The rights : The characters and the situacions which are in this poem aren't mine.
(Euphoriane owns Coryn and Go Nagaï owns Duke Fleed.)

This poem is the translation of my French one "A Coryn". I'm French so I apologize if I make errors in English.

For Coryn


At the foot of his tree

When you met him

Your insensitive heart

Was metamorphosed.


In that wild place

Under a storry sky

When you saw his face

His eyes disturbed you.


Azure-eyed earthling

You could comfort

The many wounds

From a painful past.


And you'll be together

To gain the victory

In the future struggle

Which will be caused by

The Princess forgotten

In murky intentions.


Velvel-eyed Queen

Your charm and beauty

Will delight forever

Our favourite Prince

In the warm atmosphere

Of a new-found world.