Chapter 26 of the Heart Wants What The Heart Wants. Man that's a mouthful

INteresting Fact of the DAY: Kevin Durant (Oklahoma City Thunder) and Doug Brochu (So Random!) both turn 24 and 22!



"Well," Greg says. "That's it?" He finishes as Holly's phone rings. Holly listens for several moments and then her face pales significantly.

"What is it?" Heather asks urgently.

"Mom," Holly replies slowly. "Angry, meet at park, bring Greg."

"Oh no," Rowley mutters. "Let's go."

Holly shakes her head replying, "Can't. Said we have to be alone."

Heather snorts and replies, "She won't know if we're there. Come on, let's go before mommy dearest becomes angrier."

Greg and Holly took the shortest path to the park while Nicky, Heather and Rowley took the other, longer way. When they got there, Elizabeth was standing in the clearing alone. The park was empty and Mrs. Hill's had a big angry frown on her face.

Before Holly can ask anything her mother snaps, "You will break up with him! Now!"

"No," Holly says stubbornly. "Why?"

"Your relationship," She says the second word in a whisper. "Cost me my friendship with Mrs. Thompson, you will break up with this boy."

"No thanks," Holly says coolly. "I'm good."

"You will break up with him or..." Mrs. Hills said trying to come up with a threat.

"Or else what?" Holly challenges.

"I will kick you out of the house."

Greg's POV

Wow. That's the only word that I can think of. What kind of parent does this to their own daughters? Holly's face is pretty pale and she's breathing heavily, scared and angry.

"YOU," I hear her say angrily. "You, you wouldn't..."

"You saw me with Heather," Elizabeth replies with the ugliest smile on her face. "What makes you think I won't do it to you?"

She was right, Holly was her daughter but Heather was too and from the way Holly explained it, she hadn't batted an eyelash when she did it.

"Do it," She demanded. "Or find a new place to stay." I can see Holly having an internal battle with herself. A part of me is hoping she'll say something or do something that might make Mrs. Hills take back the offer but I can see it in her eyes. We have to break up. She's looking between me and her mom and is struggling to find words. Break up time.

"Greg," She starts and the tears are an inch away from falling. "I, I'm sorry but..."

I hold my hand up and the frown on my face isn't fake as I say, "I'm sorry too." I turn around and walk out of the park but when I hear the first sob, I have to count to ten to resist running back there.

"It's okay dear," I hear Mrs. Hills say. "We will find you a better boyfriend." It took all of my restraint to not throw a rock at her but as soon as I was out of sight. I picked up a pebble and threw it as hard as I could in her direction. I ran as fast I could but hearing the loud "Ow!" was worth it and hey, she couldn't even prove it.

Holly's POV

I knew my boyfriend had done that. I can't help but laugh at seeing my mom's frazzled expression when I remember why it happened. I just broke up with my boyfriend. The one who liked me for who I was and not the money or perks of being popular. Then again, the latter has been gone for a bit of a while but point is, Greg was the real deal.

There was no way I was going to let him go. I can't even date him in school, Bryce, Bryce wouldn't be there though. Trista, she could do it... but she doesn't know. So this relationship can still continue. Hah! Take that mom.

I'm going to have to apologize to him, no maybe more. I didn't stick up for my boyfriend, I didn't even give an acceptable apology for breaking up even if I didn't mean it. I can't do it today though, mom's going to see. Right now, she's staring at me as if I've gone crazy.

Third Person, Behind the trees

Nicky, Heather and Rowley watched in horror as Holly was forced to break up with Greg. As soon as she did, they saw Greg frown and leave.

"She didn't?" Heather questions as her temper builds. "She did not just do that!"

"She did," Rowley admits defeated. "That's it, I'm going to stop her now!"

"What are you going to do?" Nicky asks.

"Tell my parents."

Mrs. Hills smirked in satisfaction, now her life was getting back on track. She called her husband and when she hung up, she frowned bitterly. He was no help at all. Wouldn't matter.

Now she was bored, maybe calling Mrs. Jefferson would help.

Rowley had just finished his parents the whole tale when the phone rang. Mrs. Jefferson walked over and frowns when she saw the caller ID.

"It's Mrs. Hills," She says to them.

"Answer it," Rowley replies. "Make sure you don't sound suspicious."

She nods and picks the phone up greeting in a cherry voice, "Hi Elizabeth, how are you doing? Oh, I'm doing fine." She listens for a few moments and adds, "I'm sorry I can't go. Rowley needs help with his homework. Yes, I"m sorry but If I get free earlier I'll call you. Yes, that fine? Great bye."

"Good job mom," Rowley states approvingly.

"Thank you," She says with a slight smile. "Now, what's up with this math homework?"

The next day at school, gossip was up a new level high. Everyone was talking about the break up of Greg and Holly. Some suspected Bryce, others Trista, one even went to great lengths about aliens. Only three people knew the whole story.

At lunch Greg asks Rowley, "Who told them? Only six people know what were actually there."

Rowley shrugs and replies, "Maybe someone passed by. Though, I would think Mrs. Hills forcing you two to break up would be more "gossipy" then Bryce and Trista doing something. Besides, Bryce is gone."

It was true. During first period, everyone heard how Bryce chose to leave and went to boarding school. All the girls even up to lunch were still whining and complaining about Bryce leaving. A couple of them were actually crying.

"I wonder if Trista found out somehow," Greg says bitterly.

"Nicky and Heather wouldn't have said anything," Rowley states firmly.

Greg thought about it as he looked at Trista, sitting at the popular kids' table, the same one Holly was sitting at. Greg hated seeing her so sad and dejected. All the girls around her seemed to be questioning or pestering her, plus she barely touched her lunch.

It wasn't like he was having fun either. He hadn't bothered to touch anything except half of the sugary treats his mom packed.

"You and Holly need to talk," Rowley mutters sadly. "We both know she didn't mean it at all."

"I know," Greg says looking at his shoes. "But how? There's no way to meet up without her parents suspecting anything."

"There are two ways," Rowley suddenly says, a smile forming on his face. "First way is to go see her in two days actually."



So I mixed in a little tidbit from movie 2, Holly in this story is a soccer player. Now, review. That's it. You get more soon and yeah we will figure out how the school found out. And trust me, a fight may or may not happen and no, it's not Greg vs. The Hills or Greg vs. Trista or Greg vs. Bryce. No it's much worse, in some opinions.