running as fast as he could while carrying the milk. "Yes Krillin?" Was Goku's response before Krillin continued "Why do that dinosaur keep following us?" He said while they were still once again running away from the hungry T-rex.

Meanwhile elsewhere on the island were two men in black robes whit red cloud patterns on them and straw hats on their heads, and one of the men also had a large bandaged sword on his back.

"I still don't understand why leader-sama wants him dead!" The one whit the sword said.

"He single handedly destroyed Pilaf's palace and in time he might grow to become a threat to us!"

"Yeah maybe, but after Pilaf got into that accident and lost his ability to use his chakra anyone could have beaten him!"

"Nevertheless, our mission is to kill Son Goku!" He says as he lifts his head just enough so that it's possible to see his eyes which are red whit three black comma like marks in each.

Chapter preview

Roshi "You two can return to the house now, I'll be there in a minute."

Itachi "So you're the famous Muten-Roshi? You must not let your guard down Kisame."

Goku "What the, you're face looks like a fish."

Krillin "G-Goku, I've got a bad feeling about this."

Kisame (draws his sword)" I'm Hoshigaki Kisame, pleased to kill you!"

Itachi "Next time on Dragon Ball Shippuden: Roshi vs Itachi

Character status

Goku: Power level: 40

Techniques: Rock paper scissor, Kamehameha.

Weapons: Power Pole.

Krillin: Power level: 30

Techniques: none

Weapons: none

Muten-Roshi: Power level: 136

Techniques: Kamehameha.

Weapons: walking stick.

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